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Howard Shore Helms Deep

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Howard Shore Helms Deep

  • Helm's Deep - Howard Shore
    "Hwr cwóm helm? Hwaer cwóm byrne? Hwr cwóm feax flówende? HD Hwr cwóm hand on hearpestrenge? Hwr cwóm scir fr scinende? Ho drag losinga. Earla inga e ho forlas. ========================================== Heo"
  • Moorlough Shore - Caroline Lavelle
    "I have waited long for you to come back home to hear you call my name again in my heart's deep soul you've not changed at all and the years have passed you by your sweet lips that lingered on my skin i"
  • Howard - Bayside
    "Mr. Hughes, how are you? I know it's been a while But I've been dying trying to capture a billion smiles People like us, we are always misunderstood Though there's ups and downs the bad outshines the"
  • Howard - Jim Johnston
    "Words and music: jim johnston Engineered by kerry gansburg Guitars: jim brammer Midi arrangements: jim brammer Drums: jeff wade Backing vocals: tina williams Watch out cause he's waking up the nation, You'd"
  • Howard - Rickie Lee Jones
    "The spirits of her abortion had manifested... The spirits of all her abortions manifested themselves into the furniture in the room There would be a chair waiting, smiling, the pictures on the wall watched"
  • On Your Shore - Enya
    "Strange how my heart beats To find myself upon your shore. Strange how I still feel My loss of comfort gone before. Cool waves wash over And drift away with dreams of youth So time is stolen I cannot"
  • On Your Shore - Charlotte Martin
    "I dig my heels into the dirt 'Cause this one's gonna hurt Won't let the waves wash me away Is what I always pray In my heart I know you couldn't see In the dark or find your way through me Now I'm alone,"
  • Foundations Of Stone - Howard Shore
    "(Quenya and Dwarvish) Mettanna(Q) Irkat-lukhud ma katabrikihu Ulfat-atam ma tanakhi uduhu bin-nt aznn tarsisi Bazar udu agn-furkhn Gurd! Ma nd sakhu! Ma satf unkhai! Atkt zatagrafizu Zatablugi sulluzu(D) Mettanna Nrendur! An"
  • Maid On The Shore - Stan Rogers
    "There is a young maiden who lives all alone She lives all alone on the shore-o There's nothing she can find to comfort her mind But to roam all alone on the shore shore shore But to roam all alone on the"
  • Force Of The Shore - Epica
    "Appearance is deceptive So perfect in disguise There's more than what you see A semblance is protective A blinder for the eyes A place to hide and flee Flee and you'll never see What you're going to"
  • The Maid On The Shore - Stan Rogers
    "There is a young maiden, she lives all a-lone She lived all a-lone on the shore-o There's nothing she can find to comfort her mind But to roam all a-lone on the shore, shore, shore But to roam all a-lone"
  • Howard Beware - Dead Milkmen
    "Howard beware 'cause we don't wanna hurt you While the sun is shining, that'd be cruel Howard beware 'cause we're gonna get you We know where your kids go to school Howard Howard beware Howard Howard"
  • Howard Unrah - Macabre
    "He was an expert at shooting guns In the army he had much fun He had great aim and seldom missed Killing the Nazi's as he made his death list Howard Unrah what have you done now? You took thirteen lives"
  • Shivers (Howard) - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Shivers (Howard) I've been contemplating suicide, but it really doesn't suit my style, so I think I'll just act bored instead who can take (alt: And Contain) the blood I would've"
  • Howard Beach - Biohazard
    "look into the yes of a madman You can see it in his face, he's a weak and sad man Staring straight ahead, his eyes set like stone With a nine millimeter cocked at your dome No way out, it's too late 'cause"
  • Deep Blu - Skywind
    "Say Something I'd Say Something I'd Be Nothing More Than What You Need I'm In Too Deep Say Something I Taste Salty I'd Be Nothing More Than What You Need I'm In Too Deep Here's Something For The Visions"
  • Deep Water - Chris Rea
    "All change on then merry go line Everybody looking for a sign Jumping up and down when the switch goes on Nobody knows where it's coming from I'm here watching, keeping well away Oh I'm gonna live it"
  • Deep Puddle Theme Song - Deep Puddle Dynamics
    "slug: descending on the center, from the outskirts of obscurity with a raised fist, symbolization of the urgency, strength blowing kisses and winks toward adversity, subtle yet as vital as the ink on your"
  • Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Hank Williams
    "Out on the perilous deep Where dangers silently creep And storms so violently sweep You're drifting to far from the shore Drifting too far from the shore (from the shore) You're drifting to far from"
  • Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Emmylou Harris
    "(Traditional) Out on the perilous deep, where danger silently creeps, and storm's so violently sweeping, You're drifting too far from shore. Drifting too far from shore, You're drifting too far from"

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