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Hugel -wtf

    "No you don’t need it as much as you used to do you? you didn’t think that U notice it, did you? Did I did your love it has a way has a way pulling me apart at the seams and I don’t believe that you’re"
  • Have I Got A Deal For You - Abby Travis
    "I found a seed; I had an inclination Fettered by doubt; fraught with some reservation A voice that I thought I knew sayin' "Have I got a deal for you" He said that my life was just an imitation To all"
  • Die Stimmen Eines Baches Dort - Angizia
    "Angizia Miscellaneous Die Stimmen Eines Baches Dort we die alte Juche allein jum Himmel weht, Dort in Maldern, Jaum an Joumen, sei das Mandern, Sei das Traumen unverwehrt und ungestset. Und"
  • Symphony 9 - Beethoven
    "This file contains the (German) lyrics of Schiller's "An die Freude". Note that this is not exactly what is sung in the 4th movement (Finale) of Beethoven's 9th symphony, for certain verses are not sung,"

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