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Hurts Suffer

  • Suffer - Staind
    "Suffer x3 The more you see the more you do The television's feeding you With what you want to hear Anger and fear Because you suffer The hate you feel won't go away You are programmed to feel this way To"
  • Suffer - Hurts
    "Show my your sexy little intellect i’ll show you how to make your head and body disconnect my darknest feelings are to coalesce and i feel the bubbles as my blood stars to effervesce Whisper your pretty"
  • Luve hurts - Chuckie Akenz
    "Yea, I'd Like To Dedicate This Song To All My Fellas The Fellas Who's Been In A Relationship Who Just Had Thier Fucking Hearts Torn Out U Kno What I Mean And I Realize That Alot Of My People Suffer From"
  • Suffer - Angel Witch
    "Suffer suffer suffer suffer You cannot see the reason for your feeling We've heard it all before You have to love to overcome the hurting Fate will take its course Suffer what is this game you're playin' Suffer"
  • Suffer - Endo
    "what's drowning you is slowly drowning me you make me suffer to watch your disease trapped in yourself come release your mind relax we'll leave this world behind you still suffer still suffering you still"
  • Suffer - Simply Red
    "Something deep inside of me That when it comes it won't bring too much prolong I don't know how hard it'll be when I suffer Affection is a start for me, I hope it's gonna move on This time it's gonna be"
  • Suffer - The Agony Scene
    "A sickening display, a scar for every line The beauty and the pain of total agony These lacerations, the stench of slow decay It desecrates, making beautiful profane A tragedy the suffering of loss that"
  • Suffer - The Waterboys
    "I'm gonna suffer for you no longer I'm gonna suffer for you no more I'm gonna write you out of my life and shut the door You tried to drive a wedge between me and my friends You pushed me to the edge"
  • Suffer - Mike Scott
    "I'm gonna suffer for you no longer I'm gonna suffer for you no more I'm gonna write you out of my life and shut the door You tried to drive a wedge between me and my friends You pushed me to the edge"
  • Suffer - Bad Religion
    "Did you ever see the concrete stares of everyday? The lunatic, the hypocrite are all lost in the fray Can't you see their lives are just like yours? An unturned stone, an undiscovered door leading to The"
  • Suffer - Trees
    "I suffer from this strange disease for there is no cure only treatment which I can not afford the cause of this disease remains unknown but it's effect yeah I know well so I suffer for no explanation had"
  • Suffer - Sevendust
    "Slip and give a fake Let you feel a little stronger My eyes wake You think I'm rollin over You wonder how I feel now that your under You can't breathe can't hold it any longer (I'll) I'll make you (suffer) Fear"
  • Suffer - Goodnight Nurse
    "It's time to punch the clock To get back on the bus And go back to our so called 'home' This situation stinks Of familiarity Mixed up with fear of the unknown Let's go run away Now we suffer through"
  • Suffer - Grace Jones
    "You did your dirt, you did your wrong, So, suffer, You had your fun, and now it's done, So, suffer, Take that! And that! Take that! Stop! I didnt know I was hurting anyone, I didnt think , I was only"
  • Suffer - Dogwood
    "Independent I leave you now To drown in desolation Oblivious to no one Perpetual comparison You realized when I left That you were done You're done! Suffer! 'cause this would be your fault I know it's"
  • Suffer - Home Grown
    "I saw my old friend the other day. It'd been 3 years since I went my separate way. I left him when he needed me the most. And up until this day I claimed innocence. Chorus: And you suffered. I didn't"
  • Suffer - Duncan James
    "Yes I know We're born a little bit surprised We went a little far this time Oh no And I said We've got too many thing to lose don't wanna live my life this way From a moment that lingered too long"
  • Suffer - 100 Demons
    "my hatred is unstoppableand death for you will be slowyour sins are unforgivableand your god can't save you nowi'll be your judge and jurysometimes justice moves to slowand i will show you no mercywhen"
  • Suffer - Confessor
    "the unholy oppress the harmony of the eternal blessedness trough the rejection of the prophets lend to trust transparency the invicible one deludes reality by the missionaries of sin who evict virtue"
  • Suffer - Stone Sour
    "You wont admit it, but its true Im happy without you I turned away and let your drama pull you in You always said I was a fool, but something carried through I never wanna see your face again So many"

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