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  • Hym - We're About 9
    "i know you had a hand in the pot when the big bang went down i know you formed and pulled apart then formed again but you didn't come together all at once no you came in phases craters lose their insides to"
  • Israel - Ween
    "Exalted and hallowed be God's greatness In this world of your creation, may your will be fulfilled and your soveriegnty revealed. In the days of our lifetime and the life of the whole house of Israel,"
  • Gava Fran Trulen - Arckanum
    "Myrkr ir trulens gha lireher sik utyvir marders frelt Natens skugger reser varghers hyl ok krapter Isen breer sik ntyvir fiardher Snior begrafen skogherns mosi ok grna forkiusning Ener gnolande hym ekiat"
  • If We Only Have Love - Barry Manilow
    "If we only have love Then tomorrow we'll dawn And the days of our years Will rise on that morn' If we only have love To embrase without fears We will kiss with our eyes We will sleep without tears If"
  • Hip-Hopera - Bounty Killer
    "Intro, Chorus: Michael Jackson brought you Thriller It made all the gun-man hollar Mack 11 guard your grilla First verse: Lauryn Hill, Bounty Killer ( Lauryn ) Why you gwan, watch out for Babylon,"

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