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Hyuna ft.Zico - Just Follow

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Hyuna ft.Zico - Just Follow

  • Follow - Breaking Benjamin
    "I'm losing sight, don't count on me. I chase the sun, it chases me. You know my name, You know my face, You'd know my heart, If you knew my place. I'll walk straight down, As far as I can go."
  • Follow - Ilse DeLange
    "Dance With Spirit Closer Near ItFeel the Presence Now Dont Fear ItI Can Take You With Me If You FollowFly Trough Forrest Hear Their StoriesLearn of Things Theyve Seen Before UsI Will Share This All If"
  • Follow - INXS
    "Never had a spanner on her Says she sees it straight Never took the detour Always licks her plate Got a sticky finger On someone I know Best of everything now See the money roll Stupid people I won't"
  • Follow - Don't Look Down
    "Here I'm dead more than awake, not living, And here I see more in my dreams, while sleeping, Wait a minute I'm not quite through yet, Just a second, I could be your best bet. Love me, leave me, Just"
  • Follow - Mercy Drive
    "Why the hell can't I say? "Will you just go away?" I guess it takes some time To get this off my mind I need some time alone Some time to call my own It's fucked up, how I'm locked up With you"
  • Follow - Richie Havens
    "Let the river rock you like a cradle Climb to the treetops, child, if you're able Let your hands tie a knot across the table. Come and touch the things you cannot feel. And close your fingertips and fly"
  • Follow - Figure Four
    "Here I am again. I spoke too soon. Intentions made unclear. My words aren't coming out right. Caught up in a moment. That moment flew right by. But it changed everything. Now there's a new direction to"
  • Follow Follow - Fireside
    "It's ok In a way I just can not see it If you take What I have I just can't belive it Try to sort it all out It's a way of dreaming You will keep In my way As a case of sorrow Try to feel Not a thing At"
  • Let Me Just Follow Behind - Bette Midler
    "Oh, to have you walking so near. You're an angel, my dear, and you ease my mind. I'll not kiss or hold you, my dear. Would you let me just follow behind. Now, I have loved me many fine men. Oh, so many"
  • Just Follow Your Heart... That - ForeverDOWN
    "For me I've always been one to fend for myself But you pretty girl, are another story Your caught up in the things that never really matter High school shouldn't be about the glamour and the glory And"
  • Follow You Follow Me - Genesis
  • Follow You, Follow Me - Red House Painters
    "stay with me, my love I hope you'll always be, right here by my side if ever i need you Oh my love, in your arms i feel so safe and so secure everyday is such a perfect day to spend alone with you I will"
  • Follow Me - Mel C
    "Light comes in I watch you wake Wanting you so much my heart could break To touch your skin, to feel your hair I'd follow you anywhere Light goes out I watch you sleep Never imagine love so deep I close"
  • Follow Me - Mel Carter
    "Light comes in I watch you wake. Wanting you so much my heart could break. To touch your skin, to feel your hair. I'd follow you anywhere. Light goes out I watch you sleep. Never imagine love so deep. I"
  • Follow Me - Melanie C
    "Light comes in I watch you wake Wanting you so much my heart could break To touch your skin, to feel your hair I'd follow you anywhere Light goes out I watch you sleep Never imagine love so deep I close"
  • Follow Me - Do
    "Light comes in and watch you wake needing you so much, my heart could break to touch your skin, to feel your hair I'll follow you anywhere light goes out, I watch you sleep then imagine the love so deep I"
  • Follow Me - Usher
    "What we gon' do now (oh lord, try some if u like it) Is slow it down on tha flo (you know you like that) (try some if you like that) Uh oh Uh oh, yeah When you look from outside All you see is videos"
  • Follow Me - Craig David
    "can you tell me how do you feel how do you feel talk, talk to me in your letter it said you wanted to talk to me talk talk to me to me that you're missing my loving asking am i gonna give it to ya she"
  • Don't Follow - Sick Of It All
    "Thought enters your mind, something of a find too bad it's really trite and unoriginal this poor sap just wants to fit and couldn't give a shit if his actions stand for compromise wakes up, realizes"
  • Follow me - Sonic Adventure
    "WHOOOO! OHH YEAAAAAAH! Rollin' around at the Speed of Sound. Got basics to go down, just follow my rainbow! Can't stick allround, have to keep moving on, against what lies ahead on the hard way to FINAL!"

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