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I"m not see the love alone It"s hear a time

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I"m not see the love alone It"s hear a time

  • See Me, Hear Me - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) You're feelin alone You're out on your own Everythings red the pain in your head about to explode You want to survive But its all in your mind You feel there's no hope that your life's a joke and"
  • Not Alone - Gianluca Motta
    "Under the stars We run in the wind Taking every single moment that we can Look into your eyes We run from the lights Believe it but you can't know how I feel I cant believe that you still think we're friends Like"
  • Alone - No Use For A Name
    "Life must be empty when living a lie With something to hide and nothing to show You have learned nothing but how to destroy Things that friends who love you couldn't leave alone Someday it's gonna hit"
  • Alone - SR-71
    "Alone again tonight And this empty time The sound in my head The sight it leaves me Leaves me blind I'll write a million words I'll sing until it hurts How far could this be Until it seems How long will"
  • Alone? - Nightingale
    "( Swano ) Thinking of the wood that guards the hillside It has changed in many ways The best friend that I ever had, I killed him And I'll always remember his face But I'm alone... I'm thinking of the"
  • Alone - Wishbone Ash
    "(M. Turner, A. Powell, T. Turner, S. Upton) Miles Music Sit by the river's edge, and watch the water flow, Sunlight that touched your face, and told you not to go. Where, oh where, you search your heart"
  • Alone - EMD
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious and I wouldnt say that Im super religious But lately Ive been praying and hoping and wishing Is anyone out there willing to listen Im kind of worried about"
  • Alone - Rod Wave
    "Uh, you ever feel like you worthless? (Graah) Like you ain't worth shit? (Yeah) And I know that I ain't perfect But you know that I'm worth it (Yeah) Tryna find somethin' to do in my time Ease my pain,"
  • Alone - Bee Gees
    "I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke I could make a woman hang on every single stroke I was an iron manI had a master plan But I was alone I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind I remember"
  • Alone - Claude Kelly
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious. And I wouldn't say that I'm super religious. But lately I've been praying and hoping and wishing. Is anyone out there willing to listen. I'm kind of worried"
  • Not Alone - Charlotte Perrelli
    "I see courage When you don't feel brave at all The strength you have within can stop your fall I feel magic that sorrounds every part of your soul The love you keep within can make you whole Let me help"
  • Not Alone - Don't Look Down
    "Take a step back from your life, take a moment to think more deeply. Does everything seem just alright? What is it that makes you happy? This song is about how you could, look back on your life and feel"
  • Not Alone - Black Train Jack
    "I see it sneaking up without a sound And if I didn't turn around I wouldn't even know it was there The pressure is coming down again From the people who call themselves my friends I can't seem to get them"
  • See Me Alone - April Sixth
    "Verse 1: In this dark world, no one really cares what happens to me. So, when I bring myself down can you hear the words that I say to you 'cause. Chorus: It's the same as long ago, you wouldn't know"
  • You're Not Alone - Chicago
    "I see you there, a silhouette in the moonlight; Looks like you've given up on love. You used to be the face in the spotlight; Now lonliness fits you like a glove. You walk around in your cloak of darkness, Too"
  • Youre Not Alone - ATB
    "You're not alone Open your mind In a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see A face that you recognize You're"
  • Not Standing Alone - Alexz Johnson
    "I'd go where I know If the earth could find my feet I would run away and go where I know But you don't even care No you don't even care Whats fair Not standing alone Not standing around While they sit"
  • You're Not Alone - MxPx
    "The time is near when I dont need this phone And we'll stay home alone and watch the twilight zone We're still young and I know your afraid But I don't regret all the plans we made Drive-in movies always"
  • You're Not Alone - Olive
    "Verse 1 In a way, it's all a matter of time I will not worry for you, You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you, and when you look behind You will surely see a face that you recognize Chorus You're"
  • We're Not Alone - Nas
    "(Mykel) There was life there was water We depend on mama nature There is a message for tommorrow Everything connect's to you Some says soon there will be over You can see it in the weather Out of tune"

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