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I'll be gone

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I'll be gone

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I'll be gone
  • American Music Club I'll Be Gone
    "It was a long hot summer day We're in the living room watching the light drain away Hey you're too tired to read what your cards foretold inside of a yawn When she said, "The first time you show me your"
  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band I'll Be Gone
    "Someday I'll have money Money isn't easy to come by By the time it's come by I'll be gone I'll sing my song and I'll be gone Someday I'll have loving Loving isn't easy to come by By the time it's come"
  • Linkin Park I'll Be Gone
    "Like shining oil this night is dripping down Stars are slipping down Glistening And I'm trying not to think what I'm leaving now No deceiving now It's time you let me know. Let me know When the lights"
  • Tom Waits I'll Be Gone
    "Written by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan Tonight I'll shave the mountain I'll cut the hearts from pharoahs I pull the road off of the rise tear the memories from my eyes and in the morning I'll be gone I"
  • Dwight Yoakam I'll Be Gone
    "I watch as you take off your clothes And slip under the sheets Then I turn and kick the boots off my feet I pull you close without a word 'Cause there's no need to speak Girl, beauty like yours is hard"
  • Harlan Howard I'll Be Gone
    "When the quiet evening comes, And the village softly lies Twinkling in the shadow of the mountain; When the twilight's muffled drums Play tattoos to the skies And the heavens close their eyes I'll be gone. When"
  • Clint Black I'll Be Gone
    "Since before I learned to walk, I've been running And I could always see the light before the dawn Somewhere, someone won't even see me coming And before the see me going, I'll be gone Now you've got questions"
  • Amazing Rhythm Aces I'll Be Gone
    "You've been sittin' here For quite some time Puttin' down a lot of scotch One eye is winkin' at me And another's lookin' at your watch Well I don't wanna hear about No headache, baby As strong as you've"
  • Krezip I'll Be Gone
    "wake up slowly I feel ripped off when theyre not here, cause its cold and lonely silent when theyre not here Im alone they are gone, but it goes like this, and I will be gone getting into my dreams Ive"
  • Smoke Or Fire I'll Be Gone
    "This town is dead This world is rotting I've seen this country's fifty states And I've forgotten Every name and every place I drank my way through every hour Every day I've spent away from home And it"
  • Avicii I’ll Be Gone
    "I gave my world away A million rainy days Such a shame in a way And no one else that I Sacrificed everything A million broken dreams And I don't want to stay I did it anyway The stars all rise The moon"
  • Thunder Baby I'll Be Gone
    "You know I'm not the kind to ever make a fuss And you know that it's unfair, calling me jealous But when I called you up and then I heard his voice I guess you could say you left me no choice So baby"
  • VAST Sunday I'll Be Gone
    "Hair of gold and eyes like stormy seas You say you love me, want to marry me And as I'm looking for the wedding ring You say I don't have to spend anything Stay with me, we'll be closer than the stars Sunday"
  • Krezip I'll Be Gone (live)
    "wake up slowly i feel ripped off when they're not here, 'cause it's cold and lonely silent when they're not here i'm alone they are gone but it goes like this, and i will be gone getting into my dreams i've"
  • Jay-Z I'll Be
    "That's right, that's right How we do, yeah, I'll nana uh huh, uh, come on... What up pop, brace yourself as I ride on top Close your eyes as you ride,right out your socks Double, lose his mind as he grind"
  • Waylon Jennings This Time Tomorrow (I'll Be Gone)
    "Girls have been a weakness all of my life But I made a big mistake and I took one for a wife I've thought that she was different I could settle down But she won't and I didn't by now I'm leavin' town This"
  • Charley Pride When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)
    "How do some folks stay in love like a honeymoon couples that can't get enough How can love be tender yet so tough as it grows I've left you and I've come back so many times I can't keep track What is it"
  • Richard Thompson Gone, gone, gone
    "Some sunny day, baby When everything seems OK, baby You'll wake up and find that you're alone 'Cos I'll be gone Gone, gone, gone, really gone, gone, gone, gone 'Cos you done me wrong Everyone that you"
  • Bad Company Gone, gone, gone
    "Well, I been havin' a little trouble lordBut I'm keepin it together yeahMy baby just walked out the doorsShe said this time foreverIt ain't the first time babyBaby it wont be the lastI'd better get the"
  • Phillip Phillips Gone, Gone, Gone
    "When life leaves you high and dry I'll be at your door tonight If you need help, if you need help I'll shut down the city lights, I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe To make you well, to make you well When"

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