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I'm BEAST - Special Forces


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I'm BEAST - Special Forces

  • Special Forces - Electrosy
    "And you were born with special forces, Looks to kill and mouth of curses When it hurts I want to take you down You were born so I could kiss you Snort cocaine and lick it off you All the same I want"
  • Special Forces - Electrasy
    "And you were born with special forces, Looks to kill and mouth of curses When it hurts I want to take you down You were born so I could kiss you Snort cocaine and lick it off you All the same I want to"
  • Special Forces - Burning Heads
    "There's special forces inside my brain That make me live and feel insane You hate me now see my power There's no escape cause I just lit the fire Too late if you want to stay live You want my head, you're"
  • Special forces - Front 242
    "Mental wires are sucking our bones See how tha insect hooks Towers open fire Burning the records Please enter the garden The green garden of delights No more trouble No more answers No mer songs of joy"
  • Beast - Talib Kweli
    "Dave this a monster (Hook)- Talib Kweli When the boys with the tech's throwin up they sets And the spot so hot the ceiling starts to sweat That's when the beast come out That's when the beast come out That's"
  • My Air Forces - T.I.
    "Bet yall niggas don't remember these wit Run-DMC... Naw, I ain't wit dem no mo...What they is now...MY AIR FORCES Walk through the hood at night I dont like 'em laced tight, but they feel alright Outta"
  • The Beast - Talib Kweli
    "(feat. Papoose) Dave, this a monster When them boys wit the Tec's throwin' up they set And the spot so hot the ceilin' start to sweat Yeah, that's when The Beast come out That's when The Beast come"
  • Air Forces - Young Jeezy
    "I went from old school Chevy's to drop top porches You couldn't walk a mile off in my Air Forces And you ain't seen what I've seen I can get a 100,000 in these Sean John jeans I went from old school Chevy's"
  • Beast - Ali
    "It's the S, the T, the L, the O And the U, the I, the S, St. Louis Roll to the North side, chill on the Westside Take the bridge to the East, the Southside Dodge the beast, we see 'em comin' Fuck them,"
  • Beast - KMFDM
  • Special - Violent Femmes
    ""You smile, because you know. You smile, because you know. You smile, I told you so. Come on give me a smile, I'm gonna let you know. You're something special, You're something special, You're something"
  • Special - Ezspecial
    "My friends are amazing They always keep that smile for me And all those times That I need some support They just listen carefully I feel Special Special I feel Special Special I'm stuck in the traffic The"
  • Special - Vitamin C
    "I been trying for so long To get you where I stand Feel like I been climbing all my life Everybody told me I'd never ever get this far I know I can make it if I try There's the special things that come"
  • Special - As Fast As
    "Woman seeking man Who's interested in dating Who enjoys the beach and skating Must have good intentions Please no drunks or smokers Have a job and did I mention? That I am very down to earth in all the"
  • Special - Shamra
    "won't make this sound better Than it really is I'm very hard to read Always leaving you in suspense I feel something special When we are together I feel something special When we are apart For you this"
  • Special - Shifty
    "(Chorus:) Everything I do, I do for you, And I could never live my life without, And late at night when I dream about you, I've heard of special, nothin special like you, And everything I do, I do"
  • Special - Garbage
    "I'm living without you I know all about you I have run you down into the ground Spread disease about you over town I used to adore you I couldn't control you There was nothing that I wouldn't do To keep"
  • Special - Charlie Landsborough
    "There never was anyone quite like me I'm the only me that you'll ever see From the top of my head to the tip of my toe Oh, oh, oh I'm special you know ------- There never was anyone like me or you"
  • Special - Brown Boy
    "You're so special, (you're so special) To me And let me tell you, you're so fine (you're so fine) I'm gonna make you mine girl. You're so special and so fine (you're so fine) You're so special I'm gonna"
  • Special - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Spoken: Anybody every told you That you're so special 1 - You're so special Girl, has anybody told you that lately You're so special Lady, that's what you are to me Special When I wake up, I"

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