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I'm Wanderin' - Kristina Train


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I'm Wanderin' - Kristina Train

  • Kristina - Rick Springfield
    "Counting the headlights passing two by two Searching the stream of steel and chrome I'm looking for love, I know you're looking too So rev up your heart and take me home A wish and a prayer won't get me"
  • Kristina - Howie Day
    "On the phone to Saturday Where did you go Cause the tequila from your kiss is still around And you're down to remind me Cause I know that you're away But you're not gone Reeling inside She wants to call And"
  • Wanderin' - Chris Isaak
    "Big clouds pick on the little ones. Evenin shade drives out the sun. Sorry for the stuff I've done. To me you're still the only one. I'm wanderin'.... Lost and wanderin Cold winds blow in from the edge"
  • I'm wanderin - John Lee Hooker
    "I been driftin', like a ship out on the foam I been driftin', like a ship out on the foam Well, I ain't got nobody, in the world to care for me If my baby would only take me back again Oh, take me back"
  • Wanderin' On - Hank Snow
    "On an ocean of dreams I have wandered it seems Just wanderin' wanderin' on Since I found the note sweetheart that you wrote Just saying that you had really gone Will the pretty bird sing will the roses"
  • Wanderin Eyes - Matt Wertz
    "Lady please excuse me I ain't thinkin right My eyes just ain't stayin put tonight Oh, so much goin crazy So much thinkin maybe My eyes just ain't stayin put tonight Oh, I can see by your expression That"
  • Wanderin' (RCA Victor) (1955) - Eddy Arnold
    "(Charles Grean) (Wanderin' wanderin' mhm) My father is an engineer, my brother drives a hack My sister takes in washin', and the baby bolls a jack. And it looks like I'm never gonna cease my wanderin'"
  • Kristina - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "so you thought you had a friend but he lied to you again about what you meant to him but that's the way it always goes your never happy and it shows so you go out searching again and every single night"
  • Wanderin' Boy's Last Letter - Stonewall Jackson
    "I'm writing this letter to you tonight mom and this is the reason I write It's been a long time since I have been home oh I wish I was with you tonight I recall now five long years ago when I left there"
  • Kristina She Don't Know I Exist - Catch 22
    "Not long ago in my high school days I watched a girl from so far away And everytime she passed me by I turned my head away and quietly sighed. And when she walked by her hair would dance, a secret tango"
  • Train - Prince
    "I wanna talk 2 U 'bout this love affair Is it really true that U don't care? Seems like every day U grow farther away Tell me what can I say 2 make U stay Cuz if U really don't love me anymore (If U don't"
  • Train - Cibelle
    "I'm sitting in a train going down there, going where, going to no-land I'm sitting in a train going down there, going where, going to no-land I'm sitting in a train going down there, going where, going"
  • Train - Leo Sayer
    "Writers: Leo Sayer & David Courtney running through my life like a river, like a song train keeps pushing me right back to the place where I belong... back along the tracks fly a million years right"
  • Train - 4 Lyn
    "This doesn't feel nice This doesn't feel good This doesn't feel right I'm like a train and I'm doin' whatever it takes to come home and I'm doin' whatever it takes I can't stop because because I got no"
  • Train - Blake Babies
    ""Hold on to my arm," She said, strung out on the floor. "I've been knocked uptight. I've been locked outside. I can't go on anymore." Cut off the circulation. Don't let it go to my head too quick. Let"
  • Train - Goldfrapp
    "Plastic brain scar I want laser I'm your chauffeur With high gloss high Take you where you want Chorus: Can't stop, oh off the train Train, yeah, yeah, yeah Wolflady Sucks my brain Apricot Sunrise came"
  • Train - 3 Doors Down
    "Put me on a train mama This place just aint the same no more Put me on a train mama I'm leavin' today I don't wanna watch the world spinnin' I wanna be spinnin' with it Put me on a train mama I'm leavin"
  • Train - Undrop
    "There is a train, it's leaving today (yeah) It's leaving today and I'm gonna get on it There is a train so don't let it pass without you Don't let it leave without you, just get on it There is a train"
  • Train - Flipsyde
    "Sunshine feelin' static through your body you don't know what's going on Then a creep crawl the mind bends bet it all then cash in and be gone Cause it's side corners and street lights caught in this"
  • Train - Three Doors Down
    "Put me on a train mama cause things just ain`t the same no more Put me on a train mama I'm leavin` today I don`t want to watch the world spinnin` I want to be spinning with it Put me on a train mama"

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