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I'm falling for you, you know what I do

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I'm falling for you, you know what I do

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I'm falling for you, you know what I do
  • Longview Falling For You
    "Hey girl in your summer blouse Walking down the beach road from your house How I'm thinking what to say to you But I'm weak and stupid when I'm near you Hey girl do you feel this night? Now I know everything's"
  • Cheetah Girls Falling For You
    "But I stumble when I speak Melt, When our eyes meet still can't believe that I'm falling for you I Can't fight these feelings Can't find a reason Still can't believe that I'm falling for you, For You "
  • Weezer Falling For You
    "Holy cow! I think I've got one here Now just what am I supposed to do? I've got a number of irrational fears That I'd like to share with you First, there's rules about old goats like me Hanging around"
  • Shaded Red Falling For You
    "I've tried to ignore The way you're watchin' me I felt insecure, didn't know what to do I've been on the ground dialin' 911 I keep fallin' for you (Chorus) I'm fallin' for you I've turned around again All"
  • You Am I What I Don't Know 'Bout You
    "This whole day was useless Next one's gonna be worse Cos I'm wearing this badge of fortune like A criminals wears a curse I want to chase that rabbit right off the rails And rip this metal keeping my mouth"
  • Buzzcocks What do you know
    "Everything happens Don't look for patterns You only perceive what you believe You need only believe to believe A map of illusion Of this land of confusion I saw the boy clad in leather For ever and ever"
  • Elvis Costello Do you know what i'm saying
    "The past prima donna in buttons and bells Was speaking what's left of her mind as the audience rebels Do you know what I'm saying? Those intimate melodramatic farewells At about twenty thousand or so decibels"
  • Ugly Duckling Do you know what i'm sayin'
    "Do you know what I'm sayin? I know what you're sayin.[3x] Do you know what I'm sayin? Man, I know what you're sayin'Verse One: Andy CYou see I'm programmed to slam in the summer spring or fallPushin' up"
  • Murs What Do You Know?
    "*I know, I know, I know* (sample repeats) (Verse 1) Feel free to hate me and to doubt me, but until you've stood behind my plate And peep the way I truly swing, you could never out me See, opinions are"
  • Sister2Sister Falling For You
    "I thought we had a friendship But you wanted more Did laugh when you said what are hearts for We were always together, I just could not see You were making plans boy, gonna make a move on me I tried not"
  • Heather Headley Falling For You
    "Well is this all about my Princess Heather Headley who is the best I feel you requestin' her Chorus: I'm falling for you, For the things that you do Make me feel like I'm one with the worl. Falling for"
  • Waylon Jennings Falling For You
    "(Ralph Mooney) You bring me happiness then leave me loneliness My world is in distress yet I keep falling for you You look into my eyes and tell the sweetest lies You're a heartbreak in disguise yet I"
  • Lisa Lavie Falling for you
    "I can't believe I'm falling for you, should I You see I'm caught up in a notion that you'll make my soul cry Don't lend yourself to what I said But know that these words run through my head I can't believe"
  • Tamia Falling For You
    "HOOK: Could I be falling for you Is this a fantasy come true Is this a dream that I waited for Am i the one that you adore CHORUS Oh-oo-oh-oh I think i'm falling for you Oh-oo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh what am I"
  • Skin Falling For You
    "Caught a look in your eyes Id they linger too long Were you just being kind Or have a read it all wrong When i brushed by your side Bridge 1 Suddenly I realised Theres something going on Chorus Im falling"
  • Busted Falling For You
    "Semester's coming soon So I would like to mention I woke up in my room Alone your always welcome Next week my mum's away So now my futures brightened I'd ask to have you stay If I wasn't so frightened. "
  • Lord Finesse You Know What I'm About
    "Check it out, for those that know me Ya wonder why I always play low key I know I got people and fans that like me But all the noise and attention don't excite me So I just lounge and play the D.L In the"
  • 'N Sync Falling
    "I don't know how I don't know why But girl it seems You've touched my life You're in my dreams You're in my heart I'm not myself When we're apart Something strange has come over me A raging wind across"
  • Beatles You Know What To Do
    "When I see you I just don't know what to say I like to be with you Every hour of the day So if you want me Just like I need you You know what to do I watched you walking by And you looked alone I hope"
  • Joey McIntyre Falling
    "Left is right and right is wrong Being high doesn't turn me on One and one must not equal two Cause I'm falling in love with you You're under water I'm out of air I'm not libel for me I swear I don't"

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