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I'm gonna make a hash trap


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I'm gonna make a hash trap

  • Trap - Biohazard
    "those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains so this mindless school of jellyfish become a useful beast of burden I can't get this fucking feeling outta my head You've"
  • Trap - The Cure
    "Drowning like a fly in my drink You drone about being on the brink But I really don't care what you think Oh I'm sick of it all Sick of it all I hate the way it's always the same Hate recrimination and"
  • Rat Trap - The Boomtown Rats
    "There was an awful lot of rocking going on that night, Cruising time for the young bright lights, Just down past the gasworks, by the meat factory door, The five lamp boyswere coming on strong. The Saturday"
  • Rat trap - Boomtown Rats
    "There was a lot of rocking going on that night Cruising time for the young, bright lights Just down past the gasworks, by the meat factory door The five lamp boys were coming on strong The Saturday night"
  • Rat Trap 666 - Die Antwoord
    "One, two, Ratties coming for you Three, four, better lock your door Five, six, grab your crucifix Seven, eight, gonna stay up late Nine, ten, never sleep again Muggsy, Estevan, success, Angel Baby,"
  • Death Trap - Pantera
    "I see you runnin' You're gone A million miles away But you know I'm comin' Violenz that Blows you into space And you think You're gonna get away Like you did before But you're the type I never feel sorry"
  • Trap Star - Gucci Mane
    "24's on yo car yous a trap star, If you known to buy the bar yous a trap star, You got a watch on ya wrist yous a trap star, You got ice around ya neck yous a trap star (X 2) Verse 1: Pimpin is the topic, money"
  • Love Trap - Rebekah
    "I don't like it But I need it Can't even be ashamed I don't want it But I feel it I can't stop it Cus I got it bad for you babe And ooh baby I'm trying I fight a good fight And still you suck me in you"
  • Trap Money - D4L
    "I got trap money dawg, Real talk, real spit like, I aint even gotta rap. I'm good nigga, I make hits nigga. Now da word on da street I work for a mil od da low nigga. Shawty Lo in this mutha fucka wit"
  • Trap Niggaz - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Well they done put you on a track with a well known trap and (Hell, I'm well known myself so I might as well trap withcha) Shit can get crazy dawg, I hope you brought your strap withcha (I'm a cap peelin"
  • Trap Door - Heatmiser
    "what a monster this kissing disease did the paramedic bring you back? or was he dropping you off for the night in broad daylight? i can't stand up in here i hit my head on your trap door can't come down"
  • Mouse Trap - Buckner & Garcia
    "M-m-m-mousetrap, mousetrap, cheese was the bait; Won't somebody help me before it's too late? The hawk is upon me and the cat's coming too; I'm caught in a mousetrap, now what will I do? M-m-m-mousetrap,"
  • Bobby Trap - RZA
    "When I was young, I slept with a battery on my tongue So when I spit, the impact with the sting of a stun gun At full blast, rock your cradle, fatal razorblades graze you Split you open, stitch you back"
  • Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
    "I'm like, "Hey, what's up? Hello." Seen your pretty ass soon as you came in that door I just wanna chill, got a sack for us to roll Married to the money, introduced her to my stove Showed her how to whip"
  • Tourist Trap - Bright Eyes
    "It's not the road we used to know, they tore some buildings down. The traffic's like a pack of dogs. There's fewer trees, windows, fleas, concrete on the lawn. There's people here, but you are gone. And"
  • Trap House - Gucci Mane
    "(Chorus) Put on your booty shorts Ooh, I really like the sexy way you walk Ooh, I like the way you make your booty talk Everytime you put on your booty shorts Believe dat girl (Verse) I don't holla"
  • Honey Trap - John Porter
    "I’ve been asking everywhere I haven’t seen my honey trap I know she’s a really wild one I want my honey trap back She’s a really my breaker Really heart breaker Crazier then you and me I’ve been asking"
  • I'm gonna make it - Supremes
    "I'm gonna make it, I will wait for youI'm gonna make it, I will wait for you.When you went awayThere's nothing I could sayBut now I feel the hurt's coming over meWishing you were here, thinking bout you,"
  • I'm gonna make you mine - ATC
    "You were always mine as cool But you would always play it cool So I played along And I was always strong Cause I knew thered come a day When you would be my come one me So I played along I know your friends"
  • I'm Gonna Make My Money - Nate Dogg
    "(Chorus) x4 I gonna make I'm gonna make my money (money) From the time that I was only seventeen I knew I loved to write, I knew I loved to sing, I've seen I've seen about my friends and all the gangsta"

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