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I'm living in twilight.


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I'm living in twilight.

  • Living In Twilight - The Weepies
    "You look darkly on the day With memories to light your way A little sad but it's all right We are always living in twilight No one knocks upon your door Until you don't care anymore A little alone but"
  • Twilight - U2
    "I look into his eyes They're closed but I see something A teacher told me why I laugh when old men cry My body grows and grows It frightens me you know The old man tried to walk me home I thought he should"
  • Twilight - Shaun Groves
    "Like the sky before the dawn While the night is holding on Sun and moon together in the gray So my soul is shared by two The worst of me, the best of You Saint and sinner mingle in my veins And I pray"
  • Twilight - Stella Soleil
    "Sugar girl Worked at the dollar store She worked her tail right off She had these bright blue eyes She dreamed in staggering size One day a big black car Big man with a big fat cigar Looking for aspirin All"
  • Twilight - Shawn Colvin
    "Over by the wildwood, hot summer night. We lay in the tall grass, til the mornin' light come shining If I had my way I'd never get the urge to roam. Sometimes to serve my country , Sometimes I stay at"
  • Twilight - Band, The
    "Band, The Northern Lights-southern Cross Twilight F bb f Over by the wildwood Dm Hot summer night Gm We lay in the tall grass C Til the mornin' light If i had my way i'd never Get the urge to"
  • Twilight - Edge Of Sanity
    "I close your eyes and whisper "Goodbye". You will never see how I cry. I can recall what you said to me once: "If I leave there wil be a sign" And the twilight will show me tonight. From dusk to dawn."
  • Twilight - David Gray
    "Watch the twilight from my head Hanging on a brighter thread Little darling, till I see you once again Tell the man to fill my cup Honey I ain't gonna stop Little darling, till I see you once again"
  • Twilight - BoA
    "Your word and my word and your word is Tomorrow, today and yesterday But it's a necessary evil And you will find your way there Your feelings and mine are all holy and You give me an inner sanctity You"
  • Twilight - Elliott Smith
    "Haven't laughed this hard in a long time I better stop now before I start crying Go off to sleep in the sunshine I don't want to see the day when it's dying She's a sight to see She's good to me But I'm"
  • Twilight - The Raveonettes
    "Honey don't kill that last cigarette I got a long, long ways to go I've been a-drinking and a-thinking all night long Still got so much more to show To you Yeah And when that hand comes searching Between"
  • Twilight - Bravehearts
    "(feat. Nas) Uh yea, yea, yea Let's Go Niggas C'mon nigga, C'mon nigga I be dippin in tha twilight, wit gangstas, Smokin weed up in my ride life the same stuff, its still a bitch livin like I'm"
  • Twilight - The Band
    "I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin' about half past dead; I just need some place where I can lay my head. "Hey, mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bed?" He just grinned and shook my hand,"
  • Twilight - Cover Drive
    "Twilight I’m loving this twilight I’m loving this twilalalalalalalala twilight Baby, I’ve known you for a long long time I never thought that we would find What we’re holding in our hands Lately, I’ve"
  • Twilight Zone - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Blue Sky Black Death presents The Holocaust Song: Twilight Zone Typed by: Cno Evil (Chorus 2X: Holocaust) Rod Serling wrote every 'Twilight Zone' Doom, you're trapped in a"
  • Battles In The Twilight - Power Symphony
    "Marco Cecconi, Michela D'Orlando I have seen it all. All has been foretold. Now... Now it's time for power now it's time for change for those who've been chosen to follow their fate dying in glory or"
  • Twilight - The Twilight Singers
    "when darkness falls on Summer's end so in your absence i shall begin when Darkness falls the race iz done and Love lives not when Hope is gone goodbye, sufer everything's gonna be alright... the longest"
  • Mr. Twilight - Gyllene Tider
    "(Mr. Twilight, don't go away, oohh) Twilight, so we meet again tonight but Twilight, I am all alone this time I'm comimg back to you, cause I need a place to hide and you Mr. Twilight, it's just all"
  • Twilight World - Swing Out Sisters
    "It's twilight world It's twilight world Time out World in a hurry There's more love than money changing hands Lights out Thinking out loud Turn your back on the world outside Night thoughts No one can"
  • Twilight Symphony - King Diamond
    "Morning came and so did they, flying questions from the police I'm waiting here in an ambulance for Dr. Landau To return and tell me why they're taking me so far away "I did what I did and I'm glad I did, 'cos"

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