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I'm not see the love alone It


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I'm not see the love alone It

  • I'm Not Alone - Insane Clown Posse
    "Maggots can't fuck with the Shaggy Cuz I got a crew, bitch A crew like you aint never even known Carnival freaks from the ghetto zone All waiten for the day to put you in your place I had the fat bearded"
  • I'm Not Alone - Shaggy 2 Dope
    "Maggots can't f**k with the Shaggy 'cause I got a crew Bitch, a crew like you ain't never even known Carnival freaks from the ghetto zone All waitin' for the day to put you in your place I'll have the"
  • I'm not alone - ICP
    "Maggots can't fuck with the ShaggyCuz I got a crew, bitchA crew like you aint never even knownCarnival freaks from the ghetto zoneAll waiten for the day to put you in your placeI had the fat bearded lady"
  • Not Alone - Gianluca Motta
    "Under the stars We run in the wind Taking every single moment that we can Look into your eyes We run from the lights Believe it but you can't know how I feel I cant believe that you still think we're friends Like"
  • I'm Not Alone - Crystal Kay
    "I'm not alone x4 thinkin' about you (don't mind at all) and I, I So nowchanged my world * (I'm not alone)(I'm not alone) (I'm not alone) (I'm not alone)(I'm not alone) (I'm not alone)in your arms weekendmy"
  • I'm Not Alone - Widespread Panic
    "I see what I do, first look at the phone Turn on your TV Unscrew a bottle of beer, An orange square cellophane cheese First I think of this, and then I turn to that Maybe I just don't think Might sing"
  • Alone - Blues Traveler
    "I said "I love you" She began to cry She said she needed a friend I said "I'll try" Soon we'd say nothing Somehow I never wondered why You see, she left me She left me I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone I'm"
  • Not Alone - Don't Look Down
    "Take a step back from your life, take a moment to think more deeply. Does everything seem just alright? What is it that makes you happy? This song is about how you could, look back on your life and feel"
  • Not Alone - Black Train Jack
    "I see it sneaking up without a sound And if I didn't turn around I wouldn't even know it was there The pressure is coming down again From the people who call themselves my friends I can't seem to get them"
  • See Me Alone - April Sixth
    "Verse 1: In this dark world, no one really cares what happens to me. So, when I bring myself down can you hear the words that I say to you 'cause. Chorus: It's the same as long ago, you wouldn't know"
  • You're not alone - Twisted Sister
  • You're Not Alone - Chicago
    "I see you there, a silhouette in the moonlight; Looks like you've given up on love. You used to be the face in the spotlight; Now lonliness fits you like a glove. You walk around in your cloak of darkness, Too"
  • I'm Not Alone - E-Type
    "I'm always on the run, restless searching the sun I'm on my way, it's all a timeless never ending story My life is a civil war, between all open doors So little time so many goals left to achieve It's"
  • I'm Not Alone - Erik Segerstedt
    "I can hear your voice, hear your breath How could I forget I'm not alone, alone I can see your face, see your smile If only for a while I'm not alone, alone Like an endless dream, a movie scene Playing"
  • You're Not Alone - MxPx
    "The time is near when I dont need this phone And we'll stay home alone and watch the twilight zone We're still young and I know your afraid But I don't regret all the plans we made Drive-in movies always"
  • I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris
    "Can you stay up for the weekend and blame god for looking too old can find all that you stand for has been replaced with mountains of gold you cannot dream yourself to notice to feel pain and swallow fear but"
  • I'm not alone - No Mercy
    "I'm not aloneCause I believe in loveI'm not aloneCause I believe in loveI'm not aloneWhen the night gets coldLoneliness whistles through the windowI know that she still loves meAnd when we're apartOthers"
  • We're Not Alone - Nas
    "(Mykel) There was life there was water We depend on mama nature There is a message for tommorrow Everything connect's to you Some says soon there will be over You can see it in the weather Out of tune"
  • I Know I'm Not Alone - Michael Franti And Spearhead
    "Whatever happened to the sun It used to always come Back when we were young We'd sing and party all night long The seasons don't ever come on time no more and War paints over the years and anger fills"
  • You're Not Alone - Boyz II Men
    "Girl you're so sad He was the very first love you had But he hurt your heart real bad He just let your feelings a stray And on a holiday Go ahead and cry Let me clear each tear from your eye And"

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