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I've been up so high try to get a piece or that apple pie

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I've been up so high try to get a piece or that apple pie

  • Apple Pie - Travis Scott
    "She say your bad ass always had a thing for sweets Guess that's why I'm so hot on the street Won't you and your friends come eat with me? And let me show you how to whip that recipe She say your bad ass"
  • Apple Pie - Lizzy McAlpine
    "Some days I'm lonely And some days I'm not Some days I am only A little bit sad, not a lot How do you How do you make a home? What to do? 'Cause I never stay too long Every house looks the same in my"
  • Apple Pie - The Bastard Fairies
    "I'm the life of the party, I'm always smiling On the surface I'm as happy as can be And I don't watch the news and I don't read the papers And I don't like chicken soup for the soul Do you wanna share"
  • Sweet Apple Pie - Jimmy Luxury
    "Well I got nice shoes and a heart of gold. I never let the wining get out of control. When I'm boozing I takes my time. It ain't ya turn kid so wait in line. Yo! Kick that number that we did up in Reno"
  • Apple pie a la mode - Destiny's Child
    "Kelly: Beyonce B: What? K: Michelle M: What? K: Look B&M: Where? K: Hold up don't turn your head. Just slowly turn your head B:oh yes M:oh B: Girl... M: He's definitly fine K: That's right He walks in"
  • American As Apple Pie - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen/Dean Pitchford) On this night On any hot, summer night Every girl Every red-blooded boy Is cryin' out With one great voice They wanna jump They wanna turn up the noise And that's the sound That's"
  • Pie - Slick Rick
    "You know, The Rock's gonna tell you a little story. You ain't gonna believe it, but he's gonna tell you anyway. It's tough to be the Rock! Oh no, no, shut your mouth! No, no, it really is. Even though"
  • Apple - Bebe Rexha
    "Shoutout to Lauren cause she said it right That thing, that thing He just wanna bite Don't let him hit it and quit it If he hits it and quits it You probably won't see him no more, no more And i hate"
  • A Piece Of The Pie - Randy Newman
    "Like us all you want the very best of life A car, a house, a neighborhood that's nice With flowers and trees and lots of little kids around Where public schools aren't breeding grounds for vice You"
  • I've Been High - R.E.M.
    "Have you seen? Have not will travel Have I missed the big reveal? Do my eyes, Do my eyes seem empty? I've forgotten how this feels. I've been high I've climbed so high The light, sometimes it washes over"
  • I've been high - Crematory
    "Have you seen?Have not, will travel.Have I missed the big reveal?Do my eyesDo my eyes seem empty?I've forgotten how this feels.I've been highI've climbed so highbut life sometimesit washes over me.Have"
  • I've Been Down - Sweatshop Union
    "I am recognizing that the voice inside my head Is urging me to be myself and never follow someone else Because cree? Is all like voices, we all have a different kind So just clean out all your ears, these"
  • So Get High - Maceo
    "and get high............... (chorus) so lay back and chill out then roll up and get high.then enhaile then exhaile and blow smoke to the sky and let go what you know.go head clear yo mind.And i know and"
  • Apple Cobbler - LL Cool J
    "Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. uh-huh Uhh.. uhh.. that joint is hot baby! Lights, camera, action - hold up You know my style, I been blowed up Paper was young, now it's growed up Stacks so thick it's hard to fold"
  • Apple - Atmosphere
    "Hi, my name is Sean Daley and you might know me from such filmsas "I Can't Sing, But Neither Can You."Haha yea, heheheh what are you lookin' at?Don't look at me, don't even talk to meOh you rap too? Heheh"
  • Try - Aaron Neville
    "(knight/chapman) Sometimes we need to start again When this crazy life of ours is slow And I guess that's why fools like us rush in Where wise men never never go In time we may find out why These walls"
  • Try - Lisa Loeb
    "What's the difference between you and me To me it's kind of small To you it's like prison What's the difference between you and me To me it almost happens To you it almost isn't How did you become"
  • Try - Sweatshop Union
    "Try Hard as ya' can To understand This runnin' in circles Got me wonderin' I- I- I don't know why We pay it any mind Baby I'm blind How would we know If we don't even Try... Ever since the ninth"
  • I've Been Hustlin' - Afroman
    "I wanna say uh hustle up to all the hustlas out there, i love u man (Chorus) I've been hustlin From dusk till dawn I've been hustlin For so long I'm the hungry hustla afroman i recycle cardboard, beer"
  • Places I've Been - Killah Priest
    "Yeah, take it back, in the days You know, of reminising Just, just chillin Word Late at night, ah shoot its damn near morning Check it out From shootouts at block parties, from God Bodies That flooded"

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