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I've got something to say

  • I've Got Something To Say - Reef
    "I've got something to say; We have come a long way. After all the things that we have been through, I'm glad still to have you. I know your hurting, I know your hurting It will get better every day. I"
  • Something To Say - Brodie
    "Someone don't care who it is Tell me of your insignificance I'm boxed up Lost inside myself Trapped in my own existence Don't remember anything you said to me Not that it would really change my mind Never"
  • Something To Say - The Unseen
    "I've got something to say and I just can't fucking hold it in anymore it means more to me today than it ever fucking did before I'm a punk and i've finally learned what it means to me it doesn't dictate"
  • Something To Say - B2K
    "(yeah) (yeah yeah) [2x] You see the girl by the water Yes that one there who I know that one day one day she will care He comes from the Southside He's got the sun in hair He's got something that The"
  • Something To Say - Ashton Allen
    "Comfort calls on me always in time In bed alone Holding your phone Like a baby so innocent I called out your name Could you save me for now? Favorite blankets and words on a string Keeping those four feet"
  • She's Got Something To Say - The Vines
    "Shes Got Something To Say To Me About me never comin round Shes Got Something To Say To Me And dont know how to be left out Are you tellin me what you ain't knowin? Shes Got Something To Say To Me About"
  • I've got something in my lunchbox - Olsen Twins
    "I've got something in my lunchbox.I don't really know what it was.I don't really know where it came from.But it's certainly covered with fuss.Maybe it could have been chocolate.Maybe a caramel or two.I've"
  • I've Got Something Better - Lisa Stansfield
    "You've got somethin' on your mind But I've got somethin' better Come closer, much closer Kiss and confide One taste and be sure you'll find sugar inside I feel your caress I'm undressed by your eyes There'll"
  • I've Got A Little Something For You - Alicia Keys
    "I've got a secret Do you want to know? You see now yesterday I was feeling down I came to Seattle And you turned it all around I said I said Seattle, do you know what you do? Yeah, for all that you've"
  • Say Something Anyway - Bellefire
    "Bellefire Miscellaneous Say Something Anyway Some say hearts, Grow silent, In a world where no one cares, Love keep slipping away, Some say time, Is the healer, But in a house where no one speaks, Love"
  • I've Got You - Damnwells
    "I've got doubts I can't even count. I've got mirrors that take me apart. I've got blues, a nothing revolt. I've got songs that stall when they start. I've got you babe. Diamonds and pearls, babe. I've"
  • I've Got Yesterday - Kitty Wells
    "I may not have your warm and tender lips to kiss goodnight I may not have your gentle loving arms to hold me tight But I've got something you and time can never take away I've got yesterday I've got yesterday"
  • That's All I've Got To Say About That - Blaine Larsen
    "I don't have too much to say About those things anyway The weather's cold or it's hot It's either wet or it's not I'm no expert on life I just try to do right I'm a man of few words Since you asked about"
  • I've Got News - Andrew Peterson
    "So you think I'm something special, like I know a thing or two; like my eyes don't ever wander, like my aim is always true. So you think I'm not a dirty rotten scoundrel through and through? Lady, I've"
  • Ev'rything I've Got - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Don't stamp your foot at me, It's impolite To stamp your foot at me Is not quite right. At man's ingratitude A woman winks, But such an attitude just stinks. I have eyes for you to give you dirty looks. I"
  • Ev'rything I've Got - Ray Charles
    "Don't stamp your foot at me, It's impolite To stamp your foot at me Is not quite right. At man's ingratitude A woman winks, But such an attitude just stinks. I have eyes for you to give you dirty looks. I"
  • I've got life - E-Type
    "One more timeI leave behind just burning bridgesit's a crimeI am herethere must be somewhere I can breathenow take me thereit's time to seeI wanna make you breatheThat life can be me whateverwhat you want"
  • I've got news - Sweatshop Union
    "I've got news for youYes man, I got some newsYou know, theres a lot of things being said,you knowPeople talkin' this and people talkin that,People talkin' this and people talkin that,People talkin' this"
  • I've Got Fives - Madison
    "I've sat through this so many times. I said I'm such a fool for thinking that I'd sit through this again. So leave a note on your bedpost. I'll browse through your words in my head. I'll browse right"
  • Say Something - Haven
    "I won't say anything cos I don't mean it won't make a promise cos I won't keep it believe me now, I'd only lie to you well I've said that thought a thousand times I believe in something that I can't find so"

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