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I Am Giant - Razor Wire Reality

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I Am Giant - Razor Wire Reality

  • Giant - Melissa Etheridge
    "You tried to hold us down You tried to hold us back You tried to make us wrong You tried to make us crack You wanted to see us cry You wanted to see us leave You didn't count on the tide You didn't count"
  • Giant - The The
    "The sun is high and I'm surrounded by sand For as far as my eyes can see I'm strapped into a rocking chair With a blanket all over my knees I, I am a stranger to myself And nobody knows I'm here When I"
  • Razor - Carnage
    "You irritate me more, and more This is the fucking war You're next target in my line Do you really want this? Fine! I remember this happy days You and me, your fucking face Loving, kissing, sex with you I"
  • Razor - Feeling Left Out
    "Make need of a proper use of a razor not trusting the traffic lights or stop signs i'm hoping this witty wire can fulfill my desire, my desire (chorus) and i can't seem to end these strings and i can't"
  • Wire - U2
    "Innocent, and in a sense I am Guilty of the crime that's now in hand Such a nice day Throw your life away Such a nice day Let it go Cold these eyes, I can't believe it Cold, this heart is slow Heart"
  • Reality - Newsboys
    "Mom and Dad I'm fine, how are you? I have joined a small circus That much is true I'm a little malnourished But try to relax Could you find a better photo For the milk carton backs? Send money Runaway Where's"
  • Reality - The Berzerker
    "The uncreative juices flow from all but a selective few and even those they tend to be wasted, you have taken pride in a lifeform that you think you know but what you do not know is it's rotting, it is"
  • The Giant - Swallow The Sun
    "Falling from my life deep to the sea Drowning from living to the depths of me Like the water that burns in my lungs And the light that slowly fades above me I'm bleeding rivers and they carried me to the"
  • Giant Tortoise - Pond
    "Dream to sleep out in the dark To the __ the fragile heart And am I too young to be tired? Give on, don't prove me wrong. Why would I even try? Like some _ sky Lust callin' drinking wine. Pride, we're"
  • The Razor - Head Automatica
    "This is television, late night television, scripted with precision A corner store pulp fiction sits where your heart isn't And with your eyes so green, and your pinkish theme You made an old friend seem"
  • Razor Blades - Tapping The Vein
    "I am sad today I wanna play with my razor blades I am drowned, I'm sinking And the truth is my choke, is my gain But I, I could run away I can feel it I can feel the day I, I could run away I can feel"
  • Razor Blades - Dead Saints
    ""Razors spinning round and round, cutting into the ground, uncontrollably, what has happend to me? Circling over head, I will soon be dead, This is all I heard, People screaming in my ear, I felt a bloody"
  • Razor End - Deathstars
    "I live for your life as I am one with the night so utopia fill me If you were the heavens I would be the wind If you were the saint then I would bring you sin I am glorious a prodigy white born of the"
  • Razor Burn - Lagwagon
    "She broke up with me, two days later... I think she met Don Juan in Italy, she has a new man, I have a new mustache. Now all my friends are gonna call me mountain man, and everyone will think that I'm"
  • Giant - Saga
    "Looking back I can still remember The day a stranger came to town He didn't say much of anything So why did everybody Try and put him down? I must admit that he looked A little different Maybe we just"
  • Razor - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Razor in my hand Nine little lines in someone's hand Shot down from this group I wish for something and I know it isn't home Razor in my hand Six little lines in someone's hand Lay down, rest your head"
  • Razor - Foo Fighters
    "wake up it's time we need to find a better place to hide make up your mind i need to know i need to know tonight sweet and divine razor of mine sweet and divine razorblade shine patience my dear we could"
  • Razor - Unbroken
    "brought down before you and I'm feeling the feeling of not wanting to be like you I refused to be trapped it molds us like a clone never thinking for ourselves it's time to break this sterile tradition"
  • Razor - Hades Almighty
    "Only the crows Fly at night Viewing the desolation Only the crows Cry at night. And the victims of my desecration My time is at night When I hear the crows cry And you are so afraid my sweet Cause you"
  • Razor - Night In Gales
    "razor...into the fire fire...burning so bright is this mournful being like mine was before ? eyes shut forever infesting imagination inside where serenity fades seraph...into the abyss no god will rise"

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