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I Can Fvcking Tell

  • I Can Fvcking Tell - SAINt JHN
    "I Can Fvcking Tell you use to lve me still meand to Fvcking Tell riding all the way I Can Fvcking Tell you use to lve me still living like my way She don't believe in God she close to dark I told her:"
  • I Can Tell - Monifah
  • I Can Tell - Travis Scott
    "I can tell I can tell, baby, I can tell Ooh, I can tell, baby, I can tell You ain't told no tales, you ain't told no tales Yeah, gone out of your way, you know we can tell Yeah, I can tell, baby, I can"
  • I Can Tell - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Ellis McDaniels/Smith) I can tell 'cos it's plain to see I can tell the way you look at me The way that you smile when you hold my hand I know pretty baby 'cos I understand I can tell I can tell I know"
  • I Can Tell - Lefty Frizzel
    "I can tell by the sun the time of the day I can tell by the moon when you go away But I can tell when I'm holding you there must be someone new There's a love another love I can tell I'm losing you I can"
  • I Can Tell - Jesse Powell
    "(intro)-I know you want me, ooh, the way that I want you (verse 1) So why you peepin' from afar, do you want me, baby I can tell you why your wonderin', what my love's all about, if I can put it down, come"
  • I Can Tell - Michael Penn
    "Whatever news you had Whatever shoes you had Whatever made you mad enough On the promenade you can Give it a rest Give it a seat Or in the glass you can cut your feet Pop a knee Flesh torn And everything"
  • I Can Tell - BBMak
    "It's in the way you caress my face Like you always used to but differently We can smile to hide the shame Here in the pouring rain waiting for the sun I'm crying here all alone standing next to you You"
  • I Can Tell - Bricantell
    "504 Boyz I Can Tell (Jamo) You ain't gotta say too much From the look in your eyes I can tell you want to fuck (Mercedes) And you ain't gotta call me ya boo Just as bad as you wanna fuck I wanna fuck"
  • I Can Tell - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Jamo, Mac, Mercedes) You ain't gotta say too much From the look in your eyes I can tell you want to fuck And you ain't gotta call me ya boo Just as bad as you wanna fuck I wanna fuck too "
  • I Can Tell - Mercedes
    "You aint gotta say................ (Chorus 2x)Jamo You aint gotta say too much from the look in ur eyes i can tell you wanna fuck (Mercades) And you aint gotta call me ur boo just as bad as you wanna"
  • I Can Tell - Saosin
    "Betray The Avalon is always beside me And I'm following it home Where is my home Orion glows And his eyes open up I once believed that I would set you in line If only I had the strength you'd be completely"
  • Only Tongue Can Tell - Trash Can Sinatras
    "Once upon a sign I read a warning and it said 'When in Rome don't feed the lions' What is meant I can't hazard a guess But now I've learnt my lesson I'm a better person I'm filled up with high hopes and"
  • Anyone Can Tell - Crowded House
    "I dream of a place that's hedged with roses With a man in the middle don't talk in riddles You get hung on every single word Some call it high, some call it low And I hear about things you don't want"
  • Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot
    "Have I been to discreet How long am I supposed to wait I think about you nightly Oh can you tell i'm losing sleep What am I supposed to do It's hard to stay cool When you smile at me And I get nervous"
  • Time Can Tell - Electronic
    "You're voice is breaking up Get off the phone Come and see me These times are hard enough To be alone, I want you with me And much to my regret It's you i can't forget Tears on your shoulder Don't look"
  • How can i tell him - Tucker Tanya
    "He knows when I'm lonesome he's there when I'm sadHe's up in the good times he's down in the badWhenever I'm discouraged he knows just what to do that boy doesn't know about youI can tell him my troubles"
  • What Can I Tell You? - Local H
    "whatever you want whatever turns you on whatever you want to fix whatever's wrong i wanna go to where the parties are where all my friends are tending bar oh yeah whatever turns you on what can i say that"
  • What can i tell you - Local Heroes
    "Whatever you want Whatever turns you on Whatever you want To fix whatever's wrong I wanna go to where the parties are Where all my friends are tending bar Oh, yeah Whatever turns you on What can I say"
  • How can i tell her - Lobo
    "She knows when I'm lonesome, she cries when I'm sad. She's up in the good times, she's down in the bad. And whenever I'm discouraged, she knows just what to do. But girl, she doesn't know about you. I"

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