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I Don���t care where we go We can make weather foam

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I Don���t care where we go We can make weather foam

  • Where Did We Go Wrong - Diana Ross
    "(R. Miller/T. Baird) Where did we go wrong I thought that we were supposed to make it Where did we go wrong How could life give us love, then take it away Alone again today Remembering when We were"
  • Where Go We - KillRadio
    "Don't run us off the road, We'd just like ourselves a lane We've got nothing to lose, cause our race is not in vain So treat us like a dog because we eat from your floor We'll take care of ourselves"
  • We Make The Weather - Howard Jones
    "Heaven is a somewhere locked inside and I must find the key Wish I'd never locked the door Ordinary things in life are where this heaven likes to be Hold the sky, feet on the floor Hold the sky, feet on"
  • Where Can We Go - The Alchemist
    "Where can we go (Devin the Dude - talking) Don't even tease me like that girl I wanna holla at you to, but man you know you gotta man It' s too close to home, it's too close for comfort girl Anyway man,"
  • We Don't Care - Porn Theatre Ushers
    "{"Sticks and stone may break your bones but talk can't do you no harm now listen to this one good"} (Verse 1 - Nabo Rawk) Yo I sit back, and watch most of ya'll slip Attack every track like He-man's whip Keep"
  • Where We Wanna - C-Murder
    "Tell it. Tell it. Let em know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Chorus Talk how you wanna talk, hang where you wanna hang Slang where you wanna slang, Goodie Mob and C-Murder man x2 A soldier out that N.O. camp Meets"
  • Don''t wanna let you go - Five
    "Don't wanna let you goWe just wanna tell youJust wanna let you knowThat we'll stay aroundSo what else can you doYou've said all you have toWe're comin' after youSo don't make a soundI got this feelin'Could"
  • Where do we go - Immature
    "Chorus Where (Where) Where (Where) Where do we go from where (here) I can prove my love Where do we go from here Let me open up to you Let's swollow all the negativity of life We can make it through Only"
  • Where Do We Go - C-Murder
    "You know I just got outta jail and everything and I'm trying to change my life for the better You know I got kids to feed but I got a question you know Where do I go from here? Chorus Tell me where"
  • Where Do We Go - Talib Kweli
    "(feat. Res) Where do we go? What do we say? What do we do? Nowhere to turn, nowhere to run and there's nothin new Where do we go for inspiration? It's like pain is our only inspiration Yea, I"
  • Where Would We Go - Akon
    "I don't care what they say baby im gon b with u out in hawaii thats because i will always stay true because ur my one girl that makes my head swirll cause i'm in love with u baby cant u see this is the"
  • Weather - Amel Larrieux
    "Whenever you awake and find your kingdom life is great Can I suggest a simple remedy to make your day Open up your windows and then open wide your eyes Let the vision peace of cool and golden yellow sunrise You"
  • Can We Go - Amerie
    "Let me sit down and tell you how this thing has really started When I come around you act like loving you is under audit So baby can you give me just little more (time) Cause I'm having problem's trying"
  • Can We Go - Tynisha Keli
    "Is there a place that I can go Where broken hearts don't exist at all Maybe I'm just living in the clouds To think that someay we will work it out You got me having dj vu So do you ever think about me"
  • Where Did We Go Wrong - B2K
    "Where Did We Go Wrong Yeah Platinum Status, B2k, Dave Mac, We gon bump your speakers with this one, yeah........uh, ya'll know, its b2k, check it out, wanna tell ya'll bout this girl, i dont think she"
  • My love don`t stop - Craig David
    "I've been knowin you You've been knowin me But i aint took the chance to Tell you what i want Girl its been too long And i can't go on Can't be actin like i dont care Cause i rolled with you I"
  • We - Eminem
    "::::EMINEM:::: Nothing can stop and nothing can change and you better just make new livin' arrangments if you think, you the top and king of the castle you about to be thrown off the throne and ripped"
  • They Don' Care - Dri
    "I got a letter in the mail just the other day Opened it up, this is what it had to say: "Wouldn't you please give us the pleasure Of having you at our table tonite? From, the donner family" We've been"
  • We Ballin' - Crooked I
    "(Intro) Cali-forn-ia! (bounce) It's about that time, it's the new Row, and I'm at ya Let the hogs out, these nigggaz is wilding.. (Verse 1 Eastwood) I gets down with it, smoke a whole pound with it Microphone"
  • We Can Make It - Boston
    "(Sikes-Cedro-Scholz) I would do anything, anything a man can do You're my strength and weakness I give it all for you I would climb any mountain How can I make you see? Though the stars may fall, it will"

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