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I Fight Dragons just decide

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I Fight Dragons just decide

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I Fight Dragons just decide
  • Flaw Decide
    "Doesn't it make you nervous, at least you could have tried And if it doesn't disturb us, couldn't we just sit by And make a pact to ignore it, all of our secret needs Becoming connected further, giving"
  • Adrian John Loveridge 400 Dragons
    "(chorus) 400 dragons it's gonna be rough six million soldiers of fortune I'd fight them all for a night in your love... 400 dragons if that aint enough send ten million Venus invaders I'd shoot them all"
  • Willie Nelson You Decide
    "YOU DECIDE WRITER BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN You decide What you need Then you let me know I'll be waiting here until you call Take your time Till you find Which way your heart must go And when you decide Let"
  • Fireflight You Decide
    "Fiction and reality collide Faceless and so busted up inside You've been searching, you've been crying out Will you be destroyed by all your doubt You decide Who will you run to Wrong or right There is"
  • Carlos Lyra You Decide
    "You decide: Is my love for you real? Is this need that I feel For the moment, or for forever? You decide From the look in my eyes, From the tremble in my voice, Is it true That I'll leave you never? If"
  • Murder By Death Boy Decide
    "There's a son he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth go on boy admit it there's got to be something you love enough to protect you tire of things I know but you've got to push on Some men crave"
  • Noe Venable Ice Dragons
    "time keeps rushing whirling dervishing by can you feel the white furry hooves of time? catch me catch me rocketing ever closer closer to the bright white eye when I dream I see the world turning oh do"
  • Orange 9mm Can't Decide
    "Stand real close to me and do just like I do Open your mind and cock the trigger back far Pull it at the point where you feel most pain Pull it at the point where you feel most alive I can't live Lifes"
  • 1349 Chasing Dragons
    "I am chasing dragons Seeking the primal state of mind Filling my veins with venomous lust Awakening the beast inside Seeking no meaning only feeling Entering the shape of the beholder And get ready to"
  • Hank Williams Jr. I Can't Decide
    "I can't decide my heart is in abide I can't decide but I know now's the time I love you dear I won't leave you behind But there's someone else I can get off my mind Now I don't know what to do in this"
  • Heavens To Betsy Decide
    "''"Do you wanna get married baby?"'' Is that that the way he said it? Is that the way you asked him? I know you have to live your life and I live mine But when I think about it, it still makes me want"
  • Scissor Sisters I Can't Decide
    "It's not easy having yourself a good time Greasing up those bets and betters Watching out they don't four-letter Fuck and kiss you both at the same time Smells-like something I've forgotten Curled up died"
  • Sebadoh Decide
    "You give faith to deadly snakes, retain the need for names Now burn your books for me Confusion must end, jarred-up sympathy I've been here, but you won't hear, what have you to say to me? Blood-crazed Vampires"
  • Jimmy Nail Dragons
    "the first time I saw you I realised at once you were an angel in torment how could I desert you I vowed in that moment nothing in this world or any other would ever threaten or hurt you dragons rage outside"
  • Prefab Sprout Dragons
    "The first time I saw you I realized at once you were an angel in torment How could I desert you? I vowed in that moment Nothing in this world or any other Would ever threaten or hurt you Dragons may"
  • Edwin McCain Dragons
    "Well im watching the dragons as they make another claimhe used to be a friend of mine, i called him by his namewell theres nothing you can say to nirvana when its packed up ina syringewe'll call up your"
  • Alicia Keys Fight
    "(from "Ali" soundtrack) Heyy Where?s your faith in Jesus? Mmhmm Mmmhmm Mmhmm Mmhmm You think I don?t understand You think your baby don?t know whats goin on How come everyone keeps tellin me What my own"
  • Ducky Boys Fight
    "I've been so outta touch Not that it Matters much Because i'm back in there and playing the same game Come up for air and I gotta see That another year walked out on me Another line on my face and i start"
  • Amy Grant Fight
    "(Amy Grant, Dann Huff, Gary Chapman) You know some days I like me Some days I don't Some days I try with passion Sometimes I won't I might just hold my guard up And lock my heart up tight But it's the"
  • Ashanti Fight
    "Ashanti: I think we need to talk. Irv gotti: oh here we go again. what we need to talk about. Ashanti: we need to talk about what's going on. I don't think I can Just forgive and forget all the shit"

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