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I Got U - Duke Dumont

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I Got U - Duke Dumont

  • I Got U (feat. Jax Jones) - Duke Dumont
    "Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune Really don't matter As long as I got you, baby Clap your hands ya'll it's alright As long as I got you, baby Clap your"
  • Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E) - Duke Dumont
    "I wanna be the one you call, every day and night Are you gonna be the one who's always gonna treat me right And when we get together turning down the lights Need you 100, need you 100 percent and I wanna"
  • Won't Look Back - Duke Dumont
    "And I, I, I was close to you Youu , it makes me stronger No matter what we're going through, I won't look back, won't look won't look back! I won't look back, won't look won't look back! You make me wanna"
  • The Duke Of Dubuque - The Manhattan Transfer
    "THE DUKE OF DUBUQUE I'm known near and far as the cousin to the Czar I'm the Duke, Duke of Dubuque It's well understood that my credit is no good, no good, no good I'm the Duke of Dubuque And if you"
  • The duke of dubuque - Manhattan Transfer
    "Well I'm known near and far as the cousin to the czar I'm the Duke, Duke of Dubuque It's well understood that my credit is no good (no good, no good) I'm the Duke of Dubuque And if you don't believe me"
  • I Got U - Daisy Dee
    "Come on Yo let's rock ! There is nothing I wouldn't do for you baby When I'm acting crazy Or a little bit silly L.U.V. I feel I'm really Extra love Hu! No doubt Lord I'm lucky cause this is true Cause"
  • I Got U - Mr. Capone-E
    "(CHORUS) Your The Only Girl In This Shady World For Ever Stay By My Side For You I'll Ride Till I Die, Cause Your The Only Girl, In This Shady World, So Dont Be Afraid Cause Baby I Got You (Mr.Capone-E:) Baby"
  • I Got U - Electrosy
    "I just wanna kiss you I wanna make your lips blue I just wanna kiss you The way I do I just wanna touch you You know I'm gonna have to I just wanna touch you The way I do So hold me down I've"
  • I Got U - Spooks
    "chorus x 4 one two achoo bless you i got you caught you and taught you j d matter fact here take two pits of flesh political palm picked and gone spooks with uz' ice picks blades and tools listen"
  • I Got U - Blake Lewis
    "Four in the morning Heart on my sleeve. In your eyes, possibilities I confess this is new to me But maybe this is love. I got to know that this thing is real That you're feeling just what I feel No more"
  • The Duke Of Sex Money - Marvelous 3
    "Take a look at daddy mo' with his attitude slung down low. He's a pistol packin' pete with a cocain tongue, Long enough to lick his pinkie toe. Drives a corvette, sparkle green, He'll make a little kitty"
  • Daisy Duke - Rooney
    "I want to know All there's to know about you I want you to know Nothing about me, although... I'll give you a taste When you think that you know me I'll blow you away So baby, bow down Daisy Duke You"
  • Sir Duke - Wise Guys
    "Music is a world within itself With a language we all understand With an equal opportunity For all to sing, dance and clap their hands But just because a record has a groove Don't make it in the groove But"
  • The duke - Blind Melon
    "Out here in nothin' engulfed by the seaAnd there's no one here 'cept these fishes and meI think I could die hereThen I'm hit, leveled hard by the rising tideOh, I'm hit hard by the tide,I'm just livid,All"
  • Wot U Got - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "What? Say what? Wot u got I bin to Spain I bin to Rome I bin to Madagascar Wot u got gets me hot I bin to your place I'm in my home I bin to Madagascar Wot u got gets me hot I like the scans I love the"
  • I Got Something U Don't - Rachel Wedeward
    "Bridge: All U have is yourself U could have been there When I was scared U said that U loved me (Yeah) I but I know that ain't true And I don't feel a bit sorry for U Chorus: I got something U don't I"
  • U got me - B5
    "B5.The next generation.Worldwide.Bad boy baby. As we proceed(yeah) to give you what u need.Empire strikes back.C'mon man It`s the way that you touch me(touch me)You let me know that you love me(oh yeah)And"
  • U Got Talent - Andre Nickatina
    "U Got Talent -Andre Nickatina My shirley temples bang like a banger i like it when my new suits hang off the hanger its like its clear as crystal and referee official the homie said he like the sound"
  • U Got Me - T-Pain
    "(feat. Akon) New York City All the way to Los Angeles California From the dry lands to over seas baby To all my beautiful ladies (I see) The first thing I noticed when I walked in the club girl was"
  • U got me - Chelo
    "Ahh, you got me... You got me feelin so... Amar, odiar, juegos de contradicciones que se aduean de mi, y no s, es absurdo, no me explico cómo sigo enamorado de ti. Es que como el viento pasas deprisa,"

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