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I Love yo u i hat e you

  • I Got U - Mr. Capone-E
    "(CHORUS) Your The Only Girl In This Shady World For Ever Stay By My Side For You I'll Ride Till I Die, Cause Your The Only Girl, In This Shady World, So Dont Be Afraid Cause Baby I Got You (Mr.Capone-E:) Baby"
  • D - U - C - K - I - E - Sesame Street
    "There's someone that I care for Gee, the one I need is you A chum who's always there for me If skies are grey or blue Your precious little picture Is a fixture in this frame I love to sit and stare"
  • Yo Yo Yo - Beatnuts
    "Beatnuts Miscellaneous Yo Yo Yo Bang! (Whats this?) This thing right here is for the clubs I want y'all to get on up Uh-Uh-Uh Aha! Greg N-I-C-E Im in the house turn it out no doubt no doubt Pyscho"
  • Yo yo yo - The Beatnuts
    "Bang! (Whats this?) This thing right here is for the clubs I want y'all to get on up Uh-Uh-Uh Aha! Greg N-I-C-E Im in the house turn it out no doubt no doubt Pyscho Les is in the house Beatnuts is all"
  • Yo Te Amo(I Still Love You) - Aventura
    "every night I understand that at least I scured up once pero eso no indica que ma deverias djar and the tought of u leaving my life makes me wanna cry meresco otra oportunidad, please... si no me perdonas"
  • L.o.v.e U - Leah Dizon
    "Itsudatte anata no koto bakari Kangaechau no nande kana? Kinosei? Soretomo honki na no? Demo tabun kitto sou da yo ne Hitori ni yakete shimau no mo HAATO ga tokimeku no mo sou zenbu Ai ga soba ni arutte"
  • Yo-Yo - The Kinks
    "There are many different people, Livin' double lives. One for the office, And one that they take home to their wives. He sits in the armchair, watching channel 4, With his brains not expected home"
  • Yo Yo - Osmonds
    "Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Well, it's hard for me to see How you got such a hold on me First I'm up and then Im down Then my heart goes around and around Well, I'll"
  • Old Hat - Ben Kweller
    "Hello sweet friend of mine I want to talk, see how you are What's new? Are yuo feeling fine? Do you like South Lake? Do you work all the time? This whole month has been a waste And I got no taste for going"
  • Hat Trick - Tracy Byrd
    "(Glenn Sutton - Jim Weatherly) You packed up all my clothes And put 'em by the door Is this your way of telling me I don't live here anymore. You've gone and called a cab And told me where to go Two"
  • Dope Hat - Marilyn Manson
    "i peek into the hole, i struggle for control the children love the show, but they fail to see the anguish in my eyes fail to see the anguish in my eyes i scratch around the brim, i let my mind give in the"
  • The Hat - Ingrid Michaelson
    "I knitted you a hat all blue and gold To keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold. It was my first one and it was too small. It didn't fit you at all, but you wore it just the same. I remember the"
  • I Like You - U-kiss
    "Ey, yo! I met a real nice girl last night. Hell yeah, shes so cute! Girl, let me hold you tight. I want you girl tonight nega chohajyeo nega neomu yeppeoseo nega neomu chohajyeo tareun sarameul silheo Baby"
  • Cowboy Hat - Nickelback
    "Yes he wore a cowboy hat Each bone broken in his back All the money and all the gold Couldn't buy my love at 8 years old Now I'm in love with a girl thats wrong for me Ask her, she will disagree Her father"
  • Napoleon's Hat - Bright Eyes
    "The barons of industry put inspiration on Hitlers tongue The next century crashed hard with a loud sound like a starting gun Its race for acquisition and to make more things that glow I got a knack for"
  • I love U - Tila Tequila
    "You Know I Just Want To Let You Know That I Never Felt This Way About Anybody Else I..I..I Think I Love You So Dont Think Im Crazy When I Tell You This But If You Ever Hurt Me I'll Fuckin Kill You"
  • I Love U - Chris Brown
    "I don't know what is it but I love you, I love you, I love you I don't know what you do but I love you, oh baby Baby, I don't know what it is but you drive me crazy And every time I'm around you, girl,"
  • I love u - Eddy
    "We've always been the best of friends No secrets and no demands But suddenly from somewhere out of the blue I see a different light around you One thing I haven't told you, I just want to hold you And"
  • I love u - Debelah Morgan
    "I love youWherever you areIt don't matterIt don't matter how farCause I love youI'll do anything for your loveI'll do anything for your loveEvery time I close my eyes I look inside myselfWhen I see you"
  • Wherever I Lay My Hat - Paul Young
    "By the look in your eye I can tell you're gonna cry. Is it over me? If it is, save your tears for I'm not worth it, you see. For I'm the type of boy who is always on the run, wherever I lay my hat that's"

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