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  • JayMay Sea green, see blue
    ""Won't you miss me?" You said inside grand central station And your eyes grew red and wild before the chasin' I felt your body move through my coat I felt you footstep silent but heavy, you followed me"
  • Howard Jones Blue
    "Lay at my side and shut out the world Warm this cold heart and wrap me in love Pour magic into a space made for you Lifetimes of longing are to live through Blue blue blue blue blue blue All of my life"
  • Patsy Cline Blue
    "Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Why can't you be blue over me? Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Tears fill my eyes 'till I can't see Three o'clock in the mornin, here am I Sitting here so lonely, so lonesome"
  • LeAnn Rimes Blue
    "Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Why can't you be blue over me? Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Tears fill my eyes 'till I can't see 3 o'clock in the morning, here am I Sitting here so lonely, so lonesome I could"
  • Kristy Lee Cook Blue
    "Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Why can't you be blue over me Blue Oh, so lonesome for you Tears fill my eyes til I can't see Three o'clock in the morning Here am I Sitting here so lonely So what's my"
  • Leigh Nash Blue
    "Everything is green, everyone is blue, and me too Be careful for what you dream, 'cos my dream was you And you came true I tried to know you, but to know you, is to be blue And I'm blue, and I'm blue I'll"
  • To My Surprise Blue
    "I see you looking out Wondering why Things are so hard And why we all have to try So hard to get by Please dont cry little child Life is so open to you right now Dont wilt dont die Blue belongs in the"
  • Tommy Lee Blue
    "this gravity is pulling me hold on this time of change seems so strange don't let me go... catch me i'm fallin.. fallin through if i'm not with you all i wanna do is feel blue all i wanna do is"
  • Lucinda Williams Blue
    "Go find a jukebox and see what a quarter will do I don't wanna talk I just wanna go back to blue Feed's me when I'm hungry and quenches my thirst Loves me when I'm lonely and thinks of me first Blue is"
  • R.E.M. Blue
    "Yellow circus left the stakes a broken ropes world's useless mug The ties that bind, ha ha I can be bad poet Street poet Shit poet Kind poet too Subway Almost 4AM Halloween night Had enough to drink to"
  • Trina Blue
    "Blue, you got me Blue, you got me Blue, you got me Blue, you got me Baby got me goin' mad Maybe the worst thing I ever had Crazy things you put me through What makes you treat me like you do Repeat 1 Sittin',"
  • Ever Stays Red Blue
    "To spend one day with You Is a thousand times better than I never knew Life could be Cause when I'm with You All I see is good in me To say You love is true Is as if I were to say I think the sky"
  • Danny Saucedo Blue
    "You stroke me down like no-one else before That time I saw you girl across the floor Just one look was all it took Since then I've been so dawn But baby do you wanna be with me Everything you do Everything"
  • Sugababes Blue
    "I guess I saw through you I've seen your colours blue Tryin' to join me when I'm on top Observing what I do But then you weren't around I was down and in the ground Do you remember shut your mouth Don't"
  • King's X Blue
    "I guess it got the best of you you never thought it would come true a big surprise out of the blue and every ending will begin you never lose you never win and the world can be so cruel you're not going"
  • The Verve Blue
    "There you were on the floor cut up And all alone I'll help you Conceived in a chrome dream I was a crease In the shirt that this world wears Till I met Blue, I was in obscurity he said Loosen up who do"
  • Emily Jane White Blue
    "Blue, so blue, was your love, that I held and pursued, And true, so true, the black hand, Oh it takes you back. And you turn to a figure, In the light, no wait but you turn back, Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh,"
  • Lasgo Blue
    "No one else can touch me like the way you do Nothing seems to hurt me when I am close to you And I hope that we can spend our lives together I truly wish that this could last forever For you and me And"
  • Urban Rock Blue
    "F**k time, Ive broken my own heart 60 seconds talking never tore no-one apart Im sorry i only spoke few words But seeing you again made me fly high with the birds And i know that we may not see eachother"
  • System Of A Down Blue
    "I, wishing and wishing away as you go I, wishing and wishing away as you go I don't see nothing but pain and misery Cause you are the one for me Why can't it all be true Can I escape with my blue fallen"

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