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I Santo California Tornero

  • Tornero - I Santo California
    "Rivedo ancora il treno Allontanarsi e tu Che asciughi quella lacrima Torneró Com possibile Un anno senza te Adesso scrivi, aspettami Il tempo passer Un anno non un secolo Torneró Com dificile"
  • Santo - Pixies
    "By the old seaside Ain't no place far to go I don't know I don't know Ain't no place far to go It's a dollar, she say Te amo le mas Te amo le mas Santo [4x] Hey ya' boy How ya' doin' Come here boy Here"
  • Santo - The Pixies
    "By the old seaside Ain't no place far to go I don't know I don't know Ain't no place far to go It's a dollar, she say Te amo le mas Te amo le mas Santo (4x) Hey ya' boy How ya' doin' Come here boy Here"
  • Tornero - Pupo
    "Rivedo ancora il treno allontanarsi e tu Che ascuighi quella lacrima - tornero Com'e' difficile un anno senza te. Adesso scrivi aspettami il tempo passera' Un anno non e' un secolo - tornero Com'e' possibilie"
  • Palo Santo - Years & Years
    "you’re the darkness in my I… I’m waiting spirits tonight and I can’t hear your voice I’ve got nothing to hide cause you’re with another boy and I’m caring the sky I’m having visions manifesting us in"
  • Palo Santo - Opał x Gibbs
    "Oczyszczam energie Jak Palo Santo Nosiłem już wiele Więc oddaje dusze na custom Tłumić emocje nauczył mnie tatko Ciągle powtarzaną mantrą, Że chłopaki nie płaczą Wiesz… Oczyszczam energie Jak Palo Santo Nosiłem"
  • Palo Santo - Shearwater
    "The wind that lifts the leaves against the night The reeds that bow and bend beneath its weight The holy sap, its smoky light I will not hide The fish that swim inside the murky deep The island shores"
  • California - Weezer
    "hoo, hoo, i need your body come here up eastcoast darlin your thoughts keep me so numb, its not enough. the love the beutiful westside the beach the gourgous sunrise surfs up for waves all night but its"
  • California - Rentals
    "Hoo hoo, I need your huggin' I'm here my fears close guarded Youth costing less than the next flight You love the beautiful West Side The beach and gorgeous sunrise Surf's up the waves are risin' high I'm"
  • California - Les Humphries Singers
    "California California California good bye Let's go down to California listen girl I wanna warn you AII the guys and girls are doing things We should have thought of long ago wo wo wo wo California hear"
  • California - Hitnhide
    "Uh, dreaming of you, uuuuuh, California. Mmh yeah, uh ooh, Umh, ah, uh yeah, uh california. California, I'm dreaming of you, California, What should I do, California, Waiting for me, California, You get"
  • California - Chuck Berry
    "California, California Much has been told me about your beautiful sunshine Mountains and snow tops, valleys and rich crops California, home so far from mine San Francisco, Sacramento Will I ever go to"
  • California - Lenny Kravitz
    "I was converted to the other side From the day I'd gotten there I met a girl who took me on a ride I was young I had no cares When I moved to California California She played me records I had never heard While"
  • California - Kid Rock
    "Im gonna move to Southern California Got me a ride and a reason to ignore you Got me a radio ain't got no speakers Ain't much use so im leaving it, Leaving it for you Im leaving it for you Could be back"
  • California - Lemonator
    "You love me You love me You love me like you love no one You leave me You leave me You leave me for the second time You come back You come back You come back like you did before You're wasted You're"
  • California - Mario Joy
    "I wish i was born na na in California I wish i was born na na in California Your body girl damn is hot likе California Likе California Likе California sun Don't wanna wait No no I don't wanna wait So"
  • California - Ricky Nelson
    "I'm goin' home to California And I'll be there in about a week And I've been gone too long to worry Can't you see I'm in a hurry California, here I come I've got some people in California I hope they'll"
  • California - Belinda Carlisle
    "I remember I was In the tanning salon When I heard that River Phoenix was gone They say that only the good die young But that ain't true where I come from California...California It took a lot for me"
  • California - Joey McIntyre
    "*Trying to hook me up on the earpiece too Yeah you keeping the 1st two wires or not* I got a gig in California Gonna make it big in California Big lights, big dreams It's all here for you Everyone's"
  • California - Blatz
    "I wish California without any warning would go and start a burning tonight, I wish California would fall in the ocean and everyone would die. you understand dont you? stifling, taking things for granted. sometimes"

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