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I See a Line of pearson

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I See a Line of pearson

  • All i see - A
    "Boy all I see is you and meAnd all I do is think of youYo I remember when we met the whole scene was setBackstage rockin' black shadesTold you not to be afraidWe touched, then your smile turned to a blushI"
  • Lino - Jebediah
    "There is the mat Wipe where it's at You can come in So can the cat I can see me Under my feet Under a fan Spreading the heat If everyone's ready and waiting for you, Yeah Then come along Friday what is"
  • See-line - Feist
    "See-line womanShe drinks coffeeShe drinks teaAnd were so coldSee-line womanShe drinks coffeeShe drinks teaAnd were so coldSee-line womanDressed in redWe got the man then wished that he was deadSee-line"
  • Walking A Line - Foo Fighters
    "Got my good side at the ready If the other one is on the mend Feel it in my bones when you break my back Break it just to watch me bend Anyway for once you admit it No matter what your good book says Never"
  • A Clear Line - Hot Water Music
    "Do you know what you're fighting for? Have you the burn of the aching for something different, something spiritually Understood in every way. Hard face, no shine, hard heart with a narrow mind. Blank and"
  • On A Line - Kid Down
    "Lost it/ and you felt it/ you're a hypocrite/ and i'll gladly hurt you now/ there's no action in the veins i have/ but words might just do good/ now i heard a "GO!"/ and it felt a bit amusing /still i'm"
  • A Chorus Line - Kool Keith
    "Ultramagnetic Yo whassup yo We in the Ultra lab man We got this beat rollin man We might as well start this Chorus Line, y'all with that? Word up, yeah let's do this shit man Let's get on"
  • A Thin Line Between Love and Hate - A Thin Line Between Love & Hate
    "It's a thin line, it's 5 o'clock in the morning And I'm just getting in, I knock on the door A voice sweet and low says, "Who is it?" She opens up the door and lets me in Never do she once say, "Sir, where"
  • Line Of Death - Rasmus
    "A man in the clouds, so sensational yeah.See that man lookin' down on me, so. Follow me to the line of death where you belong.Find it in your heart to forgive what I've done. See that man in the clouds,"
  • Line of death - The Rasmus
  • Line Of Corpses - Wumpscut
    "I've done too many bad things I'm going to the desert and I beg You to forgive me Forgive me It's not that easy Out here in the fields There is our home Out here in the fields Where we are born"
  • Line Of Death - Metal Church
    "Just the other day I heard the newsman say Enemy missiles fired And coming out our way Will we all be told Just who the hell we are Where we take our ships Of trade to port calls very far Beyond the"
  • Line Up - Elastica
    "Drivel head wears her glad rags She's got her keys money and fags I know that her mind is made up To get rocked Drivel head needs a new man As only a drivel head can He's a hormonal nightmare So beware Another"
  • Unemployment Line - Bobby Bare
    "In the unemployment line in the unemployment line I see a butcher and a baker a faker and a quaker and an old girl friend of mine There's white collars blue collars and no collars too talking bout the"
  • Fine Line - Will Young
    "You're walking a fine line You're walking a fine line You're living on borrowed time You're walking a fine line Don't pretend you don't see What's in front of your eyes We're scraping the gutter"
  • The Line - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Alone at night In the cold and windy city When the candle fades away Another morning And the Sun's shining pretty You can watch the children play (But) there's a hole in the sky And it cries for you"
  • Life-Line - Ryan Leslie
    "This is a call to anyone within the sound of my voice cus i need help i think im going under (he thinks hes going under) see me n my women we be trying our best to straighten things out but it aint working"
  • The Line - UnchainD
    "music by Vincent Bocchini lyrics by Vincent Bocchini I wanna try and tell you but I dont know how to put it into words It's better to show you what i've learned so you'll understand my concern It's"
  • Fine Line - Bee Gees
    "Now I like the way you move Anyway that you make it work And you offer something new And the doorway is open for me Now a man needs a woman And I know that for me is true And life , we got too much reality There's"
  • Longest line - NOFX
    "In the darkest tunnel its nice to see a light, not just a headlight. Like the one just heading right for me. It would be nice if things could turn out right. Turn out right, yeah. Don't think I'll ever"

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