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I am gonna eat you am am


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I am gonna eat you am am

  • I Am - Mary J. Blige
    "Hey no... noo oh Ain't nobody gonna treat you better Ain't nobody gonna touch you better Ain't nobody gonna love you better boy than I am Than I am When your out at night and your in the streets And you"
  • I Am - Killing Heidi
    "I know, I know, I know, I know what you'd say here I know, I know, I know, I know all the games you play I am, I am, I am, I am not afraid because I know, I know, I know, I know what to say I feel it"
  • I Am - Nicole C. Mullen
    "I Am At the end of every rainbow There's a promise proven true No matter how you're feeling now or what you go through There will be somebody lovin' you Deeper than the grandest canyon And higher than"
  • I am - Bon Jovi
    "How you spend your minutes are what matters All tomorrows come from yesterdays When you're feeling broken, bruised and sometimes shattered Blow out the candles on the cake Like everything's a big mistake"
  • I Am - Jonny Lang
    "If being in love means waiting around So that you can dance with me I am, I am If being in love means follow the leader Then this will have to be I am, I am, I am, I am Baby I am So in love with you I"
  • I Am - Ginny Owens
    "No, Lord, he said, you got the wrong guy Simple conversation gets me tongue-tied And you're telling me to speak with a maniac king Or could it be I've lost my mind? And besides, I am weak, don't you want"
  • I Am - Airlock
    "I don't talk, the way that you talk I don't walk, the way that you walk I don't see, the way that you see I don't feel, the way that you feel I don't think, the way that you think I don't sing, the way"
  • I Am - Godsmack
    "I am your spoken truth I am the lies in you I'm gonna make you shine in everything you do I am your lighted way And I'm your darkest day I'm here to help you see you can rely on me Just consider me your"
  • I Am - Mya
    "( chorus ) I am stronger than before I have risen from a fall I will break down anything in my way without looking back at all I am stronger than before Not a thing can hold me down I will make it I"
  • I Am - King Diamond
    "Back...in the tomb, Lucy is sitting on the floor I...am, I am standind by the door The door to freedom...the door that I shut so close And as I take another look at my mind I seem to think the sun has"
  • I am - 3rd Wish
    "Intro: everything youll ever need intro chorus: i am, i am im everything youll ever need so understand if i am your man i can heal your broken heart and make it beat again 1st verse: i really like what"
  • I Am ... - Vacant Stare
    "Wonder back to where you were at, you'll find me You f**king idiot what you got see Wasn't really me just a shadow of what I could've been And then multiply Into a ruthless, an over bad, another sad"
  • I Am - Bread
    "I'm a fake I can't ever write my own lyrics Maybe it's because i don't have any imagination I'm a fake I listen to weird music Music that no one has heard about Maybe it's because i want to be different. I'm"
  • I Am - G. Dep
    "(feat. Kool G. Rap, Rakim) G Rap with my nigga G-Dep We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know Y'all niggaz ain't ready for it Coming rambo style nigga 2 guns"
  • I Am What I Am - Jonas Brothers
    "I am what I am I can't help myself And if you don't like it Get with somebody else I'll never change my ways It's not a phase This is how it is and this is how it's gonna stay Because I am what"
  • I am what i am - Adrian Belew
    "Friends seen an' unseen...to you that are ridin' along in your automobile...to you that are sitting at you table I greet you with the holy word 'Peace'... for with my infinite mind I thinks constructively..."
  • I Am Hated - Slipknot
    "The whole world is my enemy - and I'm a walking target Two times the devil with all the significance Dragged and raped for the love of a mob I can't stay - because I can't be stopped Eat motherfuckers"
  • What Am I Gonna Do - Bobby Bare
    "What am I gonna do girl what am I gonna do I love you so much what am I gonna do What am I gonna do girl what am I gonna do I love you so much what am I gonna do Sittin' here and thinkin' bout you so far"
  • What Am I Gonna Do - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson) What am I gonna do till you come home What am I gonna do now that you're gone What am I gonna do without you What am I gonna do without a man What am I gonna do You do the"
  • What Am I Gonna Do - The Saturdays
    "(Prey tell) What am i gonna do-o (Baby) (Prey tell) I got my eyes locked over there, On my new obsession, Like a virus in my head, Stealing my attention, For the moment I can't go over, Its gonna test"

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