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I am in stranger places see walking through the lines

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I am in stranger places see walking through the lines

  • Places - Falling Up
    "Playing my heart so many times There's always a weak hand holding mine Saying the way that I have said "This is the way" Every scene is still the same Just with a different faceless name Falling and breaking,"
  • Places - Fed-X
    ""Look around you, you see two cops, uhhhh" "Couple of off-duty cops and a judge," "Now I wouldn't have a second's hesitation about blowin' off your head right here right now in front of 'em" "Now that's"
  • Lines - Lucy Rose
    "If you can't see through it all If you can't see that I'm here Did that moment life pass you by Atherels i'll try __ you thought I knew I followed you ___ ___ take the time Tell me if you love someone She"
  • I Am A Stranger Here Myself - Perfect Stranger
    "Tonight we crossed the borderline into a world that new And we don know what we might find waiting for me and you Your wanting me to lead the way as you hold on to my hand Well this is all so new to me"
  • Stranger - Rick Springfield
    "Look at me baby, tell me what you see Am I the one you love or am I your enemy You can turn your head, I can wash my hands But I've got to know where you stand 'Cause sometimes I feel like a Stranger in"
  • Walking Through Fire - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) When you set a match to your heart, fueling it with bitterness and doubt That's the place that once it starts, no amount of tears can put out I know you're scared, but no one's"
  • Places - 702
    "VERSE 1 You're the type that I dream about In my fantasy (i swear) Ain't no reason that we ain't together Far as I can see No disrespect to who you came here with But this ain't where I wanna be So tell"
  • Stranger - The Other Ones
    "Talk about frustration Every day it's killing me Stranger, you're a stranger too Danger, lies misleading you Shout it from the highest hill The stranger looked me through And then I knew You are the stranger In"
  • See Through - Billie Eilish
    "Wait a minute, let me finish I know you don't care, but can you listen? I came committed, guess I overdid it Wore my heart out on a chain around my neck And now it's missing So I think I better go I never"
  • Stranger - Booth And The Bad Angel
    "Love strikes without a warning I've lost control My life's freefalling Into new worlds Born free the jail is waiting I hold the key Freedom's not easy When the jailer is me I'm the stranger who fell through"
  • Lines - Archive
    "High, sunlight, drown, high, sunlight, goodbye. As I re-submerge I can barely breathe, lung capacity withering away, hyperventilate, all disintegrating bodies turn to dust, sudden rush of blood, snap"
  • Stranger - Holy Soldier
    "Stranger People talk about Him And His ways they can't explain Others come against Him And His reckless claim to fame He's an axiom He's the maximum He's a rebel and He's got a cause Don't try to lock"
  • Stranger - Soul Asylum
    "Stranger I said "Hey brown girl I seen tears through the window of the junk shop downtown" Selling trinkets from your far off homeland, did the Promise land let you down? I said "hey young boy I notice"
  • Lines - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Talking about family Talking about trees Driving through the tracks and cones Brings a bitter boy to his knees Wrap him up in coattails Water soaked in pine Each time we come back around He's wandering"
  • Stranger - Matt Bianco
    "You know I'm just around the corner Not a million miles from you I always touch on situations I come and go when I do BRIDGE You never see me coming there'll be no mystique You never see me leaving I'm"
  • Stranger - Figurine
    "I still remember the first time I saw you In the library lift up to the twenty fourth floor From where I stood you looked like an angel So I didn't move until you walked out the door The metro The bus"
  • Stranger - Beborn Beton
    "Many different faces Many bodies walking by Beautiful and smooth And so young when they die Soon they will be forgotten And won't ever be seen again Sometimes you keep them in your mind Some may be appealing And"
  • Stranger - Pacifier / Shihad
    "the night goes on and on; it seems like it's forever wish we were home instead of how it's turning out there's something you cannot explain the one thing that gets in the way don't say the things you"
  • Lines - Pete Murray
    "Passin' time You've come so far but you're still behind, Lose you mind, If you cut this line It's just the way it's been, All your friends and all their sins, Just passin' time, (Don't fall behind) I"
  • Lines - From Zero
    "I used to think that we were just like so tight Wants some company Always finding the time Always finding the time Always making the time for us And all the time that we spent laughing, loving Always comforting Always"

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