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I can't fly i can't go on and this is how i feer tonmorow i go

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I can't fly i can't go on and this is how i feer tonmorow i go

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I can't fly i can't go on and this is how i feer tonmorow i go
  • Jim Reeves I Can't Fly
    "I've tried my very best To meet all of your demands The more I try more faults you find I just don't understand. You want me to be perfect And with all my heart I've tried You're looking for an angel And"
  • Beanie Sigel I Can't Go On This Way
    "Honor (honor), Trust (trust), Respect (respect) Devotion (devotion), Friendship (friendship), Loyalty (loyalty), Karma (karma), Team (team), Us (us), ROC (roc), Silence (silence), tha 'eagle, bang I can't"
  • Wu-Tang Clan I Can't Go to Sleep
    "Technique is ill son, watch how I spill one Peace to Biggie Tupac Big L and Big Pun Havoc on the streets of Staten, snitches House niggaz children watch as they produce the same pattern Somebody raped"
  • Robin Bengtsson I Can't Go On
    "I Can´t Go On Gotta keep it together Don’t get me wrong Don’t get me wrong ‘cause baby you make me better Hey ‘Cause just one look Make me a shiver I just wanna take you home I wanna go I wanna go No"
  • Bayside I can't go on
    "I cant go on Deflate the air from both of my lungs Fears one by one Followed me home And became reality I'm a failure I'm a freak I'm a chip on your shoulder The last thing you need Shudder, earth quakes"
  • Lil' Sammie I Can't Let Go
    "Man that girl just got you wrapped around her finger man You bout sweatin' her, can't let go (I aint trippin' man, she just pretty man) You must be crazy (yeah) Naw that's not what you was talking"
  • Joerg Vogeltanz I Can't Go Back
    "welcome to a vengeful world this is some suffering inferno i always got what i deserved never had to regret a thing i always had a transit card but i didn't ever use it and though the old days now seem"
  • Beanie Sigel Can't Go On This Way
    "honor,trust,respect,devotion,friendship,loyalty,karma,team,us,roc,solid the evil damn wit no union and no benefits no dental plans i cant eat off no 100 grand i got cavites that need filin they cant feed"
  • George Strait I Just Can't Go On Dying Like This
    "I'm driving in my car alone You called me on the telephone How many times will it take till I'm convinced That you're using me, I'm just a used-to-be It's a lie, I know it's a lie But I just can't go on"
  • matchbox twenty I can't let you go
    "I'll stick around And see how bad it gets I'll settle down And deal with old regrets You know I I adore you I can't let you go Can't let you go You're part of my soul You're all that I know Can't let you"
  • Ambrosia I Just Can't Let Go
    "Oh, what's the matter baby? Is the truth too hard to hear? Well, I think you know I'm not the one who lied And now it's all behind us and we both play out our lives But the years don't change the way I"
  • Bee Gees I Can't Let You Go
    "Do you love me women , truly do ya? Can you feel this feeling going through ya? Are you of the mind that we should live together through this night? Or tell me you're my virgin queen and it may not be"
  • Usher I Can't Let You Go
    "Yo, shit I'm sick of this man I can't even take no more Cause I hate the fact that I love you so much And you know what I'm sayin' You don't even understand what this is doin' to me Everytime I try to"
  • Sammie I Can't
    "I had a good girl,but I did her bad Now I'm thinkin how, I can get her back She was my best friend, and I love her so Hey... Listen And it's killin me, to ever think that I, Would ever loose my pretty"
  • Honestly I Go On
    "The sun comes up On all these bitter things To color in the grey That covers everything It's been a heavy sky Pressing down on me I stumble through the new day Though I don't know what it brings I go on When"
  • George Strait I Just Can't Go On Dyin' Like This (Origional)
    "Im drivin in my car alone you call me on the telephone how many times will it takes till im convinced that your using me im just a "use to be" its a lie i know its a lie but i just cant go on dyin' like"
  • BBMak I Can't Go On Like This
    "HoooooooooooYeah... Ohhhoh... HoooooooooooYeah... Just when I thought we were going somewhere Why did you go? You said You needed time on your own Now I'm alone Can't you see? It's true... That you had"
  • Tyrese I Can't Go On
    "(Talking) It wasn't my fault You had to leave Now I can't go on Please tell me that your comeing back I love you Verse 1: I thought missing you Was only for today I thought needin you Would go away Why"
  • Group 1 Crew Can't Go On
    "I cant do it without You Ive tried so many times, and Ive failed Lord I really need You in my life, Fall every time that Youre not in sight, Cant go on without Your love, I cant go on Every time You"
  • The Hollies I Can't Let Go
    "(Taylor / Gorgoni) Oh I try and I try but I can't say goodbye Feel so bad, baby Oh, it hurts me When I think of how you love and desert me I'm the broken-hearted toy you play with, baby You got me going"

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