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I can feel ,u can feel

  • I can feel U - Iza Lach
    "Let me open this door for you Now you're waiting outside And I can feel you. Let me offer you all my love, You've been away for so long And I've been mising you, oh. I've seen it all, and lost control Please"
  • Can u feel me - Tami Chynn
    "I Dont Wanna Open My Eyes Cuz If I DoI'll Have To Leave UAnd I Dont Understand Why My Heart Wont Do Wat I Tell It To Wash Over Me With Anything But Ur TearsWash Over Me With Any Thing But My Fears Come"
  • Can U Feel It - Spice 1
    "(feat. E-40) Chorus: Uuuuugggghhhhh, Yeah (Can U Feel It Baby?) Uuuuugggghhhhh, Yeah (Can U Feel It Baby?) Uuuuugggghhhhh, Yeah (I Want To Know) Verse 1: Young Kyoz Here I Come Steppin' Tha Murder Weapon Cappin'"
  • Can U Feel It - Ricki Lee
    "Can you feel it, I can feel it, can you feel the beat on the floor Stepping out tonight I'm feelin' so good In the mood for something new Gonna shake my shit into tonight Tending not to be again misunderstood By"
  • Can-U-Feel-Me? - Saafir
    "I'm cruisin, I'm losin money on gas I pass a car with a star in it, I stare For a minute, but that's the limit Otherwise gas won't be the only thing I'm losin' money too...ooh wee! It's Tuesday, two days"
  • Can you feel it - Dead Can Dance
    "It's not the way you look It's not the way you walk It's not even the colour of your money That brings you my respect It's not the way you talk It's not the tales you tell You watch and speak loud on words"
  • I Can Feel - Mott The Hoople
    "(Ian Hunter) Well I know this life is real If I close my eyes I see All around mw worlds of a million ways But still I feel The truth is here in me It does not matter what you see For my face is living"
  • I Can Feel - Hyde
    "Feel, I can feel you - the bliss, your kiss I can't believe it - could this be fate? Karada wo kaishite dakishime aeba surprise Kuuryoku no kaihou tamashii wa mou arise You're part of me, we're melting"
  • I Can Feel - Planetshakers
    "I can feel the power Of Jesus all over me Sounds like a rushing wind A holy fire fills this place Let me stand in awe and worship The God of saving grace My responsive heart is open As I feel this personal"
  • I Can Feel It - Screwed Up Click
    "(*talking*) My spidee-senses is tingling, I can feel it (feel it) It's coming (it's coming), we done worked hard for it I feel it, it's coming (H.A.W.K.) It all started, back in '92 That's when I met"
  • Can U? - Jeannie Ortega
    "Post it up on weekend trip All my peeps Heading out feeling finger licking All freshed up Ready for touching I'm your little chula Straight out of Brooklyn What's the play Aint smoking some days We had"
  • Can You Feel - Taxiride
    "Can you feel Underneath the brave and brand new sky A soldier's singing So I'm writing you this letter won't be long Till I meet you at the station For you are the only one I'm thinking of You are the"
  • Feel U Up - Prince
    "{B-side of Partyman} I've been diggin' U 4 such a long time U don't even know that I'm alive Something 'bout the way U walk just really blows my mind Sorry but I'm sick of all this jive Ok? Let me touch"
  • How U Feel - Travis Scott
    "Feel how you feel (woo), feel how you feel (woo) Fill up your cup (fill it) then tell me how you feel (yeah) Pill after pill (pill), pill after pill (pill) Wop after wop (wizzop), pop after pop (pop) Movie,"
  • U Feel Good - Mike Jones
    "Magno Mike Jones, Who? You feel good don't ya? Real good don't ya? You dont want this dick up in nobody else goods don't ya? Mike Jones You need a dick? That feel like a prisoner out on parole when"
  • U feel me - Breaking Benjamin
    "Dear mama, I'm writin' you this letter from the kitchenSeems to hard, times your the only one who listensAfter the action, tone's still listenAnd you know how sometimes it gets lonely in prisonNot behind"
  • I Can Feel It - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "I CAN FEEL IT WRITERS KEN BELL, TERRY SKINNER How do I know you love me How do I know you care How do I know you're my girl When I'm not even there I can feel it (feel it) Nobody has to tell me so I"
  • I can feel it - Bob Sinclair
    "I can feel it,Can you feel it.I can feel it,Can you feel it.Repeat about 5 X....ChorusFeel for you baby,Feel for you baby,I can feel it,Can you feel it.Feel for you baby,Feel for you baby,Feel for you...Repeat"
  • I Can Feel It - Sean Kingston
    "yeaaana na na na na na na nana na na na na na na na(chorus)i can feel itwhen me look in your eyes fo shoi can feel itme have to make you minelets goi can feel itif you give me a change i'll show ya(girl"
  • I Can Feel It - Cetera Peter
    "Cetera Peter Peter Cetera I Can Feel It You know there's something I gotta say I can feel it, yeah yeah And I'm old enough to do things my way I can feel it, yeah yeah *Once I get to you I'm never gonna"

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