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I cant felling


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I cant felling

  • Special felling - P. Diddy
    "You about to feel something that you've never felt before c'mon don't stop lets ride yeah talk to me now Why don't you let me give you that special feelin the kind of feelin that'll make you feel so"
  • Endless Felling - US5
    "There's a time when you stop pretending And you see there's a new beginning There's a truth you can't deny And comes from deep inside When your heart one day finds a hero Like a child who is lost, then"
  • I Cant Explain - Starmaker
    "There's a silence it's growing Between us seems both you and I know The words unspoken The questions hanging in the air now I can't see how we're getting anywhere There's a line between love And something"
  • What I Cant Describe - Transplants
    "Let the funky beat blaze! I take my last breath Its like Im dead inside Its like Im past it Its what I cant describe (Rob sing this): You said money cant buy me love and that's true But money can buy"
  • If I Cant Dance - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "If I can't dance, If I can't dance (oh baby), If I can't dance, If I can't dance, If I can't dance then I don't dance. Any part of your revolution! A new dorm waits for us tonight If you play the cards"
  • I Cant Stop Myself - Rene Froger
  • I Cant Get Enuff - Blood on the dancefloor
    "Stop Drop Mosh & Roll Everybody Lose Control Shake It Up, Up And Down We're Gunna Burn up This Town We're at The Party at The Disko And This Is How The Beat Goes Beating Hotter Than An Inferno My Fashions"
  • Despre tine cant - Crazy Loop
    "E tot, e pustiu, cata durerea-n mine Si cata dragoste si toata, toata-i pentru tine Nu inteleg ce fac pe lume Cand nu ma vrei aproape Nu ma visezi in noapte Asa cum te visez Dar eu plec, iar tu ramai Si-ti"
  • cant get enough - Bad Company
    "bad company Miscellaneous cant get enough Well I take whatever I want And baby I want you You give me something I need Now tell me I got something for you Come on come on come on and do it Come on"
  • Words Cant Explain - Tesla
    "Once upon a day Love walked away Soon after I would learn Only never to return Feeling life was through Like it was to you Save me before I drown Put me up on dryer ground And I meant what I said When"
  • Cant Take Anymore - Pennywise
    "Thought you could face the world now you lost your nerve All the things you held so close until the tables turned And when I tried to warn you still you took the risk How did I know we'd drift apart"
  • Cant Hide Love - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "you know it's true, but you try to hide You turn down love like it's really bad You can't give what you never had Well bless your soul, you can fool a few But, I know the truth and so do you You"
  • Cant Blame Me - Blue Angel
    "Anna Blue oh Anna Blue oh Anna Not me, not you Just time and a sigh On a line look in fine print- The small town dream To be part of the scene You can wear it with a style In your eyes a story never spoken- Anna"
  • Cant Even Breathe - Deftones
    "i can't breathe and arrive with style i'm still a sucker feeding it pills with wine, it's tricky how i'm pushin you back but still you ain't gone pushing you back but still you ain't gone pushing you back"
  • Cant Help Myself - Four Tops
    "Hey girl he treats you bad Leaves you at home on your own while he roams. Said he was out with the boys smells like sweet perfume Lipsticks on his collar his pockets ain't got a dollar. He staggers and"
  • Santa cant stay - Dwight Yoakam
    "Cold tears fall from his eyes As he turns into the night and walks away Lucille runs outside Just to see if there might be a sleigh Little Bobby stares down At the plate where cookies still lay And tries"
  • You Cant Talk - Tin Machine
    "(John Lennon) As soon as you're born they make you feel small By giving you no time instead of it all Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all A working class hero is something to be A working class"
  • I Cant Be Counted On - Meat Puppets
    "I went outside, what did I see I saw the sky, I saw some trees I saw a girl, a beauty queen I knew that I was a machine There is a button that makes me go She turned it on, she let me know That she could"
  • If I Cant Love Her - Various
    "EIGHT WONDER Your life's a mystery Mine is an open book If I could read your mind I think I'd take a look I don't care, baby, I'm not scared What have you got to fight? What do you need to prove? You're"
  • I Cant Help You Anymore - Aimee Mann
    "That summer was just crazy hot We walked the fairground parking lot And with our secret handshakes Sealed the deal completely But I'm too close to know just what Will keep Pandora's boxes shut And so I'll"

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