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I cant get now roling stons

  • cant get enough - Bad Company
    "bad company Miscellaneous cant get enough Well I take whatever I want And baby I want you You give me something I need Now tell me I got something for you Come on come on come on and do it Come on"
  • I Cant Get Close Enough - Giant
    "I've been waiting, I've been watching every move you make And when I see that look in your eyes, it's more than I can take Now I know it's all for him, reminding me what might have been But I let you walk"
  • Cant Get No Better - Krayzie Bone
    "Cant Get No Better Cant Get No Better Than Cant Get No Better Cant Get No Better Than Well Lately Ive Been Thru Alot Of These Trial And Tribulations Satan Been Busy Bringing Me Down In Situations But"
  • I Cant Get Enuff - Blood on the dancefloor
    "Stop Drop Mosh & Roll Everybody Lose Control Shake It Up, Up And Down We're Gunna Burn up This Town We're at The Party at The Disko And This Is How The Beat Goes Beating Hotter Than An Inferno My Fashions"
  • What I Cant Describe - Transplants
    "Let the funky beat blaze! I take my last breath Its like Im dead inside Its like Im past it Its what I cant describe (Rob sing this): You said money cant buy me love and that's true But money can buy"
  • Cant Take Anymore - Pennywise
    "Thought you could face the world now you lost your nerve All the things you held so close until the tables turned And when I tried to warn you still you took the risk How did I know we'd drift apart"
  • I Cant Help You Anymore - Aimee Mann
    "That summer was just crazy hot We walked the fairground parking lot And with our secret handshakes Sealed the deal completely But I'm too close to know just what Will keep Pandora's boxes shut And so I'll"
  • Cant Get Enough Of Your Love - Barry White
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Oh, we, oh, we better try Try to get ourselves together, baby Oh, girl, I swear Ive got"
  • I Cant Explain - Starmaker
    "There's a silence it's growing Between us seems both you and I know The words unspoken The questions hanging in the air now I can't see how we're getting anywhere There's a line between love And something"
  • Why Cant We Get Along - 112
    "*Verse 1* is it me.. who'll never comprimise, wanna see things thru my eyes.. which means it's my way or is it you.. who's always shutting down, never wanting to talk about, the problems we got. or is"
  • Cant Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera
    "Christina Aguilara Stripped Cant Hold Us Down So-what am i not s'pposed to have an opinion, should i keep quiet just cuz ima womanCall me a bitch cuz i speak whats on my mindGuess its easier for you to"
  • Your Sister Cant Twist - Elton John
    "I could really get off being in your shoes I used to be stone sold on rhythm and blues A heard of a place at the back of town Where you really kick the shit when the sun goes down I really got buzzed when"
  • Now - Youth Alive WA
    "Another day it comes around, i cant wait to get my feet on the ground. Happy to be here with you. I just wanna live for you. Start the days it ends the same, full of all my dreams again. Live my youth"
  • Now - Keaton Simons
    "Now I dont wanna talk to you I dont wanna know your name I dont wanna feel your pain I dont wanna be a part of a never ending sore I dont wanna leave you anymore I wanna know you Wanna to live with you I"
  • Now - Eyedea
    "were here to bring the people and the music and the movement all together now we see through repetitive etiquette and the highly unoriginal were here to bring the people and the music and the movement"
  • I Just Cant Give You Up - Average White Band
    "Got a message here that I hope you'll understand When I met you keepin' my distance was the plan But hey, I never thought you'd get to me this way I got you - and that's good I was so scared that"
  • Words Cant Explain - Tesla
    "Once upon a day Love walked away Soon after I would learn Only never to return Feeling life was through Like it was to you Save me before I drown Put me up on dryer ground And I meant what I said When"
  • Cant Hide Love - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "you know it's true, but you try to hide You turn down love like it's really bad You can't give what you never had Well bless your soul, you can fool a few But, I know the truth and so do you You"
  • I Cant Go For That - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "Easy, ready, willing, overtime, Where does it stop, where do you dare me to draw the line. You've got the body, now you want my soul, Don't even think about it, say no go. I-- I 'll do anything"
  • I Cant Be Counted On - Meat Puppets
    "I went outside, what did I see I saw the sky, I saw some trees I saw a girl, a beauty queen I knew that I was a machine There is a button that makes me go She turned it on, she let me know That she could"

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