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I care 4u aaliyah

  • 4u - Tyrant Tea Club
    "It's amazing how the sun sets But what did she dream? And the trees they grow and grow, but do they want to, do want to? And what do you feel inside When you carve your lovelines Into the thick rind You"
  • 4U - Ofenbach
    "This is getting dangerous Now I'd do anything for love You call and I'll come in a rush You're my everything to lose 'Cause you show me a brand new world That I, I can't describe with words I'm in for"
  • 4U - Jodeci
    "Promises you made me All the things you told me You said you'd never leave me We'd be together for eternity Now it's all in the past Now I know our love will last Lady I will do all I can Lady I will be"
  • Aaliyah - Aaliyah
    "Hmm, yeah, yeah, hey Oh, hmm yeah, oh yeah I know in my heart I know in my mind We weren't meant to be Are you feeling me yo? I'm the girl in your life I'm the one you call wife And I need to know Are"
  • Aaliyah - Katy B
    "He only plays for you He likes to watch the way you move And I can see it on his face Desire burning like a furnace Aaliyah, please don't take my man Although you know that you can I've never a met a"
  • Aaliyah - Białas
    "Stoję na lotnisku sam Samolot z tobą wznosi się w powietrze Mamo, czy to koniecznie? Bo życie szybko mija Boję się że za wcześnie Spadniesz tak jak Aaliyah Ja znów wchodzę na backstage Mam ochotę na drina Mam"
  • Aaliyah - I Refuse - Aaliyah
    "This is where I've got to draw the line Because I refuse to let you think you can play with my mind Always seems that you think that I'm blind 'Cause there's always certain times when you're hard to find You're"
  • Aaliyah - Try Again - Aaliyah
    "It's been a long time We shouldn't have left you Without a dope beat to step to Step to, step to, step to, step to, step to It's been a long time We shouldn't have left you Without a dope beat to step"
  • Aaliyah Song ( Think Of Aaliyah) - Boyz II Men
    "every once in a hile i see a smile it turns my day around girl with those eyes it can stare through the lines and seewhat your heat was saying think of aaliyah left dont cry i know she'd want it that"
  • Aaliyah - Rock The Boat - Aaliyah
    "Boy, you know you make me float Boy, you really get me high I feel like I'm on dope 'Cause you serve me on a regular Boy, you gotta stroke Before drifting me deeper You're there now, hold me close Boy,"
  • Aaliyah - More Than A Woman - Aaliyah
    "Passion, instant Sweat beads fill me Cupids shot me My heart beat's racing Tempt me, drive me Feels so exciting Thought of highly It's yours entirely, I'll be I'll be more than a lover More than a woman More"
  • I care 4 U - Aaliyah
    "Mmm yeah.. Mmm yeah.. Oh yeah oh.. Hey my baby Why you lookin' so down? Seems like you need a lovin' Baby you need a girl like me (Don't frown) Hey my baby Tell me why you cry Here take my hand and (yeah) Wipe"
  • I Care 4 You - Aaliyah
    "mmm...mmmm.. mmm.. yeah..... no no no no no no no no no no mmm yea yeah.... oh oh ohh.... hey my baby, why you lookin' so down, seems like you need lovin' baby you need a girl like me around hey my"
  • I Care For You - Aaliyah
    "mmm...mmmm.. mmm.. yeah..... no no no no no no no no no no mmm yea yeah.... oh oh ohh.... hey my baby, why Dru lookin' so down, seems like you need lovin' baby Dru need a girl like me around hey my baby tell"
  • Do it just 4U - Candy Girl & DJ Adamus
    "Everything i do And all I have for you Cause, everything i do And all I have for you I miss your arms There is nothing compare Feeling of your heart Must it hearing again I take you away form here Just"
  • All The Way / 4U - Poets Of The Fall
    "Seems to matter what I do, so I'm saving this 4 U Cos it seems to be the last piece there is And you haven't had a chance yet to taste this Fragments of a life you shouldn't miss Seems to matter what I"
  • The Aaliyah Song - Boyz II Men
    "Oooooh, aaliyah Every once in awhile I see her smile It turns my day around Girl with those eyes Could stare through the lies And see what your heart was saying Think of Aaliyah Laugh, don't cry I know She'd"
  • Voices That Care - Voices That Care
    "(Ralph Tresvant) Lonely fear lights up the sky Can't help but wonder why (Ralph Tresvant & Randy Travis) You're so far away (Celine Dion) There, you had to take a stand In someone else's land Life can"
  • John Blaze (feat. Aaliyah, Missy) - Timbaland
    "Uhh, yo Uhh.. uhh Uhh, yo yo John Blaze, John Blaze Uhh, uh-huh Uhh, UHH, mm-hmm, mm-hmm Yo John Blaze, ehehehe Why can't, I explain (I explain) explain (explain) And you keep, me so amazed (mmm) I'm"
  • Care - Wynn Stewart
    "Care oh what a beautiful word for those who had somebody to Care where they go what they do what they say And if they are happy or blue Care wish I could recall how it was when somebody cared long ago Cause"

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