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  • Non Non Non - Lolita Jolie
    "Vous etes ce genre De gars qui ne peut Pas… Talking to me Vous etes ce genre De gars qui ne peut Pas… Talking to me Vous etes ce genre De gars qui ne peut Pas… Jouver Avec moi!! I said: I want to kiss"
  • Con Man - Golden Earring
    "From the Albums: * Contraband * Golden Earring Live He split the racket, to operate on his own He set them up, stripped them & then he was gone He's a Robin Hood of a new century If you're rich & dumb,"
  • Con Calma - Daddy Yankee & Snow
    "Cómo te llamas baby? Desde que te vi supe que eras pa’ mi Dile a tus amigas que andamos ready Esto lo seguimos en el after party Cómo te llamas baby? Desde que te vi supe que eras pa’ mi Dile a tus"
  • Le Con - Perret Pierre
    "(G. Bachelet) I Petit mouflard petit con rebondi Petit connin plus fier que lvrier hardi Plus que lion au combat courageux Agile et prompt en tes foltres jeux Plus que le singe ou le jeune chton Connin"
  • Ex-Con - Smog
    "Whenever i get dressed up I feel like an ex-con Trying to make good Jean jacket and tie Feel like such a lie When i go to your house I feel like i'm Casing the joint In the grocery store In line behind"
  • The Con - Tegan & Sara
    "I listened in Yes I'm guilty of this You should know this I broke down and wrote you back Before you had a chance to Forget forgotten I am moving past this Giving notice I have to go Yes I know the feeling Know"
  • Con Trust - Artrosis
    "Niczym żywioły dwa zdrada i miłość, Gdy jeden się rozpala drugi gaśnie. I niby pewność masz, masz też wątpliwość, Jedno istnieje obok drugie właśnie. To nie jest tak, że mój świat czarno-biały, Bo pełno"
  • Con science - Muse
    "I cant pretend Choose how it ends You slipped away Questions you to say In fear In sorrow In fear In sorrow I cant pretend Consumed by an ends Try bend the rules Ribs out the cruels In fear In sorrow In"
  • Con Especial - Guttermouth
    "i kinda had a crush on you you even said i love you too she said, i've got no place to go you fucking' lied about your birth control i don't want a baby and my answer won't be maybe the world don't need"
  • Salut Con - Snails
    "Salut, Contiin Mi-a fost dor de tine Asear fceam shopping Direct din vitrine. De vin-s prietenii Mutre cretine Cu doi la purtare i sticlele pline. Nu, nu, nu-mi spunei c sunt pierdut Nu, nu, promit c-o"
  • Con Artist - Remembering Never
    "A coundrel in sheep's wool is still a scoundrel as in the case we see here today You wanted us to be by your side The guilt you carry wil not ensure you place in heaven You never wanted us to be independent Holding"
  • Francesca (Con I Miei Fiori) - Anna Oxa
    "(R.Vecchioni - M.Paoluzzi) Sei veramente tu? Ma questa bella poi! Non sei cambiato, no solo un po' magro, sai. Solo tre giorni fa non mi ricordo chi parlandomi di te mi ha chiesto "Che far?" Cosa"
  • Non-toxic - I Can
    "I'm One of Those Things You Save Forever But Never NeedLike An Old Newspaper no One Has Time to ReadThis Child Has Grown Into a Dead EndSince I Lost the Power to PretendBut It's Alright, That's Who I Am"
  • Con I Piedi Per Terra - Modena City Ramblers
    "Ti ho amato attraverso giorni Di buona fortuna e di festa Ti ho amato attraverso giorni Di mare agitato e tempesta Ti ho amato attraverso gli anni Le strade, gli oceani e le terre Attraverso i momenti"
  • Culo Con Cado - Sick Of It All
    "I take shits I take shits I take shits Culo con cado Culo con cado Culo con cado Now you wipe your ass Culo con cado Culo con cado Culo con cado Now you wipe your ass I take shits I take shits I take"
  • Vaya Con Dios - Sweetbox
    "This time gonna try to keep it light No teary Toni Braxton goodbyes No use in dying of confusion Skipping straight through to where I'm thinking like Confucius Auf Wiedersehn, don't you cry Arrivederci,"
  • Jimmy The Con - Chixdiggit
    "first time I got to vote you and me shared a rye and coke you camapigned you shook hands at the Crow it's a shame you didn't win would have been a better place if you got in despite what they say you"
  • Con Te Partiro - Nana Mouskouri
    "Quando sono solo sogno all'orizzonte e mancan le parole si lo so che non c'e luce in una stanza quando manca il sole se non ci sei tu con me Su le finestre mostra a tutti il mio cuore che hai acceso chiudi"
  • Stai con me - Raf
    "Stai con me con la pioggia od il sole stai con me nel bene e nel malequando tu non ci seiStai con me che a volte mi perdo senza te in questo desertostai con me qui perch mai come adesso ho bisogno di te.Questa"
  • Vai Con Lui - Marco Masini
    "Vai con lui perch io non so darti altro che guai e una casa ed un lavoro non ce l'ho vestiti e vai con lui fai contenti i tuoi non pensarci e vai tanto io riesco a darti solo guai. Lo conosco bene,"

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