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I could be alone I could be so strong

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I could be alone I could be so strong

  • Could be - Richard Ashcroft
    "(A Country Thing, City Thing, Blues Thing)How many days have I felt like this?How strong am I?It feels so good to be freeAnd I want you to knowHow I feelYou take me from the madness, the awe-inspiring"
  • I Wish We Could Be Alone - Laura Branigan
    "(Laura Branigan) I wish we could be alone So all of the world couldn't see How much we have together And how much you mean to me I wish we could put out the flame But oh, sweet baby, tell me would it"
  • I Could Be Wrong - Gerry Rafferty
    "Nothing is touched, I still want you so much The feeling's so strong yeah -- but I could be wrong A love affair ends, and now we're just friends The real thing is gone yeah -- but I could be wrong. In"
  • I Could.... - Insane Clown Posse
    "I could buy you a Lexus Truck, with a white leather interior, I could I could kill off some bears and dogs and shit, just to make you a fur coat. I could love you and treat you with class, and have babies"
  • Could It Be - Campbell Tevin
    "I do believe It's somethin I do believe it's you Can't be without you baby Not even for a night And so I've been thinking lately Of being with you for all time Could it be, could it be something Could"
  • Could Be You - Alexz Johnson
    "You and me, all alone It's to late to say we didn't know We shouldn't be, all alone One of us might lose control All these feelings we've been hiding Deep down, ya they must start to show Not here, not"
  • What Could Be - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Won't you'd love waking up To someone that loved to wake up to you Won't you'd love to know that The one you wanted always wanted you We spend so much time Worried about things that we can't"
  • Could Be Anything - Lumidee
    "It Just Started Like Got You Up In My System And I'm Feeling Right Never Was My Type But You Snuck Up On Me And I Just Took Flight All The Chicks Is Tight Keep Ya Eyes On Me For The Whole Damn Night I"
  • Could It Be - Tweet
    "(Verse 1:) Started out a boy that didn't know the game For so many years I remained same Use to be a love maker, heart breaker, major part player. Never thought that my heart ever change. Since then I"
  • Could It Be - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. Twista) Could it be, you and me? Could it be? (heh heh) Could it be that I'm lost, Gettin' soft and just fallin' in love(fallin' in love heh heh) Could it be, you and me? (for my thugs y'all, nigga) "
  • I Could Be The One - Avicii vs Nicky Romero
    "Do you think about me when you’re all alone? The things we used to do we used to be I could be the one to make you feel that way I could be the one to set you free Do you think about me when the crowd"
  • I Could Be Your Lover - Casely
    "We've been in love before And I know it'll take a man to make it work Now I'm ready to love you and only you trust me baby I've made you hurt before I'm ready to make right all the wrong I've done Wanna"
  • Could - Brian McKnight
    "Lying alone in my room Don't know what I'm gonna do Trying to figure out If this is it, this time Just can't stop thinking About the way you make me feel inside I just can't get you off my mind No matter"
  • Medley (Hesitation/ Strong Enough/ I Could Be The One) - Stacie Orrico
    "(HESITATION) Why the hesitation? Our God is ever-waiting Gotta stop procrastinating Can you feel me? Why the hesitation? You can pick your destination And the risk is so worth taking Can you hear me? (STRONG"
  • Could It Be So? - Wall Kingston
    "Something strange is down there but we don't know where it's been lying in peace waiting for it's release but that moment will come long after we are gone like it did long ago before we were born Could"
  • I Could Be Wrong - Seven Mary Three
    "My good looks won't save my kids from their dad's predicament. They won't see my face like this see my face as a shadow I could be wrong or I could be strong The penny-rate my love collects could set"
  • I Could Be Great - Sally Anthony
    "Did I tell you I was dying? Did I tell you I can't breathe anymore, baby? Do you wanna know something? I'm not sure what we're fighting for Did I mention I get no sleep, without something Weaving in and"
  • I Could Be Persuaded - Bering Strait
    "I could be persuaded, To give my heart to you. If you promised not to break it, 'cause that's so easy to do. You could be the answer, To every prayer I've prayed. So keep on doin' what you do, 'cause"
  • I Could Be Persuaded - Bananarama
    "It's getting late And it's cold outside I wonder should I wait Or should I say goodbye But I ain't too sure If I should be staying Taxi's waiting But here in your arms I could be persuaded But"
  • I Could Be Wrong - The Starting Line
    "I sleep too well living this way, because I live so well everyone should be re-paid. From all the east coast to west coast states, from the Atlantic banks to the San Francisco bay. But I'm really not to"

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