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I crash the phone card i crash the

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I crash the phone card i crash the

  • Crash - Lou Bega
    "(Car horns) Hey! Come on drive on stupid! What you waiting for? Drive man! Damn with this! Alot people can't drive! Drive on stupid! (Lou phone rings) Orh... Tsk... Hello?! Oh sweetie sorry I'm just so"
  • Crash - Hilary Duff
    "Crash that was you and me, started out so innocently shattered on the ground, I hear the sound Crash ringing in my ears, I still feel the sting of my tears Someone, Wake me I can't seem to break free Chorus: Go"
  • Crash - Burak Yeter
    "there’s a fever I can’t leave you standing there honest, I swear, how could I walk you anywhere? come home with me till your feeling sober you choice completely you take the bed and I’ll take the sofa crash"
  • Crash - Cheetah Girls
    "thought i knew what i want, busy chasing love, down a one-way street i pushed it to the limit, even through all the traffic thought your love was what i needed for me that's when i blew my horn, hoping"
  • Crash - Aerosmith
    "Sitting on a castle On the floor with Esmeralda Waiting for the Geezer Captain Crunch to come around Feeling suicidal Coz of certain situations Hanging from the stairs Too long I think I'm coming"
  • Crash - Cavo
    "You're a beautiful wreck now you're out of control Crossing the double lines You're a perfect disaster, the road to catastrophe Don't stop for the signs Heartbreak waiting to happen Headlights cut through"
  • Crash Crash - Murderdolls
    "I'm at the end of my noose, I've got nothing to loose. I'm digging my own grave, And thats the truth. My self esteem is low and I'm so high, And I dont give a fuck if I live or die. Just bury myself"
  • Crash - Papa Roach
    "I refuse to be your victim i refuse to be your slave I keep on burning my bridges I keep on fucking up everything Running from desperation god knows where i've been I don't know where i'm headed But i'm"
  • Crash - Methods Of Mayhem
    "(HERE'S SOME MUSIC TO CRASH YOUR CAR TO!!) Ain't no use, it's too fast to undo Crash... Crash 60 shots of Jack and I feel you Equilibrium's off and it's pure pandemonium We're goin' too fast! We're"
  • Crash - Gwen Stefani
    "Back it up, back it up You got it, you got it Put your hands up, put your hands up Put your hands up, uh uh uh You got it, you got it Drive back, baby, to me fast in your car I'm here waiting, crash"
  • Crash - Public Enemy
    "People runnin on empty Rock the sympte Outside 2001 Other side of the sun Running, here we go tumblin Few solutions, honey they polluted the future Got me thinking of a new thing Revolverlution Computer"
  • Crash - Feeder
    "I put my best foot first and it got burnt communication always hurts I've got myself so deep inside a hole I taste the air go thin as I get old I don't think so as I get old I don't think so She's my"
  • Crash - Longwave
    "you're real yeah your sordid it's complicated but i like your style and you talk all the big talk you glide inside me i'm glad you came and now it suddenly seems so bright where is the cold night"
  • Crash - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Head crash - I can't see you Spit teeth - I can hear you I feel your pounding me onto the street I've learned to know the taste of concrete Why don't you follow me? Street brash - time flies, tick-tock"
  • Crash - Static X
    "She heard it all before She has a grand design Barely living on borrowed time Turn a blind eye to See the shadow come Never even notice Having so much fun One thing on her mind It's just fun and games Scott"
  • Crash - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Blue Sky Black Death presents The Holocaust Song: Crash Typed by: Cno Evil (Intro: Holocaust) The Holocaust... Crash! (Chorus: Holocaust) Frequency modulation, Mephistopheles Mi"
  • Crash - Usher
    "Would you mind If I still loved you? Would you mind if things don’t last? Would you mind If I hold onto You so that I won’t crash? Morning light, I’m at your door One last time And no one’s there Nobody!,"
  • Crash - Lisa Germano
    "You could say I feel this way 'Cause it's the way i feel Or you could say I make it up I wanted to be real I knew I'd go down today And crash into myself Repetitious habit-forming Self-inflictedness Inner,"
  • Crash - Lunachicks
    "All that i wanted was to get away for a while I got a cheap flight and I was good to go Less than an hour in the air I felt it deep inside I felt the earth come closer and closed my eyes I can't look I'm"
  • Crash - 10 Seconds Down
    "We would be together until the end of time We would go our way, concur and rise above We would get married, have kids and all that stuff We would be happy to But now I am thinking about the things that"

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