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I don���t wonna lose my mine

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I don���t wonna lose my mine

  • Don?t Sleep - Tupac
    "(feat. Lil' Scrappy, Nutso, Yaki Kadafi) Ahhh shit hahaha When I enter the first zone Worst known mic holder My Hummer roll up Evacuating strapped soldiers Inside strategy Manifestin' military styles Casually"
  • Mine To Lose - Wade Hayes
    "(Paul Nelson/Larry Boone/Matt King) Word is out how you've been talkin Bout how you won that woman's heart You may think it's your charm That led her to your arms But the truth is man I did more than"
  • Don`t - Mike And The Mechanics
    "I don't want to condescend I just want to be your friend I don't want to drive your car I just want to make a start with you I don't want to touch your lace I just want to touch your face but everytime"
  • You make me wonna - Alice Cooper
    "You're the starYou're the faceYou got the look that I can't eraseYou look the world right in the eyeStare 'em down baby, make 'em cryWell I know it don't make much senseI'm in love with your innocenceWhat"
  • Please don`t turn me on - Craig David
    "Mmm-hmm I mean it (I mean it) Dont say it, babe (dont say it, babe) Hear me now now Said ah, please dont turn me on No, no listen, listen Baby, wont you keep your distance Youre getting too close"
  • LOSE - WONHO 원호
    "Lately Been thinking bout Thinking about Thinking about All of the crazy 25, 25/7 I am trying to save me You going out You going out You going out to stain me What you playin’? I am stuck in the middle"
  • And you don' t remember - Mariah Carey
    "Shattered dreams Cut through my mind Tragically our love has died Memories confine my head Bitterly I face the end Trustingly I gave my soul to you I let you inside Believing your lies And you don't remember"
  • Please Don?T Go, Girl - New Kids On The Block
    "We've been together for a long time, baby Do you have to leave? Please don't go girl I just can't live without you Please don't go girl So listen to me... (Don't go, girl) Please don't go girl You"
  • Never Mine To Lose - Joe Diffie
    "You were the ocean I was the sand on the shore Each time you touched me You left me longing for more But I knew I'd never hold you here A fleeting moment was all we'd share So why do I feel the way I"
  • Don' t go - The Ramones
    "She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know Don't"
  • I Don?t Know - Noa
    "Lyrics & Music: Achinoam Nini (Noa) Flower, colored bright I am strong I can fight But I dont know. Tower, brick and stone Make my way on my own But I dont know I dont know why, I dont know how"
  • I don"t need - The Cranberries
    "The world is consuming me And I don't feel so happy here today I'm numb and I don't feel and I used to be a baby in my day So where is the one you loved? Did she hold you happy next to her? And your"
  • Mine - Bazzi
    "now I just had a lil’ bit too much of Honnessy just gotta tell you how I feel you so fucking precious when you smile hit for the back and drive you wild girl, I lose myself up in those eyes I just had"
  • My love don`t stop - Craig David
    "I've been knowin you You've been knowin me But i aint took the chance to Tell you what i want Girl its been too long And i can't go on Can't be actin like i dont care Cause i rolled with you I"
  • I don`t wanna know - Mario Winans
    "Hold up, let me answer my phone Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably I'ma call you right back I'm doin this mixtape right here Now back to what I was sayin Somebody said they saw you The"
  • I Don?t Belong Here - Jeff Anderson
    "I keep feeling hopeless But your grace keeps pouring into my heart. This day cant last forever. Tomorrow will come but when does it start. Why do the bad things Blind our eyes so well never see the truth. The"
  • I Don?t Hate You - Howard Jones
    "Youre acting bad Like you dont care Youre letting your dark side rule your head There was a time when you gave a damn When you believed in evolution I dont hate you I just dont like the things"
  • Don`t Pull Your Love Out - Agnes Carlsson
    "You wanna stay you wanna go You just dont know and then you turn to walk away I feel abraved and I cant take how it makes me wanna Chasing all around trying hold you back from making a big mistake Dont"
  • I don't wanna lose you - Shawn Desman
    "I don't wanna lose you Don?t wanna say goodbye Just a thought that it makes me, wanna cry Ahhhh ah ahh I don?t want to lose you Girl, I know that there?s something on your mind And why are you trippin?"
  • Don`t love me (No Me Ames) - Jennifer Lopez
    "Tell me why you're crying... Of happiness. And why are you drowning? for loneliness Tell me why you take my hands so strongly, and let your thoughts carry you away I love you so much And why is"

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