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I don't beileve in ghosts yeah

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I don't beileve in ghosts yeah

  • Ghosts - Chris Cornell
    "I know what you're looking for You've looked in these eyes before And all you saw was blue green water Searching for a mirror That would show the world not who you are But who you wanna be And you thought"
  • Ghosts - Michael Jackson
    "There's a ghost down in the hall There's a ghoul under the bed There's something in the walls There's blood up on the stairs And its floating through the room And there's nothing I can see And I know that"
  • Beileve - 4 Strings
    "Waking upYou're the one I used to know Where did it stopStill it feels like letting goI hear voices deep insideNow that I have fled from life Still I wonder whyI believe every word is trueI still believe"
  • I Don't Believe In Ghosts - Angel
    "No more phone calls No more letters No more fighting And I'm better Than I ever felt before I miss you I don't want you I don't need you And I got to say I could not ask for more But if all that's true And"
  • Ghosts - Skye Sweetnam
    "I don't believe in ghosts but I'm afraid of 'emI don't believe in ghosts but I'm afraid of 'emSome wanna sleepAnd some wanna riseSome wait their whole life to hideI'm gon go out like Bonnie & ClydeCause"
  • Ghosts - Robbie Williams
    "Here I stand victorious The only man who made you come When you cried, you cried for us And when we died, you died alone Gravity's calling Don't go home Where are we Did what I could For one of us I always"
  • Ghosts - Colony 5
    "End of the night, all I see are lights Sweat and smoke mixed with absinth This is what I always seek When the demons Blurs in neon Life begins just before the race Ghosts We can never be like you Our"
  • Ghosts - Ariel Pink
    "Go away, ghosts, Go far away I don't want you in my dreams anymore Helen, please don't cry to mother Because I'll die, no Please go away, Don't you run down the hall Please don't you run, Go away"
  • Ghosts - Bruce Springsteen
    "I hear the sound of your guitar Comin; in from the mystic far The Stones and the gravel in your voice Come in my dreams and i rejoice It’s just your ghost Moving through the night Your spirit filled with"
  • Ghosts - Leo Sayer
    "ghostspeople that I left behindwondering lonely in the nightall in my memory dreamslong forgotten flights of timeflashbacks flooding through my mindof all the things you said to me in the shadows where"
  • Ghosts - Randy Newman
    "Stay with me for a little while You've nowhere to go And I've nowhere to go It makes me so happy When you smile At me Work all your life And you end up with nothing Live in one room like a bum Once I flew"
  • Ghosts - Nick Lachey
    "You think to look at all the angles is the quiet workings of a broken man, now the time is burning like a candle and it makes you think of how it all began. Step inside your skin and walk around and from"
  • Ghosts - Pendragon
    "I could have been an actor I could have been anything Just to hear the heart of the lonely sing And your hospitable world Since you live in your dreams You're like a China doll and a rocking house It's"
  • Ghosts - Clint Mansell
    "Speaking, avoiding talking Haunted, a voice is calling Warning, it's time to set this down Not Seeing, not hearing, not believing Man not even caring This should all come down (Chorus) Now it's dark and"
  • Yeah yeah yeah - Mel C
    "Easier to let go Give in to yourself tonight Get on with the show Expect me not to be so pure Give me one for the road Got a fever for sure Yeah yeah yeah - I'm on a mission Yeah yeah yeah - If you're"
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Alice Cooper
    "Alice Cooper Miscellaneous Yeah, Yeah, Yeah You can be my slave And I'll be a stranger We could be in passion We could be in danger Take you off the streets Put you under my wings Yeah, you could"
  • Yeah,Yeah,Yeah - Alice Cooper
    "Alice Cooper Miscellaneous Yeah,Yeah,Yeah You can be my slave And I'll be a stranger We could be in passion We could be in danger Take you off the streets Put you under my wings Yeah, you could pull"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - Lil' Mo
    "(feat. Miri Ben-Ari) Uh Huh,Uh Huh Ammadeus You Crazy For This One, Yeah (Ummmmm Huuumm Yeaaaahh) Remember The First Time You Saw Me With My Hair Undone, I Thought That I Would Die, Remember"
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - Gabriel Mann
    "You Can Be My SlaveAnd I'll Be a StrangerWe Could Be in PassionWe Could Be in DangerTake You Off the StreetsPut You Under My WingsYeah, You Could Pull My LegOr AnythingYeahYeah, Yeah, YeahYeahYeah, Yeah,"
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - Uncle Kracker
    "I might walk a lil funny but my walk is me I might stutter when I talk but I say what I see I don't agree with every other li'l thing that's proven I do a lot of things that I shouldn't be doin' I'll ruin"

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