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I don't know what i'm fighting for fg for

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I don't know what i'm fighting for fg for

  • What Are We Fighting For - Curt Smith
    "What are we fighting for What am I trying to restore by taking aim at you It's not that I need the best I want you to see I long to be successfully repressed I don't know why we fall What are we fighting"
  • Worth fighting for - Nine Days
    "Summer burns June to JulyAnd we undress and take the diveNo one holds the hands that hold themselvesRemember who we are todayWhen sunburns soothe and years have fadedWe collect the moments on a shelfAnd"
  • What Am I Fighting For? - Unklejam
    "Yeah... Yeah... Take My Love, I Don't Eat, Take My Mouth, I Can't Breathe Take My Bones, Organs Too... All I Ever Wanted Was To Love You... Where Did Love Go Where Did Love Go It's There It's There,"
  • What I'm Fighting For - Matisyahu
    "What im fighting for is worth far more than silver and gold what im fighting for is a chance to unite the past when a brothers coming home at last fighting together for lives sons and daughters"
  • What We're Fighting For - Dave Dudley
    "My dearest Mama they just gave us time to write I miss you and there's something on my mind tonight At mailcall I recieved your letter here today But I don't understand the things you say You tell me there"
  • Fighting - Yellowcard
    "Said Id move on and I'd leave it alone But before I walk out there is something that I need you to know I got lost in the blink of an eye And I could never get back, no I never got back... You were not"
  • Fighting For Love - Dami Im
    "Hold me close when you love Love is all I fill you up Hold my hand, Feel the spark Start a fire in the dark When the times, when the times are getting rough When you feel, when you feel it's all too"
  • Fighting For Today - Whitmore
    "We're waiting for anything What ever the day might bring Whatever that fills my mind I'm thinking of old times past I'm thinking about the last Time I ever got to see your face It's all about the times"
  • What Am I Fighting For - Unklejam
    "take my love i dont need take my mouth i cant breathe take my balls organs too all i ever wanted was to love you where did love go where did love go its there its there somewhere way out there where"
  • Five For Fighting - Ten Miles From N - Five for Fighting
    "How have you been in the shape you were in I'm suprised that you got where you're going Who would believe What a date you would be If I knew I'd have thought about knowing And in between now and the last"
  • What Are You Fighting For - Phil Ochs
    "Pre> C f em Oh you tell me that there's danger to the land you call your own F em am And you watch them build the war machine right beside your home C f em And you tell me"
  • What Are We Fighting For? - Tyrone Wells
    "People get ready There's something in the air Creeping in slow so we don't even notice Brothers and sisters beware People get ready Open up your eyes Hatred and violence, millions fall silent We"
  • What Are You Fighting For - Youth Brigade
    "you say you fight for feedom you say you fight for peace the army's there when we nee'em for our security i say you fight to kill i say you fight from hate you fight because your stupid seek glory in"
  • Do You Know What You're Fighting For? - Helloween
    "Day by day you work off your claws The line of fate in them may not pay your loans You got to keep going and going on strive Day by day Do you know? Ooh, do you know? Ooh.. Do you know what you're fighting"
  • Fighting For My Love - Nil Lara
    "I was taught when I was young to share myself to show my love Smile at everyone Oh to shine above the sun Now I'm standing next to you I think I've changed my point of view I've noticed you can tell You're"
  • Fighting For Our Country - Warzone
    "I was just 17, life was coming down hard on me Friends dying, peer pressure rising I didn't know what would become of me Life in high school, it didn't seem to mean shit to me at all I got thrown out of"
  • Fighting For Peace - Gob Squad
    "Did you come to do some good? Or did you come because you should? Civilized? Don't think so. How come you play so rough when humanity's your job? I see right through you. Ready to crash and burn? It's"
  • Worth fighting for - Judas Priest
    "You said I could never find a way to ease your mindThat where I'd go you'd wind up in the dustI tried so hard to have you reach another side of meInstead you went to nowhere and forgotSo I wander onAsking"
  • Fighting For You - Pirates Of The Mississippi
    "I don't know, If I can recover, How can we be friends, if we cant be lovers, It's killing me, thinking of you with him Call it Pride, call it stubborn, But I won't give up, til i know theres no other"
  • Fighting temptation - Beyonce
    "Fighting temptation Yo Beyonce, Free, MC Lyte, y'all ready Let it put it down for the clubs Ladies! HEY! we got that beat that make you jump To my fellas! whoo! I'll got them cars them ladies love Party"

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