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I dont understand baby

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I dont understand baby

  • You Dont Understand - Faith Evans
    "1 - Is it a game that we're playing It seems like the cloudy days Keep coming in my life, whoa Is it a game that we're playing You don't understand Your love is taking over me I know you wonder why"
  • I Just Dont Understand - Beatles
    "(Wilkin/Westberry) Well you call me your baby When you hold in my hand But the way that you hurt me I just don't understand Well you say that you need me Like an ocean needs sand But the way you deceive"
  • Understand - Sleepaway
    "And I wonder how I made it through I hope you dont let others go so easy You wanted what I couldnt be I know we tried, you couldnt stand Its not that we couldnt have I know I left, you couldnt guide"
  • Understand - Christina Aguilera
    "I made you think, you don't understand. I used to think that happiness could only be something That happened to somebody else Everybody believed, everybody but me, yeah yeah And I've been hurt so many"
  • Understand - George Michael
    "Woman, don't you ever wonder Where you'd be if I just walked on by What's your name? Can I take your number? Darling come with me I'm going to change your life When you're young you think you're winning"
  • Understand - Michael George
    "Woman, don't you ever wonder Where you'd be if I just walked on by What's your name? Can I take your number? Darling come with me I'm going to change your life When you're young you think you're winning"
  • They Dont Understand (Pokemon) - Dream Street
    "They say, we're just playin' games That it isn't real... but its what we feel, oh yeah And they say, it doesn't make sense That we're just wastin' time...and they wonder why, yeah You know we got, our"
  • Understand Me - Yellow 5
    "Oh baby,that day you came to me As everything i'd dreamed you'd be And more But you broke my heart By not even trying to Understand me You can't understand me Instead you acted like a bitch And blamed"
  • I Understand - Sloan
    "Falling from the sky Youre free finally You took me by surprise Crashing down in front of me But its all right You open up your eyes To show how they see You open up your heart To show how it beats You"
  • I understand - The Hollies
    "I understand when you hold my hand so tightI understand when you kiss and say good nightWhen were walking hand-in-handOh baby I understandTrying to forget isnt an easy taskA little bit of loving is all"
  • I Understand - Sofia Loell
    "Take a little time to cool your mind there's a lot of sadness there everybody gets into trouble sometimes and need some time alone memories aren't always good they can steal your peace also and if you"
  • I Understand - Bizzy Bone
    "Shit- heh, friends- heh A friends come and go I done learned that shit Either through death or money issues Or you know what I mean just time and space Family sometimes you the biggest enemies man"
  • I understand - Blazin' Squad
    "I think about you every day every night, I know you see I know you think I know you feel that i'm right, I wanna make things new, let the past flow through, I'd love to have fun like we used to do. I"
  • Baby Dont Go - Fabolous
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Dont Be Afraid - Faith Evans
    "Baby don't be afraid of Afraid of my love Since we've been together baby It hasn't been too long But I slowly feel myself Falling love again And I want to give you more of what I have inside But"
  • Baby Please Dont Go - Laurel Aitken
    "Baby please dont go, baby please dont go Cause I love you so Baby please dont go, baby please dont go Cause I need you so Baby if you go, you will hurt me so Baby please dont go, baby please dont go Cause"
  • Baby please dont go - Budgie
    "Rollin' off you goBaby please don't goBaby please don't goBaby please don't go down to New OrleansYou know I love you soBaby please don't goWhy don't you mind that guardWhy don't you mind that guardWhy"
  • My Baby Don't Understand Me - Natalie Prass
    "I don’t feel much Afraid I don’t feel anything at all In the name of love I keep close but I’m gone I stock with his .. Even if .. Coming one step any time Waiting to a reason to fuck I love his like"
  • Can't Understand - Ashlee Simpson
    "You dont understand me. you don't know who I am. I dont care what you may call me but I only need my heart,to guide me. I lookin' for the path to hormony. One day you'll see everything I am. I dont know, I"
  • Understand Me - Rebecca Lavelle
    "You, you want it all and you think thats OK but you dont wanna wait, it has to be today. But I, I've been around a long long time and I know what to do, And it'll be just fine. Understand me, please, understand"

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