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I feel like a shadow

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I feel like a shadow

  • Shadow - Maria Mena
    "I wish you'd see it in my face But I'm caught up in those long lost days And how can I even make you see When I don't even know me Following my footsteps home This time I'm walking all alone Trying hard"
  • Shadow - Bumblefoot
    "I can hear the sound again Voices dancing in my head Smile wide - drowning slowly as the echoes rise Angels pounding at my door They want to take away my war I won't let them carve away the edges anymore No"
  • Shadow - Theory Of A Deadman
    "Shadow Please take my body Take my state o' mind Fool me with a cheap surprise Gets me every time Please take a second to wash away the pride Don't even leave me with an emptiness inside I am nothin' Under"
  • Shadow - Britney Spears
    "Your bodys warm But you are not You give a little Not a lot You coup your love Until we kiss Youre all I want But not like this Im watching you disappear But you, you were never here Its only your shadow Never"
  • Shadow - Austin Mahone
    "You walk into the room So perfect but unaware Making you stop and stare Everytime I heard he broke your heart Can I just fix you girl? Show you a different world I take you anywhere I push you on a throne I"
  • Shadow - Bleachers
    "Some girls Some girls they really just wanna hurt you And there's some boys Some boys that laugh when they break your heart But how love dies is a place that I'm not going And we could try, cause If you're"
  • Shadow - Ashlee Simpson
    "I was six years old When my parents went away I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn't wish away She was beautiful She had everything and more And my escape was hiding out and running for the door Somebody"
  • Shadow - Demi Lovato
    "I glanced upon the ground today,I noticed something It followed me along the way A figure of gray Impersonating every move I make For now we'll call it my shadow And it said will you replace it So you'll"
  • Shadow - Bambi
    "Bambi Miscellaneous Shadow Gettin so weak And i wish u understood How u make me feel Cuz right now i don't feel real And you don't even listen To the words that i speak And the thoughts that i'm"
  • Shadow - Avery
    "Gettin so weak And i wish u understood How u make me feel 'cause right now i don't feel real And you don't even listen To the words that i speak And the thoughts that i'm havin r gettin me really"
  • Shadow Rising - Shadow Man
    "F**k the world! F**k society! F**k all of you! You better listen up now, motherf**kers! Cause your master is callin you! Look up in the sky overhead in the daylight And see the clouds formin, somethin"
  • Shadow Hand - Bruce Hornsby
    "I'm shaking my shadow hand Shaking my shadow hand In light of all I've learned so far I don't believe I'm so strange In spite of all this time I spend Calling the air by a name When the first light goes"
  • Fade Like A Shadow - KT Tunstall
    "You grew wings, on your heart But you let it out your ribcage, And it flew into the dark Like a ghost, just like a ghost And it flutters by my window When I need my sleep the most.. So choose my weapon"
  • Sister Shadow - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Here she comes now sister in shadow Lights up my day 'til there's no tomorrow Almond eyes set in olive skin, Betray the anger burnin' white within There she goes dumbin'"
  • Back shadow - Faye Wong
    "If you smile at this moment I would not shed tears Just like body and shadow are the most crazed companions Always facing each other at any time, any place Yet they could no longer embrace each other If"
  • Shadow Eaters - Edguy
    "The planets are shaking their heads at the earth Oh what has become of their sister in blue Don't be deterred, agent provocateur As you parade while you know someone's aiming at you People's backstreet"
  • Shadow Days - John Mayer
    "Did you know that you could be wrong And swear you’re right Some people been known to do it All their lives But you find yourself alone Just like you found yourself before Like I found myself in pieces On"
  • Shadow Walker - Mekong Delta
    "He was thinking it out and started writing it down the crazy thoughts in his head He was on a roll to find his self control but it was taking it's toll instead Meanwhile outside as the normal crowd did"
  • Shadow Zone - Elisa
    "There are shadow zones all around. We danced thick as trees still prisoners of wood and in between th smoke and wines on the dancefloor there he stood I could see in your eyes you're the one to burn it"
  • Wonderful Shadow - Tanita Tikaram
    "You've a beautiful body and a wonderful mind These are things I've been stumbling towards And I think you've been kind towards me There are wonderful moments The gifts I've received And the knowledge"

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