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I feel my breath any soul

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I feel my breath any soul

  • Breath - Sarah Masen
    "When I feel like crawling away From the pressures of this world I pray out unto You When my spirit sinks From the beating to my soul Do unto me, do unto me You're the breath that makes my heart beat The"
  • Breath - Jeremy Camp
    "You fill my empty soul I'll give you all control You take this heart of mine And make the pieces whole You broke this fear inside I'll leave these cares behind You take this simple mold And sanctify"
  • Breath - Justin Timberlake
    "(Chorus) (Nelly Furtado) Im alive i can feel the blood rushing thru my veins an thats all i need know cuz im not looking for a change.Cuz i got friends and enemies but it just dont bother me, cuz as"
  • Breath - Swollen Members
    "im alive, i can feel the blood rushin thru my veins an thats all i need to know, cuz im not lookin for a change. cuz i got friends and enemies, but it just dont bother me, cuz as long as i believe, i can"
  • Breath - Nelly Furtado
    "(MadChild) Uh huh Uh huh (Nelly) I'm alive, I can feel the blood rushin' thru my veins And that's all I need to know, 'cause I'm not lookin' for a change 'cause I've got friends and enemies, But it just"
  • Breath - Alice
    "With Everyday I'm in this place I feel this way I feel the same Its every day I'm in this place I feel this way I feel the same Is it all inside my head Is it all inside my head I hear my lips"
  • Breath - Alice (Such_A_Star)
    "Alice (Such_A_Star) Miscellaneous Breath With Everyday I'm in this place I feel this way I feel the same Its every day I'm in this place I feel this way I feel the same Is it all inside my head Is it"
  • Breath - Sweatshop Union
    "(feat. Creative Minds) did you want the house, the dog, the white picket fence the wife with three kids that helped your life make sense the friends, petty trends, the mercedes benz keep the picture on"
  • Feel My Soul - Yui
    "Nakitsukareteta n da toikakeru basho mo naku Mayoinagara tsumazuitemo tachidomarenai Kimi ga kureta egao otoshita namida wa Boku no mune no fukai kizu ni furete kieta I feel my soul; Take me away sou"
  • I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok - Nokturnal Mortum
    "The Wanderer the one who walks these earthly roads what do you seek among this rotten world here where only betrayals and meanness could survive By your faith in your fatherland they would call you heretic May"
  • My Last Breath - Valley's Eve
    "Worn out I'm lying in my bed My head is filled with emotions I hear the hands of the clock and feel The coldness conquer my body Now it is noon and the sun is shining Through the window in my eyes Then"
  • My Last Breath - Made Of Hate
    "The flame of candles is lighting up your face I've been waiting for this moment You look so pure like in my dream This feel is like touching heaven I'm here for you So take my life Let my soul fly away My"
  • Cookie Breath - Mc Chris
    "Southern belle from the ATL Eyes set on mind melt She makes my heart swell I love the way she feels I love the way she smells I love the way she talks I love the stories she tells There's nothing I don't"
  • Any Means Necessary - Hammerfall
    "I won't pull the trigger Just to see you die No remedy to make me come alive I'm ticking like a timebomb, (Need) no fuse, just guts and gore (To) initiate the burning of the core I count down to zero,"
  • Can't Feel My Soul - Teenage Fanclub
    "What I'm seen through Is what I've seen And what I've been through Is what I've been Now I've found out What I need Where I've been to Is what I am What I'm doing Is what I can Now I've found out What"
  • Death Breath - Death Breath
    "With an infernal fragrance I stink up the night A stench so relentless Taking bad breath to new heights Your stomach starts churning Spasms caused by the smell I stink to high heaven Bringing you closer"
  • Take My Breath Away - Elliott Yamin
    "Girl when you do what you do to me Everything is the way it should be You make me feel like I'm living a dream, Tell me it's real Cause I'm telling you You take my breath away I swear to you You take"
  • Any Given Sunday - Any Given Sunday Soundtrack
    "Any Given Sunday Soundtrack Miscellaneous Any Given Sunday Song: Common & Jamie Foxx & Guru Guru: Though the times are getting wicked I'm older I got a chip on my shoulder True players always maintaing,"
  • Spit My Last Breath - Blood For Blood
    "I tried to love but I've grown so empty inside I tried to love until something inside me died I try to live with this hatred inside I hide I close my eyes as I lose my fuckin' mind I look back upon the"
  • I Feel - The Sundays
    "I feel fine Don't wake me up yet O the young and the old they get everything and it's my turn I'm here I'm someone to know I'm calling the tune but I'm losing the words Laughingly I take the fevered"

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