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I feel same

  • Feel The Same - Riot
    "All alone, sitting inside now, Are you waiting for me? I'm feeling just a little bit slower, Than I usually seem. If I'm gonna take some chances, Will you still remember me? And in the end, from the haunted"
  • Feel The Same - Battle
    "I've been lost just for waiting on your smile I've been there saw your trees and fantasize Like a warning, yes it's true that angels sigh But don't you know As blue morning passes over strangest eyes I'm"
  • Feel The Same - Rie Fu
    "ano keshiki no naka ni tatte itai noni shikakui waku no soto de miteru dake nante So come on take a chance jiyuu ni naru toki wa ima It's just a one way road kono mune wa mada atsui kedo Go and get"
  • i don't feel the same - Couros
    "Held up by a heartache Caught out by a change I was headed in the wrong way Back turned to the runway Turn around Turn around…. I don’t feel the same…. Doubled down on a mistake Feet stuck to the lane I"
  • I don't feel the same - Thomas Godoj
    "All of the lies arefalling awayWe're totally exposedBut you see what wantBelieve what you seeThis isn't love, this is a gameAnd I can't play it anymoreI guess all my tearsFinally washed awaySomething shatteredDied"
  • Same - Smith & Mighty
    "Bits of other people keep running into me They say you know just who you are I am getting pulled into shadows that surround I see you sitting on your cold star Help me I'm merging into all I used to dream"
  • Same, Same, Same - Lutricia McNeal
    "No, no, no (x8) Oh, don't make me high Don't make me feel Don't make it beat Oh, don't make me try Don't make me see Don't let me be Oh, you make me flow You make me fall You make me whole Oh, you make"
  • Same - Beverley Knight
    "Still got my fire, I'm never cold It burns within me, it's taken hold Still finding mountains , I've yet to climb I still get lonely, but never mind I'm the same Same As i As I ever was The same As i As"
  • Still Feel The Same - Detour 180
    "I jumped in again Was thrown a life line but swam away I can't help myself I don't want to feel alone But i still feel the same I still love the way you hold me in the rain I still feel the same I should've"
  • Do You Feel The Same - Silverchair
    "Moon covered determined to find To find my place of hiding Try to detach, try to decrease To make it easier on me Despise myself for what you've done Sent me back into my world Hold yourself 'cause no"
  • You Don't Feel The Same - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) Honey, I don't want you to see me this way So out of control So carried away 'Cause you don't feel the same And I remember times when I was your storm I blew hot and cold And you were so"
  • Do you feel the same - Ian Van Dahl
    "There is somethingYou should knowNow I found you I won't let goAll I'm askingWill you be mineTell your feelingsCause life's too short for wasting timeTell meDo you feel the sameOr am I getting in your"
  • Feel The Same Way I Do - Destiny's Child
    "You know, we've been spending a lot of time together and um, I was wondering do you: (Feel the same way I do) I can tell you, I know you need me to show you, but, it's better if I hear it from you. You"
  • I Still Feel the Same About You - Bill Anderson
    "The leaves have changed from green to golden at least one time and maybe two All I know is I feel a hundred years older and I still feel the same about you Time hasn't been the great physician and healed"
  • I feel - Dokken
    "Seeing no one touching something fingers reaching out Senses burning all from learning no ones sees the colors in my mind Silent darkness speaks my name - everything changes yet stays the same like darkness"
  • Will It Ever Feel The Same? - Bazzi
    "I'll delete your number out my phone It will hurt, it will hurt, whatever Sit alone inside this house Right here, right now, forever But baby, when you're with somebody else Are you thinking of me? So,"
  • I Feel It - Yvonne
    "Album: True Love (1999) it's been a while come on, come on it's alright, i feel it i've been tied down come on, come on it's alright, i feel it why do i have this doubt? come on, come on it's alright,"
  • What I Feel - De/Vision
    "You, you stay at home tonight And hide your face again Why don't you look at me You, you don't see what I feel I try to laugh about it Don't you know that I bleed again You, can't you see what I feel I"
  • I feel like. - Chemical Garage
    "ref: I feel like. So stupid. I haven`t seen what you did. Now it will never happend. 1. Every day I walk around I don`t wanna let you down I don`t wanna let you down Just becaouse I feel the same I"
  • I Feel Fine - Slick Idiot
    "I Don't Care, Whether It's Truth Or Dare, Whether It's It's Fat Or Slim, Whether It's Good Or Mean. I Don't Care, Whether It's Cool Or Hot, Whether It Blows Your Top, Whether It's Hip Or Not. It's All"

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