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I feel something ordinary

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I feel something ordinary

  • Ordinary - Saving Jane
    "City lights shine down upon the place that I call home Surrounded by a million but I feel like I'm alone And I might be a nobody to you But if I'm playing, would you listen? If you would get to know me Maybe"
  • Ordinary fight - I Against I
    "You'd think we might have learned from the problems thatOccurred. but it seems i'm truly wrong there. the war wasUseless. but what did it teach us. you use violence and hatredAgain.... they say it's just"
  • Ordinary - Wayne Brady
    "All of our friends keep saying we should be more social Cuz we keep to ourselves most of the time They just don't understand what we got going on Cause a love like this is so hard to find Don't wanna live"
  • Ordinary - Dry Cell
    "I saw a vision of you And I won't do anything to make you feel betrayed Can't find the time to look inside And realize that I can't hide I can't be me unless you're there This situation's so unfair"
  • Ordinary - Jettingham
    "Can you imagine what this world could be like If everyone would find a way to see the brighter side And you cant seem to find a way to make your life less ordinary Because you're stuck doing the same thing"
  • Ordinary - Deana Carter
    "White lace bedspread, Monet hanging over my head Big smile on my face, wine glasses all over the place Your shirt on my floor, I've never done that before Yeah, yeah, yeah... CHORUS Don't it feel so good Flying"
  • Ordinary Gril - Lionel Richie
    "How will I know if someone loves me How will I know if there is no one else Dying to have someone who loves me But I want them to love me for myself Looked for love in all the wrong places I searched the"
  • Ordinary Girl - Babyface
    "Written by lionel richie, babyface (1996) Performed by lionel richie How will I know when someone loves me How will I know if there's no one else I'm dyin' to have someone who'll love me But I want them"
  • Ordinary Life - Chad Brock
    "Shelly's at the kitchen table, cup of coffee the morning paper When he walks in she's so surprised to see the tears in his eyes He says, "I love you, I'm so sorry, but bigger dreams are waiting for me But"
  • Feel Something - Chris Brown
    "I need to feel something (Feel something) I need to feel something I need to feel something (Feel something), yeah I need to feel something, woah-ooh, woah 'Cause damn, it's so good And damn, you're so"
  • Feel Something - Adam Lambert
    "(Wanna feel something) Wanna feel something Just wanna feel something Wanna feel something) I've been leaving my heart in all the wrong places Took it back way too soon when I should've been patient"
  • Feel something - Bea Miller
    "if I could choose anything I would be good in bed one day I would fall into love and stay fall into love and it’s not fair I keep on writing a sequel to stories I know that are not there I don’t wanna"
  • Feel Something - Makeshift Romeo
    "I know you feel like there's No way out sometimes Everything just isn't fair and It's tearing you apart inside So what are we suppose to do With everything we're going threw It's all on me and you Get"
  • Feel Something - Kla Project
    "(KLa Project) I feel something that never realized In the middle of the night When I looked back to my past life Fully, great full memory There was a little caught light Shinning on my path clear all of"
  • Feel Something - Pink
    "I usually break the things that I love I usually break the things that I love I build 'em up too high just to watch them fall down The sins of my father are heavy I carry the weight on my back Wouldn't"
  • Ordinary - You Am I
    "We're so ordinary Can't seem to break the hold Of every clown that's come before us And every story that's yet to be told And even though the paint's not dry yet There's someone with their tounge hanging"
  • My Ordinary World - The Exies
    "A life less ordinary A second chance to believe Spending my time wishing Something would fall into reach There's no use in pretending I've wasted unspoken words There's comfort in knowing In knowing just"
  • Something I Can Feel - Leah Andreone
    "If you steal my heart Hold it to the flame I will keep that fair Burn it in your name Don't let me pull away Let me feel the pain And maybe you think that its crazy But I've been stoned And I've been"
  • I Wanna Feel Something - Trace Adkins
    "If youre tellin me Im not on fire Youre just preachin to the choir Ive gotten dull as old barbed wire from livin Last night I watched the evening news It was the same ol nothin new It should have"
  • Ordinary Life - The Weeknd
    "Heaven in her mouth, got a hell of a tongue I can feel her teeth when I drive on a bump Fingers letting go of the wheel when I cum Whe-wheel when I cum, whe-wheel when I cum David Carradine, I'ma die when"

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