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I found a love and i feel it every day

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I found a love and i feel it every day

  • I Found Love - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    "moore geoff and the distance I found love lyrics From the album foundations Steven Van Zandt/Maria McKee I John 4:7 10 Well I was minding my business like a good boy should A little too careful for"
  • Every Day - Brainpool
    "I've been wasting my life since the day i was born My eyes were red and my clothes were torn Looking for a new kick every night I've been wasting my time and my money too Doing silly things I didn't want"
  • I Found Love - Lone Justice
    "I was mindin my business like a good girl should A little too careful for my own good It was just like living life in the dark 'Till somethin jumped up and it grabbed my heart I found love (I found love) I"
  • I Found Love - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
    "I found love when i found you When I look in your eyes, I know it's true My life was lonly, broken and blue Then I found love, when I found you Once in a lifetime, that's how it feels Somethings so good(so"
  • I Found Love - Quicksilver Messenger Service
    "Been waiting here a long, long time Pain and trouble on my mind You came along and made me see Oh you lifted me Shot up everything that my money could buy Over and over, tryin' to find out why I was a"
  • I Found Love - Guardian
    "I was alone without a love to show me Been down so many empty roads in my time looking for a reason to live my life Your love and your tenderness means everything to me You know your all I want you're"
  • I Finally Found It, Sandy - Harry Chapin
    "A new day is beginning I can feel it in my bones It's not what you are winning It don't matter what you own It is more than just a feeling More than just a song It's something like a healing And I feel"
  • I Live With It Every Day - Barenaked Ladies
    "On August first, nineteen-eighty-one I cycled to Scott's house with a BB gun We were almost twelve, but we looked thirteen He had baby-blue eyes that I shot him between Nature provides for us a safety"
  • Every day i love you less and less - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Everyday I love you less and lessIt's good to see that youve become obsessedI got to get this message to the pressThat Everyday I love you less and lessAnd Everyday I love you less and lessIve got to get"
  • I Found Me - Z-RO
    "Man fuck y'all.. Nigga fuck all y'all Fuck all these niggaz, and fuck all these hoes If I needed a ride, I called on niggaz If I wanted some ass, I called on hoes But not no mo' though, I get around"
  • The Day I Found Him - Gospel
    "I'd looked down the road, That I had traveled on. I saw no hope in sight, All my dreams were gone. I'd found myself alone, And had nowhere to go. I was fighting for my life, The Devil owned my soul. Chorus: I"
  • Every Single Day - Me And My
    "My sun don't shine anymore Cause you're not in my life I was so blind but now I know Your love's still playing with my mind Chorus: Every single day you were my sweetheart Every single day you touched"
  • Every Minute Every Day - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Well it seems that I was lost In intoxicated nights Following the trace of ecstasy With no future and no past Just the present was alive Like a prisoner chained on to a"
  • Every Day - Aaron Neville
    "Every day along about noon Oh how I'm dreaming of the day that I'll be home soon And every day along about one Oh how I remember how we used to have fun And every day along about two Whoa how I'm so"
  • Every day - Jason Donovan
    "Oh, every day (x4)I may never give you flowersI may be working all these hoursTo build a life for me and youI may never seem to show affectionPlease don't take this as rejectionCos everything I do I do"
  • Every Day - Les Miserables
    "(Cosette arrives to help Marius in his recovery.) Cosette Every day You walk with stronger step You walk with longer step The worst is over Marius Every day I wonder every day Who was it brought me"
  • Every day - Alexia
    "This is not a love song this song is not for you. This is not a love song can't you hear me singing it for you I thought that I belonged to no-one else but you. The nights are sad and lonely you don't"
  • I Found It - Tim Finn
    "In the end it all depends on you, No matter what you're going through, There's always going to be more than one point of view. Yes I did, I finally found it, Kept it hidden from myself for so long, I"
  • Every Day - Ras Luta & Grizzlee
    "Ref: everyday overstand emotions put me high you hit me with this ya goddes soul I overcome instict of mine everynight overstand emotions put me high you hit me with this ya goddes soul I overcome instict"
  • Every Day - Voxtrot
    "Every day I picture things falling down Landscape all tossed around In cities I start to drown But when I stop to push the fear out of me Come steady my shaking knees And drag the roots out to sea"

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