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I found love where it wasnt supose to be

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I found love where it wasnt supose to be

  • Found - Josh Gracin
    "Like a beat up boat that never made it to the shore, Like an old love letter hidden in the bottom drawer, Like a shiny penny heads up on the ground, I've been found. Like a message in a bottle in the"
  • Found - Claire Toomey
    "Cut the ropes Undo the ties I'm sick and tired, of listening to lies What you want Well, I'm all out And I don't think love was what this was about You're the one who let it all fall tumbling down"
  • Found Found Found - Morrissey
    "Found found found Found found found Someone who's worth it In this murkiness Someone who's never Seeming scheming I've ... Found found found Found found found Someone who's worth it In this murkiness"
  • That's Where I Found - Britney Spears
    "I believe we all have one true love Somewhere in this world, I do When it seemed, all my dreams, were falling through, Thats when I found you I believe for every heart That whispers in the dark, Theres"
  • Done (Where Is Luv To Be Found?) - Patrice
    "(Verse:) Done Mash Up Yourself Done Fuck Up Yau And You're Still Going On Done Bust Up Yourself Done Shut Up Yau And You're Still Going On Done Mash Up Yourself Done Fuck Up Yau And You're Still Going"
  • Love Found - Aisha
    "(You see) love takes sacrifice and compromise Fail to do so and in it lies its demise But now that you're around Love found Verse 1: Was it love Or did they drop the ball Are you equipped to make that"
  • I Found My Love - Dominici
    "While praying in the park today The fairest girl did pass my way I confess my mind did go astray Another kind of heaven I convinced myself it was ok I could always pray another day She was like a prayer"
  • I Found Love - Lone Justice
    "I was mindin my business like a good girl should A little too careful for my own good It was just like living life in the dark 'Till somethin jumped up and it grabbed my heart I found love (I found love) I"
  • I Finally Found It, Sandy - Harry Chapin
    "A new day is beginning I can feel it in my bones It's not what you are winning It don't matter what you own It is more than just a feeling More than just a song It's something like a healing And I feel"
  • I Found Love - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
    "I found love when i found you When I look in your eyes, I know it's true My life was lonly, broken and blue Then I found love, when I found you Once in a lifetime, that's how it feels Somethings so good(so"
  • I Found Love - Taleesa
    "Singing hi-dee-hi-dee, singing hi-dee-ho This is for my love and I can't let go Hi-dee-hi-dee, singing hi-dee-ho This is for my love and I can't let go 'Cause I found love Hi-dee-hi-dee, I found love I"
  • I Found Love - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    "moore geoff and the distance I found love lyrics From the album foundations Steven Van Zandt/Maria McKee I John 4:7 10 Well I was minding my business like a good boy should A little too careful for"
  • Waiting to be found - Susan Ashton
    "When I met you I was not alone Walking on some holy mountain highway My hiding place was so overgrown With the company of those who saw things my way. The straight and narrow Never even crossed my mind"
  • Need To Be Found - Soraya
    "Open your arms, take me inside Cover me with affection, cover me with your light I know that I try to be strong But Im running on vapors, I wont make it home Dont make me say it, there are no words when"
  • Rome wasnt built in a day - Morcheeba
    "You and me we're meant to beWalking free in harmonyOne fine day we' ll fly awayDon't you know that Rome wasn't built in a day In this day and age it's so easy to stress'Cause people are strange and you"
  • I found lovin - Ashanti
    "I search for love before For a love that I thought I couldn't find I searched in and day out For a love that was mine all mine I've played around with love before I was silly and you know that I played"
  • I Found Forever - Fighting Instinct
    "I thought my world was complete. I was living a life made on shaky ground. I was blinded so I couldn't see. I couldn't stand I thought I was drowning. I thought I was sinking. I thought I was dying."
  • I Found Me - Z-RO
    "Man fuck y'all.. Nigga fuck all y'all Fuck all these niggaz, and fuck all these hoes If I needed a ride, I called on niggaz If I wanted some ass, I called on hoes But not no mo' though, I get around"
  • Found - Hillsong United
    "Amazing love Now what else shall I need Your name brings life It's more than the air I breathe My world was changed When Your love You gave for me My purpose tehorng.com found And all that You want for"
  • Found - Span
    "This feeling stings like a papercut a constant draft from the door I can't shut my legs are sleeping, my body is weeping, I am searching. An insatiable lust that can not be fulfilled an annoying bug that"

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