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I go to de toilet

  • Ode de toilet - Brad Paisley
    "(The Toilet Song)She says not to buy her flowersOr big expensive giftsShe says she don't want jewleryAnd she doesn't need another dressIf I want to show her how much I adore herThe best way that I've foundIs"
  • Toilet Tisha - Outkast
    "Have you heard the news? They say a little 14 year old little girl had a baby on the way Tooo much for her little mind to bare And that type of news to her mama she cannot spare Toilet Tisha, damn"
  • Ode De Toilet (The Toilet Song) - Brad Paisley
    "She says not to buy her flowers Or big expensive gifts She says she don't want jewlery And she doesn't need another dress If I want to show her how much I adore her The best way that I've found Is to make"
  • Toilet Stool Rap - Biz Markie
    "G-goobely-goo Ah-h-h-hm Ah yeah Now check it out I would walk into the bathroom to take a crap I sit down, and then I write me a toilet stool rap Whether I'm constipated or have diarrhea I always come"
  • Plexiglass Toilet - Styx
    "Album: Serpent Is Rising Don't sit on the Plexiglas toilet Said the momma to her son Wipe the butt clean with the paper Make it nice for everyone But don't sit down on the Plexiglas toilet yeah A boy"
  • Toilet - Guttermouth
    "now the time is here toilet talk is what is near in an outhouse outside my pad my sense of smell makes me see red my dog takes a drink from the toilet which makes us think toilet!! pizza dinner i went"
  • Toilet - Orange 9mm
    "Take for granted ideas slanted, new disease Fisheye goggles blur our channels to appease Mental channels, psychic vandals in disguise Feed the others sweet taste buffers, muffling cries Damn us to ourselves,"
  • Toilet stall humor - Guttermouth
    "Im so boredget on boardim so boredget on boredTo those who write on shithouse wallsand roll their poop in little ballsrock and roll is here to staydisco sucks and punk is gayPc rhymes with fcc but also"
  • Into The Toilet With You - Macabre
    "You'll just have to stay for as long as I say If you try to leave I will make you pay Beside me you'll lay You're drugged anyway I'll keep you like that And things will be OK In an acid filled drum"
  • Toilet song - Bouncing Souls
    "Who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof?we already smashed the tv witha guitar and a vaccuumlighting fireworks throwing bottles upstairs in the red room.Dave carried it up from the cellar, bowl tank"
  • The Toilet Song - The Bouncing Souls
    "Who's gonna throw the toilet? Who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof? We already smashed the TV with a guitar and a vacuum Who's gonna throw the toilet? Who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof? Lighting"
  • Hard and Fast in a Toilet Cubicle - Kensington Gore
    "Today my heart is spazzin out So I turn to the sky and I scream and shout But I dont get no answer back Till thunder strikes and grey turns black Girl, you know that tasty feeling I get No skin and bones,"
  • Toilet Seat's Coming Down - Chixdiggit
    "i never cleaned my room never held a broom i was always screwing around never swept the floor organized my drawers since you came, my life turned around now the toilet seat's coming down and i'm happy"
  • One More Mile To Go - Chris De Burgh
    "(Chris de Burgh) When the valley's quiet with the snow, And the train has one more mile to go, To the station where my love will be, She waits for me, she waits for me; Now the lights are shining down"
  • Go - Letters To Cleo
    "Say it's a good clip is a real good way to go real fast say it i'm on track and i'm built for speed pull up the back on your mark ready set go teaser with pretty lines with shiny glass and perfect time"
  • Go Away - Go Betty Go
    "Nothing you say or you do Matters when I'm with you, I think about it all the time And realize it's not right. I saw you, you saw me Pretend you never known me. Don't hold me, don't touch me I'm not!!!"
  • Everywhere I Go - Mr. Vegas
    "(Chorus) Everywhere I go, everywhere I go, de gal dem juss ah saw me and Waan me me star inna dem show. Everywhere I go, everywhere I go, de gal dem juss ah saw me and Waan me me star inna dem show."
  • Don't Go - Go Sailor
    "thinking of you left behind leaving the door open wide turning around, do you know I'm there? the last thing you said hanging in the air don't you know this kind of heartache never mends? should I tell"
  • Long To Go - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Believe it or not the notes are trying to talk to me I've got to applaud such valiant efforts It's not always the party that it seems to be It can be a complete debacle This is not the most routine 9-5"
  • I wanna go to a place... - Rie Fu
    "And every time i look, i thought you were there, But it was just my imagination I don't see it anymore cause i see thru you now Ima demo kizukanai deshou kono shizukana sora ni Itsu demo omoidasu kedo"

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