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I got you evry time i me time

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I got you evry time i me time

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I got you evry time i me time
  • Letters To Cleo I Got Time
    "that's the greatest picture i have ever seen so i stole it for myself so you could see just what i mean and this alluvial fan it represents my life i've got the strength to move but why should i i got"
  • Bebe Rexha I Got Time
    "I just wanna do what I want (what I want, just) I don't want no one to tell me nothing (nothing, no) I just wanna live how I want (how I want, woo) I don't wanna hear nothing about it 'Cause I got time,"
  • The Jam I Got By In Time
    "Saw a girl that I used to know I was deep in thought at the time Don't recognise the face at first 'Cause I was probably looking at mine Well she was the only girl I've ever loved But my folks didn't"
  • Benny Goodman Evry Time We Say Goodbyebg
    "The Flat Foot Floogey Slim and Slam Words and music by Slim Gaillard, Slam Stewart, and Bud Green, - Peaked at #2 for Slim (Gaillard) and Slam (Stewart) in 1938. - Also peaked at #7 for Benny Goodman"
  • Sugarland Time, Time, Time
    "Time, Time, Time (Kristin Hall/Kristian Bush/Jennifer Nettles) I was on a fast curve, lost my nerve on a dead end road I was goin' nowhere faster than two legs can go Never thought I'd slow down I'm glad"
  • Manfred Mann Time
    "I was crazy and I was blind Had to see so clearly what was on your mind But I ain't got time now to play the fool I ain't got time, time to waste on you You've had me running all round your feet And all"
  • Culture Club Time
    "Don't put your head on my shoulder Sink me in a river of tears This could be the best place yet But you must overcome your fears Ooh, in time It could have been so much more The time is precious I know"
  • Tesla Time
    "Time. You've got to wake up ev'rybody, Seven-thirty o'clock, It's time to go to work. A-send the young to school, Gonna teach them the golden rule. Talk about things that they don't wanna know about. Now"
  • Fastball Time
    "time's a teacher yesterday you know I had nothing but time why'd you have to go away I never got to tell you goodbye and time beats up on me life is funny, life is strange you know I'm just trying to get"
  • Sophie Zelmani Time
    "Time to close up the chest now baby Its time I know To make up the room now baby Its time I know Got to move it a little further Back from the welcome hall Ive got to surround it, baby With thick thick"
  • Audioweb Time
    "I'm takin' time Sitting through my life And you know I am really Never known what is right And it's you And it's you Never knew what I find And it's you And it's you You will always be mine Chorus: You've"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Time
    "I was walking through a courtyard without shoes and without regard automatic catacombs take me where I wanna go All around all in fazes it astounds and amazes good to last and known to roam touch me I'm"
  • Bobby Tinsley Time
    "Hey...oh... (i know you might not be ready yet) lalalalala babe ( i just wanted you to know that i got time) you see me through.through thick and thin 'cause everyday wiht you is like i'm born again but"
  • Freddie Mercury Time
    "(Dave Clark and John Christie) Time waits for nobody, time waits for nobody We all must plan our hopes together Or we'll have no more future at all Time waits for nobody We might as well be deaf and"
  • Queen Time
    "Time waits for nobody Time waits for nobody We all must plan our hopes together Or we'll have no more future at all Time waits for nobody We might as well be deaf and dumb and blind I know that sounds"
  • Scabs Time
    "You got me barkin' at your front door you got me runnin' wild like a little child you made me crazy, you made me creep humiliate me, way down deep you make me cry, you make me sigh you even make me"
  • Anthrax Time
    "I got so much trouble on my mind Paranoia time I'm running out of life Clockwise and the seconds tick away Each line that cuts my face Cut as each hand moves into place Paranoia Amped and wired Bile"
  • Viki Gabor Time
    "Reaching my limit for the night Your touch is keeping me alive We can keep it on the low I’m like no one you’ve ever known When you gone read between the lines take me way up I don’t need no reason wanna"
  • No Address Time
    "You come to see what's been going on with me Ain't got no doubts as you sit down on my couch Girl I feel low just thought you should know So you blow your little smoke right in my face Honey there's"
  • Zebrahead Time
    "Kick it Microphone check one, two got to run Cause everything's money and son I got none So I got to put my time in rhyme-in With my crew kicking down tracks and climbing Coming at you flowing sideways Everything's"

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