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I hate myself and i want to die

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I hate myself and i want to die

  • I Hate Myself And I Want To Die - Mickey's Bitch
    "(Aye aye Jack Grundy, me spien uggimey) (I hope they get me a sandwich) Runny nose and runny yolk Even if you have a cold still You can cough on me again I still haven't had my fulfill In the someday What's"
  • I hate myself and i want to die - Nirvana
    "Running nose and runny yolkEven if you have a cold stillYou can cough on me againI still haven't had my full fillIn the someday -- What's that sound?End it someday -- What's that song?Broken heart and"
  • I hate myself and I want to... - Rentrer en Soi
    "The black machination noiz surrounds mewith the dirty people by now.Hatred, Resentment and Despair.Suck the chaos reality and meaningless until blood dies.Cannot disturb.dare mo sukutte wa kurenaiAa shinmi"
  • I Hate Myself But I Don't Want To Die - Down in the Dumps
    "I can't believe you really told me, I can't believe you really wanna die. now I'm feeling fucked up again and I know I feel the same sometimes. so tell me now my friend, what can I say to make you feel"
  • I hate myself - 88 Fingers Louie
    "Walking down a crowded street I stop to get something to eat And I hope I see no one I know Out of the blue I see my ex I think she's looking for some sex But heh here I don't want to go Some people ask"
  • I Want to Die - Mortal Love
    "I'm too tired of this life All I need is my big sleep You are so far away You love someone else Another day passed me by Another day filled with pain You are not here You're with someone else I love you"
  • I Hate Myself - Hugh X. Lewis
    "(I hate my dreams) for missing you (I hate my lips) for kissing you (I hate my arms) for holding you and I hate myself for loving you When you walked out on me it should have ended then But I keep coming"
  • I Hate Myself - Dead Milkmen
    "I Hate Myself (The Dead Milkmen) Performed By Dead Milkmen Smokin' Banana Peels I hate myself - hate myself And you - I hate you I hate myself - hate myself And you - I hate you Roses are red and Violets"
  • I Hate Myself - Jean Shepard
    "I hate myself for making you cry forgive me darling for days gone by I hate myself for breaking your heart I've been so lonesome since we've been apart Why won't you take me back again I was wrong I realize Can"
  • I Hate - End Of Green
    "Its coming down all over me can't feel no love tonight it is so sweet i loose everything im lost in my mind this life is sick i dont know why I hate myself i want to die i hate myself Jesus can you listen"
  • Hate Myself - Taproot
    "I am seeing tunnel vision in a world thats dark and cold, I cannot believe how much I've changed since the days of old, I know it's temporary but I need to focus straight, I cannot believe I lost control"
  • Hate - Cat Power
    "Anyone can tell you there is no morrow to rice everyone would tell you theres no place to hide there's no laws or rules to enchant the lie the ones who didnt make it the ones who couldnt take it so bad"
  • Sure I Want To Die - Redrum
    "I'm Sittin Up In My Room And I'm Feelin Hella Lost I'm Slowly Rockin In My Chair I'm Thinking With The Lights Off Depression's All Up In My Mind And It's Kickin My Ass There's Broken Glass Up My Hand I'm"
  • If I Die By Hate - Viper
    "Try to make yourself natural I want to see you crawling now Down on your knees I'll crucify you Nail your hands into a brand new cross I'm the pain that you always love I'm the hurt when you wanted more If"
  • I Hate Myself - Home Grown
    "Deep down inside me, I feel I need a change. So sick of everything, it all just seems the same. Always unhappy, I cannot find a smile. Wasting my life away, I guess you can call it suicide. My life's"
  • Me, Myself And I - Century
    "You can hear my voice, but the words don't belong to me You can look in my eyes, but these eyes don't tell the truth From now till the end of time From now till the end Me, myself and I - can you take"
  • Hate - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • I May Hate Myself In The Morning - Lee Ann Womack
    "Ain't it just like one of us To pick up the phone and call after a couple drinks And say how ya been I've been wondering if maybe you've been thinking 'bout me And somewhere in the conversation An ole"
  • Hate - Common Children
    "I'm sinking From thinking That this stain Is my shame A lullaby From the open sky Sings through my mind And I don't know why I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself The madness Of sadness The"
  • Hate - Fiction Plane
    "We're cool, We're different, And we hate things, Yea we hate things, We hate people, Take a stand and we will cut you down, Be yourself and we'll call you a liar, Be somebody else and we'll set you on"

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