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I hate u , i love you

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I hate u , i love you

  • I Hate U - Tank
    "I Hate You I Hate You Cause You Were Mine I Loved You Now I Hate You Whew!!! But You Gotta Know That She's,[?] That Special Kinda Girl, From The First Moment"
  • I hate u - Prince
    "U have just accessed the Hate Experience Do U wish 2 change your entry? Very well, please enjoy your experience I never thought that U would be the one After all the things that we've been through"
  • I Love You So Fuckin' Much (I Hate U) - Miracle
    "I thought you told me that you'd never fuckin' leave me You would be by my side For you, I lay down my pride, confess the feelings inside Normally, I wouldn't sigh, if a bitch chose to ride But you don't"
  • Hate 2 Love U - Amerie
    "You make me feel real good But it's to good to be true Sometimes I feel I'm losin my mind Cuz everything I'm feelin all depends on you You make me feel better Than you turn to bring me down Got me running"
  • U Love 2 Hate - Yukmouth
    "Yes! It's that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! U Love 2 Hate! This the song I dedicate to niggas who love to hate! Look me in my face, I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! (Fire! Fire! Fire!) It's that nigga U"
  • I Hate You - Field Mob
    "(Talking) I would like to welcome everybody today First, before I get into my speech...because I do have a speech The sounds you are listening to are provided by Kid Joe ah yea...I'm Shawn Jay and I want"
  • Hate U 2 - Canibus
    "Yo why you got so much hatred? Why you don't want me to make it? What are you afraid of? You treat me like I'm not a member of the rap game club Yo I sold a million records too, I don't get the same love It's"
  • I Hate U Bitch - Z-RO
    "(*talking*) Shit this your boy Z-Ro Fucking with Mike Dean, at www.thesenuts.net We ain't gon sweat I hate you bitch, I hate you bitch I hate you bitch, I never thought I'd say Too many years, I"
  • I Hate Hate - Reagan Youth
    "You hate up and down - you hate hanging 'round You hate here and you hate there - you hate everywhere You hate this and that - you hate where you're at You hate near and far - all you hate is all you are! Why"
  • U Know I Love You - Killer Mike
    "(Intro) Whoa, baby, whoa, baby, whoa, baby La la la, la la la, yeah.. (Chorus - 2x) I would never leave you girl (My girl, my wife) You know I love you (My pain, my strife) Oh baby, oh baby I would never"
  • I Think I Love U - Dwele
    "We've been together less than a week But I swear it seems like two years at least, Whether face to face or over the phone, When I hear your voice, I'm right at home Your so beautiful, more than a man could"
  • I Hate Love - Diane Chase
    "I hate love, what's it ever done for me, but cause me a lot of grief, lost me a lot of sleep Every time I say I've had enough, I'm never doing that again, I wind up falling right back in. I hate love. I"
  • I hate - Tim Skold
    "You are the wind beneath my wings. The grill across my face. You are the fuel in my machine. That special place. You are the sunshine of my life. My first and only love. You are the apple of my eye. You"
  • I Hate - Marilyn Manson
    "You are the wind beneath my wings The grin across my face You are the fuel in my machine That special place You are the sunshine of my life My first and only love You are the apple of my eye You suck"
  • I Hate - Three Days Grace
    "Everytime we lie awake After every hit we take Every feeling that I get But I haven't missed you yet Every room-mate kept awake By every sigh and scream we make All the feelings that I get But I still"
  • I Hate - End Of Green
    "Its coming down all over me can't feel no love tonight it is so sweet i loose everything im lost in my mind this life is sick i dont know why I hate myself i want to die i hate myself Jesus can you listen"
  • Hate to luv u - 3LW
    "UH OH (Kiely)3-L-Dub baby We got another one Nine Lives It was the wrong day the wrong month the wrong year I wasn't ready For all the pain all and the tears Baby you crushed me Now I have to deal in the"
  • I Hate You - Ronnie Milsap
    "(I tried to hate you right out of my mind) I hate you Oh, how I try to hate you I get bitter Every time you run through my mind Between love and hate There's a little thin line And I'm trying to hate"
  • I Hate You - Toni Braxton
    "v 1 Baby I was wrong I misjudged you And baby I was wrong to not trust you And baby I was wrong but I won't be wrong again Listen baby And baby I was wrong when I left you And maybe I'd be used up without"
  • I Hate You - Reel Big Fish
    "Hey, hey everybody! Look who's on TV, look who just got famous Don't you know it should have been me I'm not really bitter, I'm not really mad, I love to see other people get Everything I ever wanted to"

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