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I hate your music

  • Hate Music - Cam'Ron ft. Juelz Santana
    "Ayo my niggas can't take music Everybody rap to us, so we hate music Now we make the hate music We 'bout to rape music, straight up degrate music You aint 18, shit, don't even play music Killin is another"
  • I Hate Music - The Replacements
    "Oh, no...okay...tape's rolling...so what? I hate music Sometimes I don't I hate music It's got too many notes I hate my high school Sometimes I went I hate music, man Never heaven sent Tommy says so Tommy"
  • I Hate Music - Barbra Streisand
    "I hate music, but I like to sing La, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa! But that's not music! Not what I call MUSIC, no sir! Music is a lot of men with a lot of tails making lots of noise like a lot of females"
  • Hate - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • I Hate You - Cafe Insomnia
    "I thought we had something special going on, but it wasn't babe cuz now your gone. I hated myself and I hated true, but at the moment... I mostly hate you! I hate you like I hate the DJ's, I hate you"
  • I Hate People - Nasum
    "(Music & lyrics: Mieszko A. Talarczyk) When you try too hard to find meaning in what you see You forget the origin of the landscape so carefully laid out at your feet Is it hard for you to understand? Does"
  • Hate - Zug Izland
    "You build me up and then you break me down and build me again Emotions weaken My blood is filled with lust knowing someone is wanting to kill me We all go someday I get so much more from this than you"
  • Hate - Fiction Plane
    "We're cool, We're different, And we hate things, Yea we hate things, We hate people, Take a stand and we will cut you down, Be yourself and we'll call you a liar, Be somebody else and we'll set you on"
  • Hate - Cibelle
    "I hate you so bad when I love you 'Cause I know you love me too but we gotta leave I love you so much when you're near Yet I hate you so bad when you make love at me I hate you so bad when you're "nule" 'Cause"
  • Hate - Vanilla Ice
    "All I see is hate can't understand why And now it's like the whole wide world got me hypnotized On a hex for generation X what's next the mutated breeding of Tyranosaurus Rex Through DNA testing I"
  • Hate - Hatesphere
    "why do I have to look at you every time I'm around? I can't stand the sight of you you make me sick don't come near me don't you temptate me my blood is pumping harder and my hate is growing stronger soon"
  • Hate - Talk Talk
    "RELAX YOUR STARE It's laughing in my face My foes beware I'm tired of losing grace The child's not there The priest is losing faith Defile my care And stumble to the flames People crying, People crying"
  • Hate - Zebrahead
    "Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me,"
  • Hate - Zazie
    "Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me, and"
  • Hate - Cinerama
    "I'm glad you agree you've got so many things to say sorry for But listen to me because I'm not going to take it all anymore There was a time, don't ask me when, it made sense, somehow But, darling"
  • Hate - Cadaver
    "I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do itI hate you, you are a piece of shitIt's time to your muthafuckin' dieThis is a fuckin' question that whyYou know it I know it is this right?What I want is a muthafuckin'"
  • Hate - Agonoize
    "Inside your head is where i'll stay And i will never go away You'll go insane, you can't see me That's how revenge can really be Your fear will grow from day to day It makes me stronger when you pray All"
  • Hate - Filthy Relics
    "Loggers cutting down trees Pollution out of factories Ebola and killer bees Makes me wanna get down on my knees We hate everyhing we love We love everything we hate All the people had a chance, but no"
  • Hate - Vendetta
    "Now its done they sucked me outAnd I have nothing, nothing is leftMt friend, yeah, my best friendFirst time I need helpI needed somebodyAnd my fucking whoreAnyway, its better she is goneBitch that fucking"
  • Hate - Cadaveres De Tortugas
    "I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do it I hate you, you are a piece of shit It's time to your muthaf**kin' die This is a f**kin' question that why You know it I know it is this right? What I want is a muthaf**kin'"

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