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I have drem

  • Dry - Kutless
    "Do you remember that day of your life It seemed like yesterday that joy it filled my heart Now something's different the times oh they have changed The loves the same yet emotion's running dry The feelings"
  • Dry - Afewloosescrews
    "I remember when we were friends Walking hand in hand together Sharing our thoughts with each other With time I've grown older but you're still the same We know each other still but everything is changed Like"
  • Dry Bread - Hank Thompson
    "Well she spent all my money throwed me out on my nose Then have the nerve to ask me what a matchbox hold my clothes Dry bread it ain't greasy hard work it sure ain't easy Dry bread and hard work is always"
  • Sucker & Dry - Cursive
    "Everything is all right here, All clear, get yourself another We'll stay up all night And toast to friends we never had. Stranger angels have snuck around this table But they disappear So how did we end"
  • Dry Land - Joan Armatrading
    "Let me sail to the depths of your soul Let me anchor as near as I can be to your shore I'm coming into dry land Been a long time at sea And the season of loving Has long awaited me Tides and waves"
  • High & Dry - Something Corporate
    "Two jumps in a week, I bet you think that's pretty clever don't you boy? Flying on your motorcycle, watching all the ground beneath you drop You'd kill yourself for recognition, kill yourself to never,"
  • Dry kids - Embrace
    "We're dry kid theres nothing you've got I want are you gonna leave ? so you keep it locked in we murder each other each day knowing we'd never be crowbarred apart and we try for so long to reach eleven"
  • Dry Dreams - Jim Carroll
    "Each night, they surround me With the lights and the microphones . . . With their bodies and the mile of cable Like a magic ring of bone Every night I have the same dream: A man behind the door With a"
  • Dry Country - Bon Jovi
    "Across the border they turn Water into wine Some say its the devils blood Theyre squeezing from the vine Some say its a saviour In these hard and desperate times For me it helps me to forget That were"
  • Dry country - Damian Michael
    "Across the Border They Turn Water Into Wine Some Say Its the Devils Blood Theyre Squeezing From the Vine Some Say Its a Saviour In These Hard and Desperate Times For Me It Helps Me to Forget That Were"
  • Dry County - Bon Jovi
    "Across the border they turn Water into wine Some say it's the devil's blood They're squeezing from the vine Some say it's a saviour In these hard and desperate times For me it helps me to forget"
  • Dry County - Jon Bon Jovi
    "Across the border they turn Water into wine. Some say its the devils blood Theyre squeezing from the vine Some say its a saviour. In these hard and desperate times Seeing it helps me to forget That were"
  • High & Dry - Amorphous Androgynous
    "She used to live on the east side of town She'd come around I'd say hey woman lay down by my side You've been travelling long and wide You need to rest a while I said hey woman lay down by my side I said"
  • Dry Eye - Paul Brandt
    "Pulled down that cardboard box from the attic The one with the letters from you Put on those old records while I was at it The ones that we fell in love to Thought we were over what a crazy notion I should"
  • Dry creek - Owen Temple
    "Just a little way down Mount Bonnel Road Theres a little place where the beer is cold Dry Creek caf and dock No place better come five oclock Just off the lake a two story bar You know youre there when"
  • Dry Clothes - Annuals
    "There's A knapsack Rally for the stranger who told of a spider, and a purple toad. The things I heard were wretched and slurred. Oh my ears would be cut off at mention, But you don't have to cut it"
  • Dry Cry - Sizzla
    "OOO OOU Im missin u gurl im missin uu dry cry even tears even my heart cry but who cares whose fault no one but myself things do happen words cant explain The only human reasoning joy meets pain people"
  • Dry Lips - Lightspeed Champion
    "so now i'm holding in my sides, and my bags are over spilling, this leads me to think. my guts have started to boil, and my stomach keeps on spinning. thank you, my friends. The next stop is not echo park"
  • Dry river - Nathan Hamilton
    "I take my smokes and coffee And I go sit out on the porch I spit between my feet Stare off into the street Where some kids are playing chicken With the slowly passing cars There?s a woman in the kitchen"
  • Dry Snitch - Cocoa Brovaz
    "(Smack Man) Here's the science, it seem like yesterday to me H.N.B. robbery, in Manhattan for currency Sittin up in the crib, drawin out a map On where security was gon leave the door open at Park the"

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